Are Your Employees Engaged?

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Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.

- Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace study

In other words, only about one in eight workers are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations. The bulk of employees worldwide – 63% – are “not engaged,” meaning they lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes. And 24% are “actively disengaged,” indicating they are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to coworkers.

With increased focus by organizations to improve their employee engagement index, Communication has gained the top spot, with emails being the standard communication platform. However, its overt use by organizations to communicate all aspects – strategic/ tactical/ personal/ official has diminished its utility as an effective medium. It is not surprising therefore that most communications especially those of strategic importance for the organization often doesn’t catch the attention of the email recipient. Furthermore, it adds to the bandwidth clutter thus making it both ineffective and expensive. It is time therefore to segment the various types of communication relayed to employees and use appropriate mediums to ensure their effectiveness. A recent trend to use broadcast media eg- TV/ LCD screens, video walls or other digital screens to communicate aspects such as policies, announcements, corporate events, etc is gaining high acceptability by organizations across industry verticals.

This non- intrusive yet highly engaging medium seems like an ideal solution when it comes to conveying messages across the organization. If the message is creatively designed, it instantly captures the viewer’s attention and drives action. With solutions such as Pickcel, Broadcast mediums too can be leveraged to communicate focused messages to a target group. Enriched content, couple with social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc on this medium makes it both relevant and exciting for the employee.

With internal polls/ contests/ likes, increasingly becoming the preferred way to engage with employees, digital platforms like Pickcel is ideal to provide the requisite visibility and transparency for these campaigns; thus building credibility for such programs. Credible programs drive voluntary employee participation which is the hallmark of an engaged workplace. With leading ‘Great place to work’ brands such as Intel, Cisco, Unilever embracing digital media to engage with their employees, it is worth exploring the possibility of having your own interactive corporate TV leveraging the digital signage platform to give an impetus to your employee engagement initiatives.

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Namrata Chakraborty

Namrata is the content marketer for Pickcel. She enjoys writing and her area of expertise is where art meets science & technology.

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