The Client

Cure.Fit is a leading wellness and lifestyle enterprise operating in India and Dubai. Cult.Fit is the offshoot of Cure.Fit involved in fitness training. Cult.Fit has 230+ cult centers (workout centers) across 15+ cities in India.

The Challenge

For Cure.Fit: Cure.Fit acts on their motto, ‘Be Better Everyday’. In an attempt to make the organization more engaged and well-connected to its employees, Cure.Fit started looking for a digital signage solution that could strengthen its internal office communication.

For Cult.Fit: For Cult.Fit, the requirement was slightly different as the main objective was to disseminate volumes of information (notices, offers, training schedules, general fitness information, etc.) to the customers in a clear, organized manner. The digital signage for gyms needed to be deployed at their workout centers that were spread across various locations of the Indian subcontinent.

The Solution

Once the client’s requirements were understood, Pickcel’s technical team suggested that for both the Cure.Fit offices and the Cult.Fit gyms, the digital signage software had to be flexible and easy-to-use as it would be handled by the company’s staff.

All the digital signage screens in the offices and workout centers ran on different OSs like Windows, Unix, Android, and Chrome. This was something that our client was initially anxious about. However, since Pickcel’s digital signage software is hardware-agnostic, a big roadblock was smoothly averted at the very first stage.

Pickcel digital signage software was configured with the client’s offices’ and gyms’ digital signage players and a host of useful applications installed like News App, Weather App, etc.

Over the next few days, the Cure.Fit and Cult.Fit staff were trained by a team of experts from Pickcel on the handling of digital signage software and digital signage applications.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use: A software that non-professionals can operate.
  • Remarkable Flexibility: Huge storage capacity, content scheduling feature, simple authentication-based remote access to dashboards.
  • Terrific Customer Support: Lifetime of customer support, for all kinds of assistance.

The Outcome

For Cure.Fit: Office communication took a chic and fashionable turn with Pickcel’s digital signage solution. Employees are now updated on weather, news, meeting schedules, etc. Whether it was with a funny ‘Happy Birthday’ message or a ‘Welcome’ message to new employees, Cure.Fit eventually achieved to keep its staff engaged, connected, and appreciated.

For Cult.Fit: With Pickcel’s digital signage for gym, Cult.Fit could offer their customers state-of-the-art facilities. It finally became possible to organize neatly and display:

  • class schedules
  • gym membership programs
  • trainer profiles
  • offers and packages
  • health and fitness tips
  • different diet plans for different group of customers
  • Notices and announcements for customers, etc.