The Client

Headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Investment and Resource Company (SIRC) is a conglomerate dedicated to changing waste management and environmental sustainability in Saudi Arabia. Through its subsidiaries, SIRC offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from municipal solid waste recycling, construction and demolition waste management, metal recycling, lubricant waste solutions, and medical hazardous waste treatments to marine operations for environmental services.

The Challenge

Deeply rooted in waste management and environmental sustainability, SIRC grappled with challenges to amass their digital efforts. Stakeholders, from the general public to government bodies, wanted operational transparency to access real-time data, underscoring the organization's achievements and accountability. Furthermore, fostering community engagement, assimilating feedback, and ensuring that the staff remained updated and aligned with the company's vision posed substantial hurdles.

The Solution

SIRC sought a well-rounded solution that would fit their software requirements for engaging employees and the public.

Compatible with Samsung Tizen and Windows, a platform SIRC had already invested in across 20+ screens, Pickcel's digital signage solution seamlessly integrated with SIRC's existing infrastructure, supporting how they communicated.

SIRC could dynamically convey crucial messages, updates, and data to its staff and visitors through these screens in their office lobbies, ensuring a well-informed and cohesive workforce and informed visitors. The real-time data displays, a hallmark of Pickcel's solution, aided SIRC's operations, enabling staff to monitor processes, track progress, and make swift, informed decisions.

Moreover, compared to traditional print media, the cost-effectiveness of Pickcel's digital signage brought about significant savings for SIRC. The cherry on top? The ability to update content instantaneously, ensuring timely and relevant information displays.

    • Seamless information dissemination to employees.
    • A versatile platform to publish diverse content, from images to videos.
    • Remote management capabilities for centralized control.

Key Benefits

The benefits were tremendous. With Pickcel's solution in place, SIRC experienced:

  • Enhanced Communication: The solution provided a dynamic platform to convey important messages, updates, and information to the public and staff, ensuring everyone is well-informed and fostering a sense of unity and purpose.
  • Operational Efficiency: Real-time data displays streamlined operations, allowing staff to monitor processes, track progress, and make informed decisions quickly.
  • Cost Savings: Digital signage is more cost-effective than traditional print media, reducing expenses related to printing, distribution, and frequent updates.

The Outcome

The collaboration with Pickcel proved to be extremely fruitful for SIRC. Employee engagement metrics soared, with a notable increase in staff participation in company initiatives.

The swift updates ensured that every team member, regardless of their role, aligned with SIRC's objectives and latest developments. The transparency and real-time data display fortified trust among stakeholders, reinforcing SIRC's image as a transparent and accountable entity.

Furthermore, the cost savings from the shift to digital communication were redirected to further SIRC's core mission of environmental sustainability.