The Client

The Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport at Varanasi is one of the busiest airports in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It falls under the care of the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

The Challenge

The Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti's (GSDS's) Interpretation Centre at the Airport was planning to deploy a touch-based interactive digital signage solution for kiosks, which would-

  1. Have several interactive features to keep the visitors engaged and informed
  2. Play pre-defined content when the kiosks will not be in use.

The Solution

Pickcel's software for digital signage was installed on the windows-based kiosk machines.

The kiosks were capable of serving the users with a huge collection of information and interactivity such as games, quizzes, and dynamic content.

During idle time, the kiosks would play regular digital signage contents. These contents were centrally managed and scheduled on the kiosk.

This was achieved through the URL app from the Pickcel app store.

The interactive application is designed on HTML5 and is hosted in a separate application. The URL of this application is then published on the URL app of Pickcel digital signage. Heavy content files comprising videos and images are then locally cached in the kiosk machines to provide better performance and a seamless experience.

The project was executed in association with the National Informatics Center (Govt. of India). This was a POC (Proof of Concept) project. Similar projects are slated to be implemented in a few other major airports in India.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligence: the software is capable of automatically playing pre-defined content when it senses that the device is at rest.
  • Smooth functionality: interactive systems, especially in public places, are prone to damage from continuous and repeated interactions. Pickcel's digital signage software at the Varanasi airport was designed such that it could respond to a high frequency of touch-screen interactions.

The Outcome

Pickcel's kiosk digital signage solution at the Varanasi airport was an instant hit right from the inauguration event. The Kiosk machines provided the users with several interactive functions such as browsing information playing videos, games like quizzes, etc. Besides the entertainment factor, the digital signage software also benefited the airport authorities as it helped them to collect feedback from the passengers.