The Client

JW Mariott is one of the largest luxury hotel chains. In India, the hospitality brand has numerous branches. Our client was JW Marriott New Delhi Aero City and JW Marriott Chandigarh.

Hotel JW Mariott offers unforgettable accommodations and personalized service; it is the firm favorite of guests and tourists flying into Delhi and Chandigarh. Given its location near the Consulate General and U.S. Embassy, JW Mariott is an ideal check-in spot for international tourists.

The Challenge

Hotel JW Marriott was experiencing several issues that necessitated the implementation of digital signage:

  1. Located near Indira Gandhi International Airport, the majority of hotel guests are frequent fliers. There was a need to deliver precise, reliable, and real-time flight schedule information system to assist travelers in avoiding obstructive flight delays & preponement.
  2. The JW Marriott is a firm favorite for corporate meetings and conferences. Earlier, the hotel crew employed easels and hard-copy placards to inform the guests about upcoming events and scheduled town halls. The printed signs and easels were of poor quality and took up a lot of time and effort to formulate. The administration also intended to make the foyer of the hotel more welcoming and appealing to the visitors.
  3. Given the enormity of the property and constantly shifting conferences and events, the client needed a user-friendly, flexible web based-system to tackle such issues. It was paramount for Hotel JW Marriott that all of its digital signage networks could be managed from a central cloud-based system, rather than using numerous systems to control digital screens and kiosks.

The Solution

Pickcel joined hands with JW Marriott and implemented digital signage solutions throughout the hotel's waiting area and lobby.

Pickcel provided Hotel JW Marriott with a tailored, web-based hospitality digital signage system to suit their stringent requirements. By pairing the Pickcel software with android digital signage standees, Hotel JW Marriott was able to swiftly promote hotel amenities like the gym, spa, regional tourist attractions, on-premise dining, as well as real-time flight schedules.

These android digital signage standees are operational 24/7 and display AQI (Air Quality Index). Through Pickcel's digital signage solution, Hotel JW Marriott now assures its guests of the germ and pollution-free hotel environment.

Pickcel provided the client with hands-on training on how to use the software. The revolutionary Digital Signage System allows the client to log on to the system remotely. With the Pickcel Go mobile app, the hotel admins have the flexibility to make changes on the fly. In a matter of seconds, they can edit any component of the content and broadcast it to screens.

The client has total liberty to alter the templates and layout at any moment if their objectives shift. Pickcel interacted closely with JW Marriott from the beginning to the end of the project to produce a high-quality digital signage system tailored to the client's requirements.

Key Benefits

  • maintenance: The entire digital signage network is hosted on the cloud. The cost of IT infrastructure setup is wholly avoided. Pickcel comes up with regular updates to keep the application bug-free.
  • Scalable: The decentralized web-based software has allowed the client enough room to expand their signage network at any time.
  • Multi-user access: Multiple users can log in simultaneously to access the Pickcel console. The admin has complete control to set user roles and user restrictions.
  • Comfortable UI: The application is easy to navigate and requires negligible technical expertise to handle.
  • 4K Support: The Pickcel software allows playing fast, uninterrupted 4K content delivering a world-class visual experience.
  • Automation: Advanced features like content scheduling, default composition, and real-time content apps ensure that the cost of time is reduced to the maximum possible level.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: The Pickcel support team is agile and impressive when it comes to problem-solving.

The Outcome

This project was a huge success and has established a benchmark for Pickcel's future projects.

The hotel guests can cruise the hotel premises with the help of way-finding digital kiosks. During the pandemic crisis, the solution was a significant champion; the guests could avoid unnecessary interactions with the hotel staff and help their way into the rooms.

Both JW Marriott Delhi and JW Marriott Chandigarh saw high interest in availing the hotel's services, such as the private gym, souvenir shop, spa, and meeting rooms.

Pickcel's digital signage system also enabled the hotel to assist visitors with any questions or concerns during their stay.