The Client

The Hamlin Robinson School is a prominent educational center in Seattle, Washington. Dedicated to serving students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences, the school mission is to "ignite the academic and creative potential." The institution caters to Grades 1 through 8, ensuring that every child receives the education they deserve regardless of their unique learning needs.

The Challenge

Despite its noble mission, the school encountered several challenges. Conventional communication avenues fell short for students grappling with language-based learning disparities. There was a pressing demand for a vibrant, flexible, and visually compelling solution to guarantee that vital announcements such as exam routines, class schedules, holidays, and academic materials were clear and reachable.

The Solution

Understanding the unique challenges, the school decided to adopt digital signage technology, partnering with Pickcel. They integrated digital screens powered by the Amazon operating system, placing them strategically across the campus, including specific locations such as assembly halls, classrooms, libraries, etc.

Mobilizing the power of Pickcel's cloud-driven platform, the school gained the agility to refresh and tailor content with precision, ensuring it resonated with the learning profiles of their students. The luminous visuals, dynamic graphics, and the capability to weave in multimedia such as videos, GIFs, etc., transformed the information delivery, making it captivating and accessible.

Key Benefits

  • The dynamic nature of digital signage captured students' attention, ensuring better information retention.
  • The school could tailor content to cater to the unique learning needs of its students, making information more understandable.
  • Pickcel’s software came equipped with a cloud-based content management system that helped manage and update content on the go. This helped with streamlining what shows up on screen and at what time.
  • The intuitive nature of Pickcel's platform allowed the school to manage content independently, ensuring timely updates.

The Result

With digital signage, Hamlin Robinson School revamped its communication approach. Students felt more connected, well-informed, and integrated into school events. The digital displays filled the communication void, aligning with everyone’s requirements.