The Client

Edutrack Displays has carved a niche for itself in the advertising sector by leveraging the high footfall in supermarkets to deliver compelling advertisements to a wide audience. Their innovative approach involves using digital displays strategically placed in supermarkets to capture the attention of shoppers and maximize the impact of their advertisements

The Challenge

The ambition to deploy dual-sided screens in supermarkets was driven by a simple yet powerful vision: to maximize advertisement visibility and engage shoppers from all directions. However, the realization of this vision was not that simple.

The primary hurdle was the technological limitation of existing digital signage solutions, which were not designed to support dual-sided displays. This gap in the market meant that Edutrack Displays needed a tailored solution that could seamlessly run advertisements on both sides of a screen, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.Edutrack Displays needed a partner who understood the nuances of their requirements and deliver a solution that was tailor-made for their specific needs.

The Solution

Enter Pickcel, a front runner in digital signage software, known for its ability to craft custom solutions for its clients. Recognizing the unique demands of Edutrack Displays, Pickcel rose to the occasion by developing a custom-made APK (Android Package Kit) capable of powering dual-sided screens. This bespoke application was the result of extensive collaboration between Edutrack Displays and Pickcel, ensuring that every aspect of the requirement was meticulously addressed. The solution delivered by Pickcel was a cloud-based digital signage platform that enabled the management and deployment of advertisements on over 50 dual-sided screens across various supermarkets. This platform offered a comprehensive suite of features, including:

Dual display support: The custom APK was specifically designed to support dual-sided displays, ensuring that advertisements could be seamlessly showcased on both sides of the screens.

Centralized control: The cloud-based solution provided a centralized platform for managing content across all screens, simplifying the operational complexities of running a large-scale digital signage network.

Scalability: The solution was built with scalability in mind, allowing Edutrack Displays to easily expand their digital signage network as they ventured into more supermarkets.

Reliability: Understanding the importance of uptime in advertising, the solution emphasized reliability, ensuring that the screens were always on and displaying content as intended.

Key Benefits

The custom solution developed by Pickcel offered a multitude of benefits to Edutrack Displays, helping transforming the way they deployed digital advertisements in supermarkets. Some of the key advantages included:

  • Enhanced visibility: The dual-sided screens effectively doubled the visibility of advertisements, ensuring that no matter which direction shoppers were coming from, they would be engaged by compelling content.
  • Increased engagement: The innovative use of dual-sided screens created a novel advertising medium that captured the attention of shoppers more effectively than traditional single-sided screens.
  • Operational efficiency: The centralized management platform streamlined the process of content deployment and management, reducing the operational burden on Edutrack Displays.
  • Future-proof solution:: The scalability of the solution ensured that Edutrack Displays could continue to expand their advertising network without worrying about the technological limitations.

The Result

The collaboration between Edutrack Displays and Pickcel has set a benchmark in the world of supermarket advertising. The deployment of over 50 dual-sided screens powered by Pickcel’s custom solution has not only met but exceeded the initial objectives. Advertisements now enjoy unprecedented visibility, captivating shoppers from all angles and significantly enhancing the impact of marketing campaigns.