The Client

Ideawale stands as a beacon in the realm of Marketing Communications Agencies, driven by a steadfast commitment to elevating brands and ensuring they resonate with their intended audiences. With an illustrious track record and a wealth of expertise, Ideawale serves as a catalyst for brand visibility, employing a nuanced approach that seamlessly integrates press work, promotions, and meticulously curated events. From crafting compelling narratives to orchestrating unforgettable experiences, Ideawale is dedicated to pushing boundaries and redefining the parameters of marketing excellence.

The Challenge

Ideawale faced the challenge of disseminating pan India advertisements, new product details, and campaigns for insurance and financial services through screens located in partner micro-finance institutions and insurance companies. They needed a solution that could effectively manage and display these advertisements across diverse locations.

The Solution

To address Ideawale's challenge, Pickcel provided a tailored, cloud-based solution. This solution allowed Ideawale to showcase advertisements for insurance companies such as Acko, Care Health, Niva Bupa, and more. With Pickcel's platform, over 100 screens spread across India could be centrally managed from Ideawale's headquarters in Mumbai. This not only streamlined the advertising process but also ensured consistency and effectiveness in reaching the target audience.

Key Benefits

The introduction of screens powered by Pickcel's software brought several key benefits:

  • Centralized management: Pickcel's cloud-based solution enabled Ideawale to manage advertisements across all screens from a single location, saving time and resources.
  • Customization: The solution was custom-made to meet Ideawale's specific requirements, allowing for seamless integration with their existing processes.
  • Wide reach: With over 100 screens deployed across various locations in India, Ideawale could effectively reach their target audience nationwide.
  • Real-time updates: Pickcel's platform facilitated real-time updates, enabling Ideawale to adapt their advertising strategy quickly based on market trends and feedback.

The Result

Thanks to Pickcel's innovative solution, Ideawale successfully executed their pan India advertising campaign for insurance and financial services. The centralized management system provided by Pickcel not only simplified the process but also enhanced the effectiveness of the campaign. Ideawale witnessed increased engagement with their target audience and achieved their advertising objectives efficiently.

Increased visibility: By leveraging Pickcel's platform, Ideawale achieved significantly higher visibility for their clients' advertising campaigns. The strategically placed screens in partner institutions ensured that the advertisements reached a vast audience across diverse locations.

Enhanced engagement: The dynamic and visually appealing nature of the digital signage captivated the audience's attention, leading to increased engagement with the advertisements. Interactive features incorporated into the displays encouraged viewers to learn more about the insurance and financial services being promoted.

Measurable impact: Pickcel helped the firm generate reports on proof of play. This helped keep a track of what was played in terms of content and on which screens were they showcased.

Cost-efficiency: The centralized management system offered by Pickcel resulted in significant cost savings for Ideawale. By eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing operational overheads, Ideawale could allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring a higher return on investment for their clients.

Positive feedback: Ideawale received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both their clients and the audience regarding the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. The seamless execution and impactful messaging resonated with viewers, reinforcing Ideawale's reputation as a leading marketing agency in the industry.

Concluding thoughts

This case study highlights the strategic partnership between Ideawale and Pickcel, showcasing how innovative solutions can revolutionize traditional advertising methods and drive tangible results in the digital age. By harnessing the power of cloud-based solutions and digital signage, Ideawale was able to amplify the reach and impact of their advertising campaigns, ultimately driving success for their clients and stakeholders. The successful execution of the pan India advertising campaign underscored the power of innovative technology solutions in driving meaningful outcomes for businesses in the marketing sector.