The Client

Yamaha, synonymous with innovative motorized products, has been at the forefront of engineering excellence for decades. From motorcycles and marine products to power products and even industrial robots, the company’s commitment to quality and performance has made it a global household name.

The Challenge

The motor honcho’s Chennai office witnesses the need for an efficient and dynamic way to display pivotal videos and results from their rigorous R&D tests. One such was the Chassis Dyno endurance test, a specialized procedure evaluating the performance and endurance of vehicle framework. With the requirement for multiple screens that showcased these results within the office premises, including the reception area, the challenge lay in sourcing a solution that was intuitive and easy to manage.

The Solution

With the need for a solution that checked off all these requirements successfully, Yamaha adopted Pickcel’s cloud-based technology. The software offers seamless content management, allowing the flexibility to update and modify the displayed content in real-time. Over ten screens were deployed within the premises, specifically at the R&D office and reception, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Versatile in their functionality, these were adept at playing videos and showcasing the intricate results of the test.

The chassis dynamometers are special tools used to test how the engines work. Equipped with a distinctive gas-analysis system, they gauge the potential pollution levels of a car. Displaying this data was highly beneficial since it helped assess the efficiency of the tested vehicle.

Key Benefits

  • The cloud-based system offers robust security, safeguarding the company’s proprietary data.
  • Yamaha's shift to a cloud-based display system unlocked significant advantages. The prime benefit being the real-time display of the Chassis Dyno score on screens.
  • Remote troubleshooting ensures minimal downtime, maintaining continuous score updates for tested vehicles.
  • Tailored to address the multifaceted informational demands of the R&D department, the design prioritized user experience, simplifying operations for the team.

The Result

The integration of the digital display solution amplified communication efficacy. Real-time updates ensured that the content was always current, keeping the staff and visitors in line with the latest motor health updates. The solution was instrumental in the efficient and impactful dissemination of Yamaha's groundbreaking R&D findings.