The Client

Nicholson Manufacturing, based in the USA, stands as a prominent player in the manufacturing sector. Known for their innovative approach and commitment to quality, they have carved a niche in producing high-grade materials and products.

The Challenge

Nicholson manufacturing was on a lookout for upgrading their internal communication system. That's where Pickcel shone.

Upgrading internal communication: The primary challenge was to enhance internal communication in their manufacturing plants and streamline HR communication.

Consistency across locations: Ensuring consistent and effective communication across various locations was crucial, given the diverse and widespread nature of their operations.

Real-time information sharing: The need for a system that could provide instant updates and information to employees in a dynamic manufacturing environment.

The Solution

Pickcel's solution worked wonders for Nicholson manufacturing needs. Pickcel provided a cutting-edge, cloud-based digital signage solution, tailored to meet the unique needs of Nicholson manufacturing.

Cross-platform compatibility: The solution was designed to be compatible with both Android and Windows screens.

Customized content delivery: The digital signage system allowed for customized content delivery, catering to the specific communication needs of manufacturing plants and HR.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined information flow
  • Instant updates capability
  • Scalable network

The Result

Nicholson has been using Pickcel's digital signage solution for 2+ years, a testament to its effectiveness and reliability.

The decision to renew the service after the first year highlights the significant value and impact the solution has had on the company's internal communication strategy.

The introduction of digital signage has led to improved employee engagement and communication.