How Beacon Signage is Helping Create Custom User-experiences

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Technological advancements have already been shrinking the world and bringing it into our fists, and now, with the advent of beacon technology, it has become downright personal. Digital signage has integrated with beacons to create nothing less than a miracle. Providing customer satisfaction and great experiences has gone beyond imagination with the help of digital signage. Let us get more details about the world of this new technology.

What do we understand by beacon signage?

Beacons are tiny devices that emit signals to nearby smartphones with the help of Bluetooth technology. These are low-energy devices that, when used in signage, can produce location-reliant and context-sensitive content. When contacting nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices, these can prompt specific actions like notifications or location-specific information being displayed.

For example, the signs can be placed in a supermarket at relevant sections. When customers with the supermarket’s mobile app walk past these smart screens, they will receive specific notifications about the products they are passing by, offers related to them, or any other relevant information.

How can beacon technology be integrated with digital signage?

Integrating digital signage with beacon technology can be an intelligent choice as it would help create more customized content. This would, in turn, increase user satisfaction and engagement. Let us look at how this can enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Navigating users:

Digital signage can take the help of beacons to guide users through a place by displaying real-time directions or maps by interacting with the user’s smartphone. These can be strategically placed at the entrance of hospitals, educational institutions, or museums. When a user comes in the range of the signals, it will trigger the digital signage to show directions for different departments, billing counters, cafeteria or other vital sections. GIF showing beacon technology at a hospital

  • Collecting feedback:

Digital signage can persuade users to take up surveys or submit feedback by displaying a QR code or a link to a survey form. Beacon technology can help judge users’ proximity and trigger digital signage to showcase relevant content. For example, outside a movie theater, digital signage can display QR codes and collect feedback about the theater, experience, food, and other details.

on-screen QR codes are an example of beacon signage

  • Queue control:

Signage-integrated beacon technologies can be a great time saver. Beacons help in queue management by reducing wait time. These say placed in a restaurant, can trigger notifications on how many tables are free and help digital signage show real-time updates to the customers. This will greatly benefit customers and save them the hassle of frustrating wait times.

  • Real-time social media views:

The world revolves around social media nowadays. Thus, views and reviews on these platforms matter greatly and can influence people. Social media feeds showing positive reviews about a particular product or place can increase the business. For example, digital kiosks outside restaurants can notify nearby users about the most popular dishes, other food reviews, or ambiance through social media feeds and tempt them to go for it!

  • Notifying membership status:

Beacons can detect valuable customers nearing digital signage and prompt the screen to display membership updates or lucrative offers. This will make a customer feel privileged and engage more. For example, a gym can integrate beacon technology and digital signage to display relevant membership information for its esteemed members, like couple discounts, free trainers for the first month, and so on.

What are the benefits of beacon digital signage?

Digital signage has already revolutionized customer experiences and boosted business for various industries. However, with the integration of beacon technology, the digital beacon signage has further customized the user experience. Let us discuss some of the benefits here:

  • Increased ROI:

Digital signage are a boon to the industries. These help understand customer preferences and make changes in the business accordingly, thus resulting in higher revenues. With beacon digital signage, things have become even more personalized. Therefore, relevant content and advertisements can be displayed for specific users, increasing industries’ and advertisers’ return on investment (ROI).

Know more about digital signage ROIs

  • Cost-effective choice:

Beacons use low-energy signals, therefore saving energy. This is why beacon signage is an energy-saving, cost-effective, and sustainable platform to advertise and display other valuable content. These use minimal power as they are powered by low energy bluetooth technology. Also, conserving energy results in a decreasing environmental footprint.

  • Competitive edge:

Businesses can stay at the top of their game by integrating digital signage with beacon technology. As these help inform their customers minutely, it becomes easier for business owners to customize services, products, and events accordingly. It is no secret that a satisfied customer is the key to a successful business.

  • Augmented customization:

Signage can boost the customized content delivered to the users. It can provide relevant content based on a user’s location and choices, thus making the content more exclusive and tailor-made for the users.

  • Contextualized content:

As mentioned earlier, beacons can help digital signage enhance customer experiences as they can deliver contextualized content based on a user’s location and situation.

For example, digital beacon signages near the entry and exits of a shopping mall can sense visitors entering or leaving the mall and send messages accordingly. On entering, a customer may receive a welcome note and information about ongoing offers. On exiting, they can receive a message expressing gratitude.

Real Life Beacon Digital Signage Usage:

Integrating digital signage with beacon technology has created quite a stir in many industries. Let us look at some actual implementations of this technology:

Huge retail store chain Target has implemented bluetooth-enabled screens to power in-store maps that help users navigate the stores and locate their desired products. It is like a live GPS. The users can open the Target app and select a product; then, it will guide them through the store and bring them to the desired product. Beacon-enabled power maps at Target

Source: Tech Crunch

Hotel groups like The James Hotel and the Hilton Hotels use digital beacon signages to provide their customers with even more luxurious and customized treatment. Check-ins and check-outs have become smoother; keyless entry to the rooms, event notifications, spa offers, and other membership updates are displayed on the customized hotel apps. All these have been possible due to signage technology.


Therefore, this blog gives an insight into the world of beacons and its benefits. We saw how retailers, hoteliers, and many other industries have employed this technology for better customer experience and increased business. Thus, if you have a business going well, then be sure to implement cost-effective technology to take your business to a greater height.

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