The Client

Honda, a global powerhouse in the automobile and motorcycle industry, has always been at the forefront of innovation. Their two-wheeler division in India is a testament to their high-quality automobiles that, indeed, are a class apart. With a legacy steeped in precision engineering and customer-centric design, the company continues to set industry benchmarks, reinforcing its position as the front-runner in vehicular excellence.

The Challenge

In any dynamic corporate environment, a dedicated space for rejuvenation is essential. And for Honda's vast workforce, it is their cafeteria. The objective was to elevate the presentation of menus across the trio of dining areas. Here is where Pickcel’s partners stepped in. The optimal solution was to meld with Honda's advanced infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring transparency and facilitating updates - problems to which the signage solution providers had the right answers.

The Solution

Advanced Android displays were meticulously positioned in the cafeteria for optimal visibility, showcasing menus for the day, food availability status, and more. Android technology, renowned for their open-source nature, offer a unique advantage: they can be tailored with specialized applications and widgets, allowing for simultaneous data integration.

While specific hardware details are proprietary, the foundation of Pickcel’s solution was rooted in a cloud-based framework, ensuring adaptability and uninterrupted updates. The culmination was a series of stunning e-menus, adding a much-needed boost to employee engagement and satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-centric flexibility helped leverage the power of this technology for content management, which led to fresh on-screen content all the time.
  • Real-time updates enabled instant menu modifications, informing staff of the latest offerings.
  • Optimized screen placement ensured maximum visibility, facilitating quicker meal choices.
  • Seamless system integration helped achieve perfect harmony with Honda's existing infrastructure, underscoring the project's success.

The Result

Integrating the advanced menu display system enhanced the dining atmosphere while consolidating the operational process. The solution's flawless integration epitomized success and established an ideal standard for the future digitalization of factory spaces.