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Clear Communication

Display upcoming procedures, pre-surgical instructions, and post-operative care guides in an easy-to-understand format. Reduce patient anxiety by addressing frequently asked questions with clear, concise answers.

An office digital signage screen showing financing info
An office digital screen wth a welcome onboard message

Meet the Experts

Showcase your surgeons' credentials, experience, and areas of expertise. Feature patient testimonials and success stories to build trust and confidence.

Visualize Success

Utilize captivating surgical simulations and animations to visually explain procedures. Educate patients about minimally invasive techniques and advanced technologies employed at your center.

Company traction on an office digital signage screen
A digital signage screen showing client reviews in an office

Calm the Environment

Display calming nature scenes, soothing music playlists, and gentle animal videos to create a relaxing atmosphere. Offer distractions to ease patient pre-surgery jitters.

Why Choose Surgery Digital Signage?

A day greeting on an office digital signage screen

Empower Informed Decisions

Advise patients on their surgical options, increasing their understanding and participation in the decision-making process.

CSR activity on a digital signage screen

Reduce Patient Anxiety

Clear communication and engaging visuals minimize pre-operative stress and promote a sense of control.

Social media feed on office digital signage screen

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Provide a positive waiting room experience that fosters trust and strengthens the patient-provider relationship.

An cinema digital signage screen flashing an emergency message

Showcase Expertise & Technology

Highlight your surgeons' skills and the advanced technology utilized at your center, attracting new patients.

Who needs Pickcel’s healthcare solution?

From medical offices to clinics, healthcare digital signage serves a multitude of purposes. Here’s where it combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

Upgrade your surgery experience with Pickcel!