When you visit a website for some important information, do you come across notices or announcements running from one side of the screen to the other?

While watching news channels, have you noticed headlines of featured news moving side to side at the bottom of your screen?

Those are called 'scrolling texts,' or 'scrolling tickers.'

What is a scrolling text, and what’s its use?

Scrolling texts turn simple information, updates, notices, and announcements into a more visible and prominent message with vibrant texts and background colors.

The application or widget used to generate a scrolling text on the digital screen is known as a text scroller app or scroll text maker.

Scrolling messages aren’t limited to notice display on websites and headline tickers on news channels. These days, businesses across all industries are opting for scrolling text messages for their digital signage screens.

Scrolling texts are regularly used in:

  • Company updates, policy updates
  • Extension numbers
  • Random offers in retail
  • Upcoming holidays
  • Leadership messages
  • Client testimonials
  • Emergency messages

The modern text scroller apps allow the users to create scrolling messages without any knowledge of CSS or coding.

How to get Pickcel's text scroller app?

Pickcel offers cloud-based digital signage software that comes with several applications including the text scroller app.

To unlock the text scroller app, you need to create an account with Pickcel and register your screen(s) to the account dashboard. The Pickcel software offers a free 14-day trial beyond which users can subscribe to the software and continue enjoying its services. See the Pickcel subscription rates.

All the apps (including the text scroller app) come free with the Pickcel software. With that said, let’s learn how to make scrolling texts using the Pickcel Scroller app.

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How to make scrolling texts in Pickcel’s text scroller app?

The Pickcel text scroller app has a user-friendly UI. All the apps Pickcel offers have an easy user interface), so it requires zero coding, designing, and animation knowledge.

To create a scrolling message for your digital screens, you just have to open the app and fill in the fields according to your preferences. That’s it. Your screens will be playing moving text tickers in no time.

Step 1: Log in to Pickcel

Go to and 'log in' to your Pickcel dashboard if you already have the subscription. If you are new to Pickcel, you must first register with the software using the 'Sign up' option.

As a new user, you enjoy all the Pickcel apps and services free of cost for a 14-day trial period.

Pickcel log in page where user id and password need to be entered

Step 2: Find the text scroller app

Once the dashboard opens, go to the ‘Apps’ module and search for the ‘Scroller’ app.

Pickcel dashboard with all the modules listed on the left side of the screen and apps cover the rest of it; Scroller app highlighted in the middle

Step 3: Enter the text scroller app

Hover over the app image, and you’ll get the ‘create app’ button. Click on it to start designing your scrolling text for digital signage.

Pickcel dashboard showing create app option for the text scroller application

Step 4: Create your scrolling text

When you click on the ‘Create app’ button, you are taken to the content creation window of the app.

There are 7 fields in total. You must fill in 2 out of the 7 fields (the app name and the text you want to display on the screens). For other fields (text color, text style, background color, scroll speed, and scroll direction), you must choose the correct option according to your content design preferences.

Pickcel scroller app interface with 7 fields to fill in to configure it properly

Step 5: Save the media

Once the scroller app is configured, choose the final ‘Create app’ option at the bottom-right corner. It will get saved in the ‘Media’ section of the Pickcel modules.

Scroller app final configuration by clicking the create app button after filling in all the fields

Now, as your scrolling text is generated and saved successfully, let’s find out how to play it on the screens.

Step 6: Create a composition

Your scrolling messages will be played on screens with other primary content like images, videos or live presentations. To combine your scrolling message with other screen contents, go to the ‘Composition’ module and click on the ‘Add composition’ button on the top.

Composition module of the software with add composition button to start designing the screen layout

Step 7: Compose layout for text scroller

You will see a window offering predefined screen layouts― from single zone to three-zone, from landscape to portrait. Choose from any layout or design a custom layout clicking on the ‘Create new layout’ button at the top-right corner.

Screen layout templates of Pickcel software with single zone to multi-zone options

Step 8: Populate content in each zone

Your layout can have one or more zones. Zones are the partitions you make within a single screen space. Now start populating each zone with your desired content. Conventionally, the scrolling messages are displayed in a narrow horizontal zone.

Save composition of layout after adding media to the selected zones

Click ‘Preview’ to check the content rendition of your scrolling text.

Seems good to go? Click on the ‘Save composition.’

Step 9: Publish the scrolling text

When the composition is saved, go to the ‘Publish’ module and select Scheduled, Quickplay, or Default based on your need. Then, choose your screen(s) and the composition that you want to play.

Once all is done, check the display on preview and hit ‘Publish’ to run the scrolling messages along with other essential contents on your signage screen. The outcome should look like this:

Save composition of layout after adding media to the selected zones

Choose Pickcel— the flawless scrolling text maker to optimize your digital signage strategy. Pickcel supports a wide variety of digital signage players and player OSs.

Most importantly, Pickcel offers you to remotely control your screens and update your screen content at anytime. Try it today!

Communicate better with Pickcel digital signage solution.

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