The Client

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is one of the largest FMCG companies in India. As of 2020, it holds a rank #45 on the Fortune India 500 list.

The Challenge

Our client was seeking to strengthen corporate communications at their Bangalore and Mumbai offices.

The then delivery platforms which included e-mail and posters were getting stagnant. Email communication was not catching enough attention. Also, the design and distribution of posters was a time-consuming and painful process.

The internal communication team wanted to explore video content as a means to engage the employees and visitors. They had installed digital signage in their offices but didn’t have a suitable corporate digital signage software to seamlessly distribute the contents.

The Solution

The Hindustan Unilever IT team collaborated with Pickcel to test-drive our cloud-based software for digital signage in offices. At the initial stage, the trial was conducted with only three screens in the office cafeteria.

Once the digital signage players were added to Pickcel's digital signage cms (content management system), the concerned HUL staff was trained to manage the content and play it across the three digital signage displays.

The test-drive was a complete success. Pickcel was received with great enthusiasm by the client's internal communication team.

Within a month, all the digital signage displays on the premises of Hindustan Unilever Bangalore and Mumbai offices (such as digital signage for conference rooms, digital signage for lobby, etc.) were brought under the Pickcel umbrella and powered by our easy-to-use digital signage software.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use: Being cloud-based, Pickcel's software for digital signage offers higher flexibility in terms of accessing the dashboard and managing contents.
  • Efficient Client Support: Pickcel's dedicated customer service team is always ready to support in case of any technical issue or requirement of troubleshooting.

The Outcome

When internal communication improves, efficiency also improves. It took only a slight digital up-gradation to make the Hindustan Unilever offices more vibrant.

Various messages like leadership talks, internal branding, HR messages, safe workplace protocols, and company mission-and-vision statements are now orderly disseminated.

Personalized content like birthday or anniversary greetings has been the biggest hits among the employees.

Among employees, it is now a matter of pride to appear on the large video wall placed in the cafeteria that shows the 'employee of the month'.

Since using Pickcel's software for digital signage, several improvements were manifested in the HUL offices, such as:

  • The success of referral programs
  • Increase participation in training events
  • Reduction in food wastage at canteens.
  • More consistent branding within the premise.
  • Greet visitors with customized video greetings.
  • Improved and more efficient usage of elevators.
  • Better security compliance by the employees.

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