The Client

Global retail giant Amazon has kiosk booths set up at 25+ malls across several Indian cities. The Amazon kiosks promote and sell Amazon devices like Amazon Kindle, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The Challenge

The Amazon device team had a huge logistical challenge of rolling out offers, discounts & product launch campaigns across their outlets spanning various locations of the Indian subcontinent.

They were primarily driving the campaigns through static signage that had to be designed, manufactured, and transported. The whole process was contributing to delay and cost overrun.

Amazon then installed digital signage systems at the kiosks. However, at this point, the Amazon kiosk staff were manually updating the contents on their digital signage, through USB drives.

The Amazon team realized that distributing the digital signage contents through USB had more complexity, primarily concerning transparency and timely update.

That is when they started looking for a retail digital signage software solution that-

  • could eliminate the constant need of manually changing the digital signage contents, and
  • was scalable for their Pan-India operations.

The Solution

Once the specific requirements of our client were deeply studied and well-understood, it took just a week's time to deploy Pickcel's retail digital signage solution at the Amazon kiosks. The digital signage software was configured to a network of more than 120 digital signage players.

Since Pickcel's software for digital signage was cloud-based, it had the advantage of accessing and managing all the digital signage contents from a single centralized dashboard.

Also, based on the campaign efficacy, the contents for digital signage could be changed in almost real-time. That particularly suited the need of our client as Amazon frequently updated its offers and promotions.

Pickcel ensured that the digital signage CMS (content management system) dashboard provided a bird's eye view of all digital signage players in the network with their real-time connectivity and sync status.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability: Pickcel's software for digital signage has the capacity of distributing a diverse and asymmetric range of ever-changing contents across 120+ digital signage displays scattered at various geographical locations.
  • Additional Support for Content Management: Pickcel gives Amazon the additional support of managing their digital signage contents.

The Outcome

Better Attention from Customers: Soon after Pickcel deployed the retail digital signage software, the marketing efforts of Amazon devices got an attractive and dynamic makeover. Captivating graphics and videos played on high-resolution digital signage displays started to turn more heads towards the interactive kiosks.

Enhanced Efficiency: With Pickcel's software for digital signage in retail, the advertisement campaigns, product offers, and product launches could be rolled out pan-India, within minutes. It drastically reduced the turnaround time and cost.

Optimized Use of Resources: Since the Pickcel software for digital signage allows managing content from a centralized admin system, it ensured zero manual dependencies. Amazon has been able to engage its human resources in higher priority tasks.