The Client

C&WJ Co-operative Credit Union, the Jamaican finance company with 20+ branches in the country, offers various financial services to the community's stakeholders. The company focuses on the members' overall well-being through premium services. Hence, they constantly strive to build and maintain an empowered & engaged team of employees.

The Challenge

With everything in the banking industry shifting to a digital solution, internal communication during busy hours also needed a paradigm shift. Traditional ways of communicating through e-mails and phone calls started showing trouble signs for obvious reasons.

Conveying urgent messages and notices to all employees of all the branches took too much time, and they mainly had to rely on the manpower for the staff whenever there was a new policy or change in a meeting plan.

The client also faced issues regarding announcing new savings plans, investments, loans, insurance policies, fixed deposits, membership offers, etc., to the visitors.

They wanted to alter the way they communicated with their customers. The idea was to offer a highly engaging, personalized experience to the banking community and improve customer engagement, brand visibility, and employee communication.

The company was looking for mainly the following:

  1. A comprehensive digital signage solution that would streamline their internal communication – both with the customers and with the staff
  2. A solution for a quick update of notices, announcements, messages, offers, policies, and meeting briefs matching the pace in real-time
  3. A cloud-based solution that would make remote management & monitoring of the office communication signage possible

The Solution

After scrutinizing the whole scenario and understanding the client's needs, Pickcel deployed its digital signage software to manage a network of TV displays at various branches of the cooperative bank. The client had installed 22 TCL smart TVs at strategic locations inside the offices like the waiting areas, meeting room, lobby, cafeteria, conference rooms, near the teller counter, and reception for seamless promotion, communication, and collaboration. These TVs were using Android and Windows operating systems.

For any digital solution, a key prerequisite of smooth device functioning is hardware-software compatibility. If the display software is incompatible with the device operating system or OS version, it may cause frequent system hanging and high-quality content may be rejected.

Pickcel is a hardware-neutral software compatible with all media players and operating systems. So, the software implementation faced no challenge. It runs with both their Android & Windows media players without a glitch. If the client needs to upgrade the number or type of screens or change the media players later, they can easily do that without any software modification.

To help the client use the software at its optimum potential, Pickcel's technical team has provided the staff members of C&WJ with thorough training that included screen registration, app demonstration, platform integrations, and automation. For future references, Pickcel provided the client with video tutorials too. Even if employees change, the client won't have to spend much effort & funds on training the new heads with the hows and whats of the software.

Key Benefits

  • Remote content management: The cloud-based software of Pickcel allows the client to monitor the screens from any location and device. The person in charge of publishing content on the designated screens doesn't always have to be present in the office to ensure flawless communication.
  • Automation & Scheduling of content: The client can automate the content display according to everyday needs. The screens will show the exact content without human intervention. Also, the client can enjoy the scheduling feature that allows setting up the content on a particular schedule beforehand. So, even if the person in charge is absent, the employees and visitors won't miss important messages.
  • No need for third-party apps: The client can design any content using the wide range of Pickcel apps & widgets. They can create designs for bank offers, new investment schemes, product brochures, user manuals, and insurance policies with Canva integration. They now don't need to toggle between different applications to create the desired content.

The Outcome

Once the Pickcel software was implemented, internal communication and brand promotion became a cakewalk for the client.

Demonstrations for 'how to open an account', 'how to become a member', 'how to apply for a loan', etc. have become easy for the client. They now help customers understand these using slideshow presentations on the digital signage screens. The client now runs advertisements and announces new investment schemes, bank holidays, and interest rate changes on the bright screens addressing all visitors.

Communication between the management and employees has become quick & prompt with image and video sharing over the signage screens. They can all be notified regarding meetings, new joiners, changes in current policies, and company analytics in just a few clicks. Everything gets updated on the software, and all can view it on the screens simultaneously.

New product information, training modules, work ethics guidelines, health & safety solutions, and changes in office timings are now shared via the digital signage screens. The solution has transformed the overall communication strategy of the client and delivered better results with happier employees and satisfied customers.