The Client

PepsiCo, renowned worldwide for its expansive food and beverage industry portfolio, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation and strategic marketing. With a presence in over 200 countries and territories around the globe, the corporation manages a diverse array of brands, including Pepsi, Lay’s, Gatorade, and Tropicana, among others.

The Challenge

In the dynamic corporate spaces of the brand, ensuring efficient, engaging, and real-time communication with employees became a considerable challenge. Traditional communication channels proved less effective in capturing attention and conveying timely information to the staff. With a vision to address these challenges, PepsiCo integrated a digital signage screen powered by Pickcel in its corporate spaces.

The Digital Signage

The incorporated signage solution helped convey real-time updates, ensuring all employees were promptly informed about corporate news, weekly meeting times, and other announcements. This extended to engaging the team by featuring their achievements, milestones, and recognitions, boosting morale, and cultivating a positive work environment. Furthermore, the digital interface acted as a visual ambassador of PepsiCo’s corporate culture, consistently showcasing the company’s values and missions.

Key Benefits

  • With the ability to schedule and automate content, PepsiCo ensured that the communication was always relevant and timely without requiring constant manual intervention.
  • Pickcel’s compatibility with various operating systems, like Windows, Android, and Raspberry Pi, ensured the beverage giant could seamlessly play media across different screen types and sizes.
  • PepsiCo was able to display real-time data from various platforms and make communications more personalized and targeted through smart solutions provided by Pickcel.
  • The digital signage facilitated dynamic and real-time communication, ensuring that all pertinent information was readily accessible to employees.

The Result

A notable improvement in internal communication efficacy was noticed after the signage implementation The real-time updates ensured that all staff members were well-informed about the latest corporate developments, reducing the communication gap significantly.