The Client

Located in the bustling tech hub of Noida, our client is a forward-thinking technology consulting company. Specializing in innovative solutions, they assist businesses in navigating the complex landscape of modern technology. Their expertise spans across various sectors, providing tailored consulting services that drive digital transformation and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

In the digital age, the effectiveness of traditional advertising mediums is waning. Businesses are on a constant quest to capture the fleeting attention of consumers. Our client, HCLTech, in collaboration with Pickcel, recognized the need to revolutionize how organizations utilize digital screens. The goal was clear: transform these digital screens from informational displays into dynamic, high-converting assets that captivate and engage viewers, thereby enhancing brand value and driving sales.

Additionally, HCL Technologies, a global leader in digital transformation, identified a specific need within their organization to enhance communication in their meeting rooms. Utilizing Webex players from Cisco in all meeting rooms, they faced the challenge of underutilized screens during idle times. With restrictions preventing the installation of third-party applications on the Webex player, their only option was to launch a URL during inactivity, presenting a unique challenge to integrate digital signage effectively.

The Solution

To address the broader challenge of transforming digital screens into engaging platforms, Pickcel introduced a cutting-edge digital signage solution that shifted the paradigm from outdated USB-driven content updates to a sophisticated, cloud-based management system. This innovation allowed for real-time content updates across multiple screens, which could be managed remotely. This transition not only streamlined the operational process but also enabled the deployment of tailored content suited to specific audiences and times, thereby maximizing viewer engagement.

For the specific challenge within HCL Technologies' meeting rooms, Pickcel Digital Signage responded with a solution that leveraged the existing Webex player infrastructure. They developed a virtual screen designed to function as a Web app, circumventing the constraints of the Webex player. This virtual screen enabled the launch of signage content during idle periods, addressing the limitations of caching and network connectivity to ensure a flawless user experience.

Key Benefits

The implementation of Pickcel's digital signage solution brought about several transformative benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: With the ability to update and customize content remotely, screens could now display targeted messages at optimal times, significantly increasing customer engagement.
  • Operational Efficiency: The shift from manual to cloud-based updates saved countless hours in content management and reduced the dependency on physical logistics.
  • Scalability: The new system was easily scalable, allowing the client to expand their digital signage network without substantial additional costs or complexities..
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By reducing the need for physical updates and leveraging cloud technology, the overall cost of the signage system decreased, providing a better ROI.
  • Improved Flexibility: The ability to quickly adapt and change displayed content made it possible to respond in real-time to marketing needs or external factors such as social or economic changes.

The Result

The adoption of digital signage solutions powered by Pickcel has redefined the client's advertising and information dissemination strategies. Not only has it led to increased sales and improved customer interactions, but it has also positioned the client at the forefront of digital communication technology in retail and beyond. The digital signage network has become a pivotal part of their marketing strategy, offering unmatched flexibility and engagement potential.