The Client

Namdhari Fresh is a prominent name in the fresh produce industry, mainly known for its commitment to delivering fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables. They operate a series of retail outlets, offering a wide range of products that cater to health-conscious consumers. The focus here is on sustainable farming and responsible sourcing, which reflects their dedication to consumer well-being.

The Challenge

The grocery giant faced the challenge of enhancing customer engagement and conveying their brand message effectively within their spaces. The specific locations for this project included their stores in Garuda Mall, Whitefield Sarjapur Road, and RD Nagar Store in Bangalore, India. With dozens of Android screens positioned across these stores, the challenge was to utilize these digital displays to captivate and inform customers about their products' production process and freshness.

The Solution

The answer to Namdhari’s challenge materialized as a cloud-based signage software adept at remote management and streamlined content updates, with Pickcel emerging as the ideal. Central to this solution was the strategic placement of screens, oriented both vertically and horizontally, which were instrumental in broadcasting high-quality production clips. The videos curated helped showcase the journey and dedication of bringing fresh produce from the farms to the store shelves.

Pickcel software’s adaptability guaranteed its capability to align with the evolving demands of the business, securing its role as a lasting asset in its marketing and customer engagement efforts.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced engagement: The digital displays provided a dynamic way to engage customers, making their shopping experience more informative and enjoyable.
  • Brand reinforcement: The production videos helped reinforce the brand's commitment to freshness and quality.
  • Educational content: Customers gained insights into the production process, enhancing their trust in the brand.
  • Flexibility: The cloud solution allowed for easy content management and updates, ensuring that the latest information and visuals were always on display.

The Result

Integrating digital signage in Namdhari Fresh's stores significantly elevated customer engagement. The screens offered transparency and education about the brand’s processes, enriching the shopping experience and fostering deeper brand loyalty.