The Client

Panache is a Switzerland-based media consulting, brand strategy, and communication agency. They are also in corporate design, textual storytelling, and more, making them a buzz-worthy name in Swiss business circles.

The Challenge

As a part of their visual storytelling project for a QSR client, Panache decided to incorporate digital photo frames that showed up food videography, photos of people enjoying themselves at their outlet, and more. These screens were framed and mounted on the wall alongside an assortment of actual photo frames, breaking the visual monotony.

The form factor of these screens didn't allow the end user to plug in any USB devices and play the content. This called for a display and content management platform enabling the admin to manage these screens remotely.

The Solution

The client had installed seven Android tablets. One of the key concerns of the client was ensuring that no image distortion happened. Pickcel's digital signage software had a responsive design, meaning it could intuitively render the content in the correct aspect ratio of the screens.

The device setup was done through simple plug-and-play, and the Pickcel software was deployed on the seven Android photo frames.

The client could remotely schedule the content, change it, and monitor the screen uptime through the Pickcel dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability: Panache being a consultancy firm, may require to scale up their digital photo frame services to more of third-party clients in the future. In such cases, the Pickcel solution can bring in effortless scaling through the simple addition of screen licenses.
  • Hardware-neutral: The Pickcel application is supported on all media players and OS versions. This allows greater flexibility to deploy the software on any screen type (tablets, widescreens, life-size poster & more.)
  • Free content apps: The Pickcel software comes loaded with a host of pre-built apps & widgets like Weather Animation, World Clock, People Space, and Live Streaming.

The Outcome

As a consultancy firm, Panache had an onus to make the digital photo frames a success for their QSR client. As unique as the idea of moving pictures inside a framed display is, it was equally important to ensure a glitch-free playback of content to create the illusion of magic.

This was achieved right from the start; the QSR created quite a buzz among the restaurant-goers as one offering a unique dining experience. The successful collaboration had a fantastic outcome, helping our client, Panache, wear their creative hats with pride.