The Client

In the world of making glass for homes, Cardinal Glass Industries shines bright. It's like a leader showing how to be creative and top-notch. Started by people who run the show themselves, this company has become famous for making outstanding glass for windows and doors. They've got a big team of more than 10,000 hard working individuals who work out of Cardinal Glass Industries' 49 locations all over the United States.

The Challenge

Amidst the hum of machinery and the meticulous art of glassmaking, Cardinal Glass Industries faced a challenge that was crucial for enhancing the operational environment of their premises. They approached Pickcel for an on-premise solution. Pickcel deployed a customized on-premise solution that was hosted in clients data center. This custom solution helped Cardinal Corp publish content across multiple screens within their office premises.

The Solution

Understanding the unique needs of Cardinal Glass Industries, the bespoke solutions were developed by Pickcel. These tailor-made applications were designed to cater specifically to the ambiance and operational requirements of the company. Apart from the usual publishing of content, the company also sought to integrate a functional element into their workspace — a clock and weather application. The result was a blend of elegance and functionality, equipped with features that allowed for high levels of customization within the on-premise solution.

Key Benefits

The introduction of the on-premise customized solution brought with itself a range of benefits that extended beyond the primary objective. Some of them being:

    Comfortable UI

  • User interface custom designed for Pickcel digital signage application
  • Facilitates processing of large volumes of digital signage content for Cardinal Corp's internal communications
  • Content scheduling

  • Pickcel software enables planning and scheduling of screen content.
  • Custom duration available (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Custom user-role creation

  • Pickcel CMS features organization-level design.
  • Allows creation of custom user roles (Manager, Editor, Operator).
  • Personalized access rights for different team users

The Result

The deployment of the tailor-made on-premise solution marked a significant milestone for Cardinal Glass Industries. It was a testament to the company's forward-thinking approach, not just in the realm of glass production but in creating an optimal work environment for its employees. The feedback from the staff was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting the subtle yet impactful way the messaging enhanced their daily routines. Apart from that, the visibility of time and weather information, presented in a manner that was both elegant and efficient, meant that employees were always informed, regardless of where they were within the office premises.