Your 2024 Handbook To The Best Android Digital Signage Players

all the different types of android digital signage players like Smart TV display, tablet, TV box, and HDMI stick


Traditionally linked to mobile devices, Android’s landscape transformed with the emergence of Smart TVs around 2010, marking its entry into the television domain with a user-friendly interface. Here are some noteworthy stats:

  • Android TV continued its rapid growth trajectory. The dynamics, including drivers, restraints, and opportunities, indicate the complex and evolving landscape. Key players like Samsung Electronics, Sony, and LG Electronics have been instrumental in shaping this market.

  • The market has seen varied trends, with specific attention paid to different screen sizes, applications, and types of TVs. The segmentation analysis reveals how consumer interests and revenue streams vary across these segments.

  • In 2023, the market size for Android Box was estimated at 5.6 billion USD, with a projected CAGR of 24% from 2023 to 2030. The increasing demand for streaming content and internet penetration drive this growth.

Look at these amazing statistics:

  • Android TV is the fastest growing TV Platform in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022

  • As of 2022, there are over 2 billion Android users worldwide

  • The global Android TV market size is expected to reach of around USD 231 Billion by 2026 with a CAGR of around 20% during the forecast period 2019-2026.

Today, Android is one of the most predominant operating systems. It is widely used in:

In this blog, we will restrict our discussion to only Android-powered digital signage players.

What is Android digital signage?

Android digital signage refers to display systems that utilize the technology-supported media players to showcase various types of content, including informative, interactive, textual, or audio-visual material, primarily for business and mass communication purposes.

These transform standard screens, such as televisions, into ‘smart’ displays capable of internet browsing, streaming online on-demand content, and facilitating online transactions using certain computational and connectivity capabilities. The player devices use different operating systems (OSs) the same way our mobile phones or computers use them.

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What are the types of Android digital signage?

Here are some of the must-know players in the market at the moment:

Android Smart TVs: Do not require any external media player to power them. These devices come with a built-in System on Chip (SOC), a highly-compressed circuit board containing the operating system.

Example: Sony X80K, Sony X90K, TCL Class 5-Series

An illustration of an Android TV screen showing the Pickcel digital signage app

Android TV Box: A TV box is an external box-shaped digital signage media player that is required when using any non-Smart screen. These boxes can be connected to the screen through HDMI ports. Once the box is connected, it allows it to connect to an internet source.

Examples: Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR, NVIDIA Shield, Zidoo Z1000 Pro

An illustration shows an Android TV box player connected to a non-smart digital display. On the screen the red Pickcel logo is shown

Android HDMI Sticks: Another type of Android digital signage player is the portable stick that resembles a larger version of USB sticks. These are called HDMI sticks. These devices function the same way as the Android TV boxes- plug them into your displays, and you can operate your digital signage.

Example: Amazon Fire TV Stick

The angled view of a digital signage screen shows where the HDMI port is located. It also shows a zoomed HDMI port & an Android HDMI stick

Brands and businesses extensively use digital signage to empower their screens. Not just one; there are a bunch of good reasons for that, such as:

  • Popularity

These are widely adopted due to the global familiarity with their operating system, leading to easy integration and use.

Affordability: Cost-effective options like the Fire TV Stick, priced around $50, make these players a budget-friendly choice compared to mini PCs ranging from $200 to $700.

  • Availability

These players are easily accessible worldwide and sold online and offline.

  • User-friendly The plug-and-play nature of these devices ensures minimal technical expertise is required for operation.

  • Versatile form factor

The hardware options range from external media players to digital screens with built-in System on Chip (SOC), offering varied choices for different needs.

  • Developer community

The robust and continuously growing developer community provides extensive resources, forums, and discussions, aiding in ease of development and support.

  • Software compatibility

Unlike operating systems like Linux, LG WebOS, or macOS, which often require careful software compatibility checks, these players are broadly supported by most digital signage content management systems

When is Android not suitable as a digital signage player?

Confused on how that can be a case? Here are a few exceptions:

  • When an organization’s privacy policy mandates only a particular operating system (example: Windows, Unix).

  • When there is specific hardware integration with external sensors or there is a need for unique I/O interfaces.

  • When the signage software, that is, the digital signage CMS is incompatible with the OS.In such cases, you can choose alternative options like windows digital signage players or Raspberry Pi players

That said, Android DS is generally suitable in almost all digital signage deployment cases. Within Android, there are a variety of hardware options available. Organizations have to choose the proper signage hardware after careful consideration of their need in terms of:

  • Operating environment: Indoor and outdoor placement significantly impact the hardware choice. Before buying a player, factor the outdoor temperature, humidity, and human accessibility into your digital signage strategy.

  • Operating duration: Consider how long your media player must be active daily. An always-ON display will need a powerful player. Some digital signage players can support 24/7 operations, while many devices will lose their performance if over-used.

  • Performance: What are you using your digital signage for? Do you want to play 4K content? Does your activity involve downloading large content files? Keep these performance variables in mind while choosing the type of Android player for your digital signage.

Special attention should be given to the Android operating system version and support from the CMS provider. Currently, devices are available starting from Android 7-11. Confirm with your software vendor before deciding on this. Pickcel supports a wide variety of Android signage players. We also support several other OSs for digital signage. Check them out here.

10 Best Android media players for digital signage

As we mentioned, Android digital signage players come in various form factors and an extensive range of prices. The following are some of the top Android media players categorized based on their price range and performance:

Budget-friendly Android Digital Signage Players

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Black Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and remote that can be used to turn any 4K display into digital signage

The Amazon Fire TV Stick excels at displaying a wide range of content on digital signage, including music, live streams, and dynamic motion graphics. While it is capable of gaming, it’s not the recommended choice for that purpose.

For displaying 4K content,Fire TV Stick 4K is an ideal choice. It offers superior viewing experience with resolutions up to 2160p and Dolby Vision support. However, before opting for a 4K player, you must ensure that your signage display is 4K compatible.

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Price: $55 (however, you can often get it at a discounted price from Amazon)

TCL Class 3 Series Android Smart TV

The home screen of a TCL series 3 Android smart TV shows a list of content like movies, music and live TVs.

The TCL Class 3 Series Android smart display is comparatively less powerful than the Class 4 and Class 6 series. However, if budget is a restraint and you want to play only standard content formats (images, videos, and text-based content), then you can rest assured that you will get value for your money.

Price: $199

Powerful Android Digital Signage Players

Pickcel PX300:

The stylish black Pickcel PX 300 Android box media for powering any digital signage display. The front LCD screen shows a blue power light.

The Pickcel PX300 is one of the most suitable Android players designed specifically for digital signage. It is a box player with custom firmware built on Android 9. It contains a pre-built and pre-configured digital signage player app. The PX300 Android player ensures device longevity through scheduled sleep activation.

Price: $180 (also available for bulk order)

Sony X85K series of Android TV

Sony's X85K Android Smart TV shows bright colors and high-contrast video output.

The X85K Android Smart TV is among Sony’s mid-range displays. It has rich features like a native refresh rate of 120Hz, 4K, and Dolby Vision support. There are also 4 HDMI inputs.

Price: $699

High-end Commercial Android Digital Signage Players

Zidoo Box Players

Black rugged android digital signage player from Zidoo shows a stylish front LCD screen.

When it comes to high-end Android digital signage players, Zidoo is a name you can rely on. The Zidoo Z1000 Pro is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a rugged player. This box media player is also excellent for 24/7 power-ON digital signage displays. This device has an efficient auto-cleansing system that improves the overall performance. You can smoothly download and run large 4K and UHD files without interruption.

Price: $449

BRAVIA 4K and 8K Professional Displays

Sony's commercial digital signage display shows high-quality 4K content on a large sleek screen.

Sony dominates the market of Android commercial displays. The BRAVIA 4K and 8K professional displays include the BZ40H Series, BZ35F Series, and X8H Series. These displays are built for extensive integration. These sleek screens can also effectively relay dynamic 3D visuals.

Price: Varies, approximately $3000

Wrapping it Up

Android digital signage players are incredibly-efficient as they are plug-and-play devices, have a user-friendly interface, and come in a range of prices and models. However, as we have already mentioned, choosing a suitable Android player should be carefully considered after assessing your business goals and budget.

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