The Client

Chikkamagaluru District Cooperative Central (DCC) Bank, a prominent financial institution, serves a robust banking network.

Historically, the bank has bolstered the region's agricultural and micro-industrial sectors, cementing its role as an economic cornerstone within the community. The financial body is particularly known for its dedication to fusing technological advancements with services that refine customer engagement.

The Challenge

With a mission to broadcast real-time financial data, the bank faced the challenge of modernizing its communication approach within its branches. The main roadblock here was to manage content seamlessly across all screens, ensuring consistency and reliability without the need for complex technical infrastructure or skilled personnel.And Pickcel turned out to be the right answer. In 2022, DCC partnered with the signage specialists to figure out what it took to modernize correspondence.

The Solution

The Chikkamagaluru bank implemented Pickcel’s cloud-based digital signage solution to modernize customer communication. The deployment included several standard screens across various branch locations, compatible with existing players and third-party Android devices. This strategic upgrade was designed to ensure the broadcast of real-time data, such as bank rates, etc., without any complex architecture

Key Benefits

  • Customers now enjoy real-time updates on financial indices and bank news, improving transparency and trust.
  • The cloud-based system allows for centralized content management, reducing the need for manual updates and on-site maintenance.
  • The technology minimized the need for extensive hardware investments and reduced the long-term costs associated with content distribution and screen management.
  • Uniform content across all branches ensures that all customers receive the same information, maintaining brand consistency.

The Result

The streamlined content management system enabled the bank to quickly update and disseminate current information across all branches, reflecting its commitment to innovation and meeting customer needs efficiently.