The Client

CHRIST is a prestigious educational institution in India that offers a fostering atmosphere for an individual's comprehensive growth to make a meaningful contribution to society in a fast-paced setting. The university has campuses in major Indian cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Pune.

CHRIST is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), a group of 1470 institutions from 146 nations that collaborate with the UN to advance global issues, including peace, human rights, and sustainable development.

The Challenge

CHRIST is an intellectual fraternity of people who live by the motto "EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE." The client began exploring a digital signage solution suitable for educational institutions to increase internal communication, save time, and make the academic community well-connected.

Our client's primary goal was to keep the students & staff up to date on volumes of notices and activities issued each day. The old-fashioned pinboards that were being used proved futile in commanding the attention of the college-goers. As a result, there were occasions of miscommunication, lost opportunities, and late responses from students.

These pitfalls motivated the university authorities to digitize the communication medium of their college premises. The client sought a software solution that could aid in effective campus-wide communication.

Although there was no capping on the outlay, the client wanted to invest in a solution with a high ROI.

The Solution

After understanding the client's vision and requirements, our technical team recommended deploying Pickcel's cloud-based digital signage solution due to its versatility and user-friendly interface, which CHRIST personnel could easily handle.

The client had deployed Android-powered digital standees at multiple CHRIST campuses in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Pune. Since the Pickcel software is supported on any media player, there was zero friction during the installation process.

The digital signage system was configured with the displays at receptions, front offices, and the building foyers.

The Pickcel team trained the CHRIST staff on various application functionalities and basic troubleshooting techniques following the setup.

The digital signage content management system allowed the client to schedule any content and assign schedules discretely to different screen groups.

Some Pickcel apps like the Bulletin Board app and the Scroller app let the university administration instantly type their notices and publish them in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability: Pickcel's web-based dashboard can be controlled remotely from any system.
  • Mobile App: The Pickcel Go mobile app offers next-level flexibility. All the screens can be managed from mobile devices while on the move.
  • Scalable: In the future, if the client wishes to expand their digital signage network to more campuses across the country, they can quickly scale up using the same software. There will be no need to repeat the whole setup and training cycle.
  • Multi-login Support: Different departments of the college can simultaneously use the software and manage screens.
  • Terrific Customer Support: Pickcel clients enjoy a lifetime of customer support for all types of assistance.

The Outcome

With Pickcel's digital signage solution, the institution's communication has become more organized. Especially, playing dynamic content like videos and GIFs, and live streams have garnered much appreciation.

The university administration regularly uses the Pickcel software to display:

  • Notices and bulletins
  • Exam Schedules and Roll Numbers
  • Event Calendars
  • In-the-moment announcements
  • Daily motivational quotes for students

Additionally, the management uses Pickcel apps to show live infotainment like:

CHRIST University has witnessed a visible improvement in student & staff attention following their digital transformation initiative.