The Client

Art of Living, a renowned global spiritual organization, is dedicated to fostering a sense of community, peace, and self-development through its various programs and events.

The Challenge

The Art of Living center faced a few challenges:

Dynamic display needs: The organization required a versatile display system to show announcements, live broadcasts of videos, and event schedules.

Real-time communication: With frequent events and programs, there was a need for a system that could provide real-time updates and information to attendees.

Seamless integration: The solution needed to integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure of the organization's various venues.

The Solution

The solution for Art of Living was a philanthropic initiative by Pickcel. In a generous move, Pickcel provided a cloud-based digital signage solution tailored to the unique needs of Art of Living. This included:

Integration with 30+ android screens: The solution included the use of Android screens, which were fully supported by Pickcel's technology, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Comprehensive coverage: Digital signage was installed in key areas including halls, theatres, auditoriums, reception areas, and break rooms, ensuring widespread coverage and visibility.

Live streaming: Pickcel's solution helped the client use digital signage screens for live streaming their events.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-based flexibility
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Efficient information dissemination

The Result

Art of Living has been using Pickcel's digital signage solution for 2+ years, indicating its reliability and effectiveness in meeting their communication needs

With 30+ screens up and running, the digital signage network has significantly improved the way information is shared and displayed across the organization's venues

The implementation of this digital solution has contributed to a more informed and engaged audience.