The Client

Nestled in the heart of Ameerpet in Hyderabad, RS Brothers is a prominent clothing retailer known for a range of festive and designer clothing. Catering to diverse customer demographics across India, the retail chain offers the best ethnic wear, making it a popular choice among most enthusiasts.

The Challenge

With multiple floors and a steady flow of customers, RS Brothers faced the challenge of effectively promoting their products and engaging audience. The expansive multi-floor layout of their stores and the continued influx of shoppers necessitated an innovative approach. Historically, reliant on manual content updates, managing nearly 200 screens distributed across different store locations was time-consuming. Also, managing outdoor LED displays was equally challenging, requiring physical intervention.

The Solution

Pickcel stepped in to provide RS Brothers with a tailored solution to address their unique challenges and enhance their audience engagement.

Enhanced screen-management: Pickcel seamlessly integrated TCL Android TV and regular TVs with Pickcel players, empowering the client to manage and update content across all screens remotely. This eliminated the necessity for manual content adjustments and helped streamline customer management.

Strategic networking: Implementing a cloud server allowed for seamless content refreshes per requirement, ensuring the retailers could effortlessly showcase promotional videos of their products, both existing and new, along with facilities, discounts, festive offers, and new season collections.

Easy scheduling: RS Brothers used images and videos in portrait mode to create visually appealing displays. They leveraged Pickcel's software to schedule and display content based on customer foot traffic, time of day, and ongoing promotions.

Key Benefits

  • The transition to Pickcel's solution streamlined content management enabled RS Brothers to update and customize content effortlessly across all screens. This newfound agility translated into significant time and resource savings.
  • Reduced reliance on manual content changes and enhanced energy-efficient display technology resulted in cost savings for RS Brothers, making the solution practical and financially prudent.
  • The planned placement of outdoor screens drew in more foot traffic, expanding the store's reach and attracting potential customers who may have otherwise remained unnoticed
  • Pickcel's solution offered valuable insights into customer behavior and content performance. RS Brothers could leverage this data to fine-tune their marketing strategies and improve customer satisfaction.

The Result

Pickcel’s solution brought about noticeable changes in the retailer’s operations. The introduction of compelling promotional videos and visually captivating displays has significantly elevated customer engagement. The transition to a cloud-based infrastructure has simplified content management, allowing content scheduling,
creation of playlists, and curating targeted campaigns for special occasions