8 Benefits of Using Digital Product Catalogs For Your Retail Business

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Are you a retail entrepreneur? Do you have a shop and a website, yet you find it too difficult to draw potential customers to your business? Then you probably haven’t tried implementing a digital catalog. Many retailers have yet to fully understand what benefits online or digital catalogs bring to the table.

Well, this blog will help you decide on it.

What is a digital product catalog and why is it rewarding for your business?

A product catalog shows the list of things a retail business has to offer to its clients. But unlike a mere list, a product catalog contains several details on each item such as price, short description, specification, images, videos, varieties available for the same product, and many more. These details can be customized – added or reduced as per brand priorities.

When this catalog is made available in its digital form (as a soft copy) to reach out to more prospects, it’s called a digital product catalog. It can be in different forms like PDF, Word Document, Excel sheet, Table, Brochure, digital Presentation, Slides, or any other format compatible with the digital platform.

Not always a digital catalog is published on the brand website. Many retail businesses prefer sharing it via multiple marketing channels in downloadable formats. When housed on a retailer’s website, it’s more suitably called an online product catalog.

That there are several benefits of using a digital catalog is known to most retailers, yet, many fail to implement it properly. While some businesses find the idea of ‘digital’ to be expensive, others often do not give it the substance it deserves.

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What to include in a digital product catalog to make it more useful?

It is important to remember that your online catalog is a visual summary of the merchandise you are selling.

Therefore, when you make a digital product catalog for your business, striking a proper balance between information and aesthetics becomes crucial.

There can be a hundred things that you can put in your online catalog. But we suggest you stick to the essential information like:

  • Product price and discounts.

  • High-quality images and videos (or slide presentations) of each product.

  • Product codes or model names.

  • Detailed features or specifications of each product, including product dimensions.

  • Availability of the product, how many pieces are available.

  • Segmented category to classify each product, making it simple and hassle-free for customers to browse.

  • E-Commerce store or website link for better selling opportunities.

  • Highlight your new launches and upcoming products; also point out the bestsellers.

  • Add your social media page links as icons in your digital catalog so that your customers get to know about your retail store’s omnichannel presence.

8 Salient benefits of online catalogs for businesses

Here are some striking advantages of incorporating a digital or online product catalog in your product marketing strategy.

1. Heightened brand image

customer looking at a digital product catalog for shoes on a digital signage with the help of pickcel software

You are at a retail store. You’ve liked a dress, but you’d like to view it in some other color and fabric variations. Will you be satisfied with the sheer assurance from the salesperson that the brand will get you whatever combination you want? Or, would you like to view the customized design in front of your eyes?

Retail stores can use their digital screens to display digital product catalogs. These screens can be placed near the product shelves or at the billing counters to prompt customers to make quick purchase decisions.

This gives your brand a competitive edge in terms of customer experience.

2. Round the clock access to products

That’s something unachievable with paper catalogs or brochures. Your buyers’ time doesn’t always match with your store timings. They can’t come and look at your products and order them anytime they want. But with an online product catalog, you overcome this barrier.

One of the most significant benefits of digital product catalogs is that your business happens 24/7.

3. Innovative & interactive product marketing via digital signage

person scanning a qr code on his mobile from the digital signage screen to get menu information

Retailers can make the most of your digital product catalog with the help of a digital signage content management system. They can show the digital catalog on store digital signage and help customers engage with their brand conveniently.

For instance, while strolling through the Bluetooth speaker alley, your customers may look at the screen and find the smartwatch alley inspiring. They will inquire about it to your salesperson and explore the products immediately.

You can also motivate your customers to find products of their interests using an interactive digital signage kiosk. Displaying your product catalog with a QR code is another option. Adding a QR code to your on-screen digital catalog makes it more accessible. Your store customers can scan it using their mobile devices and browse your online catalog easily on the move.

4. Better reach to the audience

Your digital product catalog isn’t limited to your in-store customers’ access. You can distribute it via several marketing channels. As a result, you reach out to more audiences.

People find new interests when they discover new products online. Imagine a consumer finds out about your products on Facebook when their friend shares it saying ’extraordinary.’ And guess what? That consumer now has time to explore more! So, they will click on the product catalog link shared by the friend and visit your online store directly.

According to customer behavior analysis, quick & easy access to the store will make your prospects happy and inspire them to buy. That’s the magic of digital product catalogs – you’d never get this benefit with your traditional paper catalogs.

5. Cross-platform compatibility

pickcel digital catalog app window with the option to add all brand urls to the e-catalog
Image: Screenshot of the Pickcel digital product catalog app settings showing URL fields that will allow customers to access the online catalog & interact with your brand through multiple platforms like Whatsapp, website and social media.

Consumers engage with brands of their interests in numerous ways across multiple platforms. A study showed 73% of global consumers visit more than one channel to gather accurate information about a product before buying it.

So, to keep your brand ahead of the competition and make it adept at translating interests into sales, you must make a digital product catalog accessible online on all possible devices. Distribute the digital catalog via relevant marketing channels like social media pages, and make it more visible. Let your consumers browse and buy anywhere, anytime.

6. More products to showcase at a glance

When you are at a store, say to buy ice cream, how many varieties and flavors can you check out? Not many. But with a digital product catalog, you can explore all the available options, decide what your taste buds are craving the most now, and then order & be happy!

7. More customized approach to sales

The ultimate goal of your retail business is to make a profit out of it. And to achieve that goal, you must put in more effort to convert leads. How can you do that without knowing your customers and their shopping patterns?

Fortunately, you can infuse buyer intent AI & interactive technologies into your eCommerce flow to offer a more customized sales approach. You can learn more closely about the likes and dislikes of your customers and anticipate their interests. You can learn about their shopping paths, preferences, or how frequently they buy your products.

This way, you can decide on the popularity of your brand and specific products. You will know which areas you need to work on and how to trigger interest in your audience to buy more & buy again. And it is, perhaps, the most compelling reason to use a digital product catalog for retail business.

8. Time, energy, and cost saver

Lastly, online product catalogs save time, energy, and cost for both the business owner and the customers. How? Well…

The business owner can save the cost of printing new catalogs every time a product list or feature changes. The buyer gets to save a lot of money and energy too. They would have to spend a lot traveling to the store to buy or exchange the product.

The online catalogs can also be integrated with billing systems for easy online payment processing.

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