Learn about bank digital signage: Best use cases and mistakes to avoid

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As you’ve finally reached us, let’s admit this.

Most banks have no idea how to utilize their digital signage to its full merit. Many banking organizations are still relying on the prehistoric USB-driven static content.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to work anymore. The world has gone digital in every aspect; people are allergic to visiting stores and prefer online shopping; every industry is striving to upgrade to a better online presence. It’s hard to think of anything offline or static working for your brand.

What you need is a sophisticated banking digital signage solution.

Even though bank customers have shifted to online banking, the in-branch experience still matters to them. If anything, the online banking experience has increased the expectations from the offline experience.

Yes, it’s true.

Online banking is convenient. But the fact is, customers, millennials too, still visit banks, and when they do, they expect their field experience to be as smooth and convenient as the virtual experience.

In this blog, we have listed down the best use cases and content ideas for bank digital signage. Once you follow that, there’s no looking back.

But, before that, have a look at these amazing data:

  1. The digital signage market is growing at a CAGR of 7.3% and is expected to reach $29.6 Billion in the next 2 years - Bloomberg

  2. 84% of UK businesses (including banks) trust digital signage as a significant game-changer for brand awareness. - Digital Signage Today

  3. You can reduce the perceived waiting time of your customers by 35% using bank digital signage. - Digital Signage Today

So, if you want your bank to rank among the top blue-chip companies, this blog will be a good start to understand what your bank digital signage can do for you.

12 brilliant ways to use your bank digital signage

Ever had a bad experience with a banking official? Did you feel like voicing your discomfort to a higher authority, probably the management? In such situations, on-premise digital signage can play a crucial role in empowering customers and providing them with a platform to express their concerns directly to the bank’s management. By integrating interactive feedback options into the digital displays, customers can easily voice their experiences, complaints, or suggestions for improvement.

Digital screens can help banks and financial institutions generate more revenue by making their customer’s life easier. It also helps bank employees to improve their productivity.

Let’s see a few interesting ways digital signage solutions can bring down the negative perception of banks that it is another money-making, self-interested business.

1. Promote your brand

Bank digital signage used as a tool to promote insurance policies with catchy headlines and images

Leave behind the traditional way of publishing your service information through posters, handbills, or other print media. Switch to digital signage and promote your services even better.

Capture people’s attention with motion graphics, slide presentations, and more, and tell your brand’s story more effectively. Inform them about your products and services like insurance policies, loans, value-added services, and newly arrived plans in a dynamic way.

2. Display banking formalities

People find it difficult to fill up documents for an S/B account opening or creating an F/D account. Filling up the simple KYC form also seems hard to many. Help them learn the banking formalities better with digital signage.

Upload screen recordings that show how to do what. Install interactive kiosks for ready access to personalized information. Play this on screens near the entrance, queues, and waiting rooms.

3. Real-time financial updates

Bank digital signage used as a market wall showing uninterrupted updates on stocks and shares

Offer your visitors an insight into the financial world with a constantly updating market wall. Share real-time info on currency exchange rates, gold rates, and stock market updates. You can show the market updates as a ticker at the bottom of your screen and run it simultaneously with other content.

Tip: To display live updates on the stock/share market, you can go for the Pickcel Stocks app and make your work less complicated.

4. Underline credibility

Digital signage being used to display achievement milestones to emphasize its authenticity and trustworthiness

You’ve got a trusted client. But, what about his friend who regularly visits your bank with him? He’s not your client yet. He will be when he trusts you with his money.

Bank digital signage, when implemented correctly, helps you underline your credibility. Show your visitors the awards you’ve won and your CSR activities, run your ad campaigns, and highlight your achievements through well-designed content.

5. Social media posts and comments

Your student loan has helped a young soul achieve his goals and build a promising career. The new home loan schemes have made a man’s ‘sweet home’ dream come true. Or, maybe your bank has come up with a unique opportunity to cater to your business client’s aspirations.

Well, share these inspirational stories on social media platforms and run the same on your bank’s digital signage.

Why? To let people know the real powers of your bank. This will help you humanize banking and convey to your customers the excellent benefits your products and services can offer. This digital content strategy is an effective marketing tool, trust us.

Checkout this Tweet from Deutsche Bank to get an idea about social media engagement.

6. Show way-finding maps

Wayfinding is gradually becoming a must-have amenity for any public-facing premise. However, banks need to be extra diligent with easy wayfinding. It helps them to deal with irate customers and senior people for whom navigating through departments in a bank or other financial institutes is a task.

Digital signage can make steering inside the branch easy. Keep interactive way-finding maps or a digital building directory and help your visitors get rid of the tension.

7. On-screen QR codes

Starting from helping people to avail of the important bank documents to help them with easy submission of applications and other papers― all can be done with QR code.

Your customers will simply scan the code on their devices and get to the specific web pages, without having to waste time standing in a long queue at inquiry desks. QR codes can also be used for payments and fund transfers. And having a dynamic QR code will help you understand your customer and use that data to serve them better.

8. Training videos and meeting recordings

everaging manifold uses of bank digital signage by showing meeting recordings, training videos, etc. to improve employee engagement and collaboration

Your digital signage is not only for keeping your customers happy and engaged. Yes, that’s the primary goal, but you also need to take care of employee retention, right? Effective communication and collaboration among employees ensure better productivity.

Leverage your screens to run training videos, new product explanations, and meeting recordings. Save a lot more time by not having to describe the same verbally. You also reach out to more employees at a time with this approach. Run these on screens near common areas, lunchrooms, and inside meeting rooms for visible results.

9. Showcase reviews and testimonials

What’s more important than selling? The answer is ‘to instill trust in my existing customers as well as the prospects.’ And nothing can be more impactful than a happy customer’s satisfactory note.

Showcase the positive reviews and testimonials that you have received from your clients across different platforms (Google, Facebook, and the likes). It helps create a social proof of your goodwill.

Tip: You can go for user-friendly review tools like Qualaroo and InMoment to analyze and manage your customer feedback adeptly.

10. Share employee-generated content

bank digital sign showing slack messages to maintain seamless communication among employees

Fetch employee-generated content from platforms like Workplace or Slack and show the same on your digital screens for better engagement with your digital signage. This, again, caters to better internal communication and enhanced productivity. Display this in worker-specific areas mainly.

Wondering how to show your Slack messages on your digital signage? Here’s a guide for you.

11. Convey new orders and notices

The rules and regulations of a financial institute never remain the same over a certain period. So, when a new order is generated by the central banking authorities, you can update the same on your portal. Show the same on your digital screens and communicate with your visitors quickly and efficiently.

All your customers will be conveyed the notice at once. It improves customer experience five times more than updating them with the same notice via emails and messages.

12. Explanatory videos

Digitization of banking procedures has made things easier for all. But, many elderly people and non-tech-savvy people still don’t get the basics of it, like deposits, payments, checking e-passbook, and fund transfers via bank mobile app.

You can run explanatory videos on your digital screens, helping these people understand the digital processes like ‘how to use your bank mobile app.’ Mobile banking is a hassle-free option for everyone, and let people know that in a creative way. And guess what, this will boost your audience engagement too.

Here’s an example of explanatory videos from HSBC.

6 mistakes to avoid with bank digital signage content

It’s normal to make mistakes with your bank’s digital signage content, especially when you are a beginner. That’s why we have listed down these mistakes that banks commonly do. Get a quick idea about it and avoid making them observe success with digital signage like a pro.

1. Showing irrelevant content

You should be doing a proper study on your customer base, their needs, and social behavior. Otherwise, you’ll end up showing content that’s not at all relevant to them. In that process, you will alienate them and miss opportunities to sell.

2. Zero content refresh

Never should you keep the same content on your screens for weeks just because that worked well a few days back and looks attractive too. Leverage the key benefit of digital signage, that is, hassle-free update of contents at a rapid pace, saving time and cost both from the company’s end.

Create a content schedule with your marketing team and make them understand the specific goals of doing it. Sustain your customers’ interests in your products with new information and stories every now and then.

3. Not communicating the ways to follow up

You are successfully turning many heads to your screens. They are now intrigued. But then what? How to follow up on that interest? Your customers have no clue because you haven’t added any CTA (call to action) on your screens.

And Hubspot tells us, that a personalized call-to-action performs 202% better than basic CTAs. So, do take that advantage.

4. Shouting out ‘we are selling’ all the time

If you have been constantly overcrowding your screens with promotional and sales content, you’ve been using digital signage wrong. DO NOT overwhelm your audience with brand promotions.

Instead, share some useful information on stocks or maybe petrol price. Run live news channel. Update them on the weather conditions. Keep them involved.

5. Keeping content static

Just because it’s easy to generate static content with bright visuals and easy-to-read features, you shouldn’t be generating that all the time. Digital signage supports multimedia content, and you know that.

So, display RSS feeds, and YouTube videos, create motion graphics to tell your brand story and make your marketing campaigns a success.

6. Focusing only on customers

Don’t think that your employees aren’t important enough to be included in your digital signage content strategy. Value your employees’ esteem and make them feel recognized. Your customers will appreciate that too and you will create a great impression about your brand.

Celebrate the work anniversaries, achievement milestones, birthdays, awards, and many more. This way, you will be encouraging professional development in your organization.

To Finish With

Follow these guidelines to end all your worries. Provide your customers with a personalized digital experience. Let the power of bank digital signage impact your overall brand identity for good.

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