9 Remarkable ways digital signage benefits warehouses

Betterment of supply-chain management & overall logistics using advanced digital signage at warehouses


For workers at warehouses, duties, timelines, and upkeeps can easily get jumbled up. The complexity of labor in a warehouse makes it an exceedingly confusing place to work.

Warehouses were inefficiently administered in the earlier days with no technology to help operational optimization. The supply-chain issues occurred due to a lack of information, communication, and real-time observation.

However, there has been rapid adoption of digital signage systems at warehouses in the recent past. The deployment has seen enhanced workflow visibility, better productivity, and the overall betterment of logistics.

And when we talk about digital signage for warehouses, it’s not the single message monitors or LED screens we mean here. The functionality of the digital signage software plays a vital role in bringing operational efficiency.

Depending on the software, warehouses can enjoy varying degrees of automation in internal communication, inventory & workflow management, and general messaging.

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9 ways digital signage can benefit warehouses

Digital signage can be used in warehouses to show various content, collect information through intelligent sensor-based systems, and actively make work easier. Here are some of the top benefits:

1. Highlighted safety & security

Use of digital signage for safety and security purposes at warehouses

The daily routine of warehouse workers involves dealing with heights, heavy materials, and forklift operations. They often deal with hazardous equipment, and there are risks of slips, trips, and falls. That’s why everyone stepping inside a warehouse needs to be aware of the potential threats and safety measures.

Digital signage screens can show safety reminders, clearance height, hazardous corners, and directional signs to ensure workplace safety. The display software can schedule specific content to play at a particular time of the day.

For example, during forklift operations, the screens can show warning messages, while at other times of the day, they can demonstrate general safety practices or show weather information, local news, outdoor air quality index, and more.

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2. Better training

Warehouse employees have to undergo extensive training in handling equipment and managing paperwork. Whenever there is a new staff member, warehouse control goes upside down with chaotic management of long training schedules and simultaneous workflow.

Using a digital signage system, companies can extend training sessions through slide presentations, explanatory videos, animated clips, and instructional videos.

Scrolling tickers and FAQs can also work great in adding force to training and guidance.

3. Easier performance tracking

Real-time data visualization helps in tracking and improving employee performance at the warehouse.

Digital screens allow warehouse management to display performance data using quick, digestible charts and graphs. With company-wide KPIs on digital screens, every staff member can be aware of their performance, milestones, overtimes, and work progress status.

The biggest advantage of using digital signage in a warehouse is that the display software can be integrated with the company’s dashboards. This allows more automation and eliminates the need for whiteboards and continuous manual data updating. It also lets the employees manage themselves better.

4. Improved wayfinding

When it comes to finding out the so-and-so shelf for so-and-so goods, it’s quite a task, especially for new employees. It seems like a maze amidst those huge racks and boring alleys.

Digital wayfinding signage can be a great way out of this. Technological advancements have gifted the signage software world with 3D wayfinding signage and portable wayfinding solutions.

Anyone, be it an employee or a visitor, can easily steer through the zigzag of a warehouse using these technologies. Companies worldwide are deploying digital wayfinding signage for warehouses to facilitate easy navigation.

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5. Enhanced internal communication

Easy communication with employees by displaying notices & announcements on warehouse digital signage screens

Warehouse employees are always on their heels. It’s not a mere desk job, and hence it is difficult for them to keep track of every communication.

From stocking shelves, forklift operations, and packing goods to dispatching, every employee must stay updated on the paperwork, company rules, shift changes, and emergency notifications.

Digital signage in the warehouse can ease this problem. With small and big screens fixed at different locations, noticing new updates and messages become easy for all employees.

Using a dynamic display software, the management can also alleviate language challenges by showing the content in multiple languages in rotation.

6. Improved inventory management

Effortless inventory management at warehouses using digital signage screens

The biggest challenge for any warehouse is inventory management. According to Peoplevox, 34% of businesses experience delays in shipment as ordered products are often out-of-stock.

Poor inventory management has detrimental effects on company profits. A major reason warehouses are shifting towards digital transformation is process automation and intelligence.

Easy scanning of product barcodes, recording that in the database, and organizing the same using the WMS (warehouse management software) can happen seamlessly using a digital signage system. The data can be pulled from such servers and displayed on portable digital screens like mobile tablets.

Many warehouses are also combining Augmented Reality to bring in maximum operational efficiency.

7. Instant emergency messaging

Target your emergency alerts or messages to specific area in warehouse using smart digital signage

The best way to transmit caution at different points of the warehouse is through digital signage. Imagine a risk of potential damage at the exit gate or a particular shelf of fragile goods that requires immediate attention. Only the concerned staff need to be aware of the hazard— no need to make the whole warehouse freak out.

Advanced digital signage software can allow the managers to play targeted messaging on each screen. At the same time, in case of bigger emergencies like fire or earthquake, the display software can let the admin override regular content on the screen and display premise-wide alert messages & emergency protocols.

8. Healthier work environment

The mental health of your warehouse employees can deteriorate sooner than their physical health.


Well, warehouses are not quite a happening place to be around for maximum hours of the day. The work, too, is mechanical and tiresome. With the help of warehouse digital signage technology, you can promote health and fitness among your employees to keep them safe & happy.

On the digital signage screens of warehouses, you can show useful tips on healthy eating habits, stress-busting home remedies, healthy work culture, exercise routines, and expert advice.

At certain times of the day, the management can also schedule entertaining videos, live TV broadcasts, and live event streams on the warehouse screens to break the monotony.

9. Progressive employee motivation

Keeping the warehouse staff motivated in their job is one of the biggest challenges. As we mentioned earlier, the work in a warehouse can get repetitive and exhaustive. Lack of motivation and attention can lead to accidents and chaos.

Warehouses can use different ways to recognize employees and their hard work. From introducing new recruits to the team to celebrating employee birthdays and milestones, warehouse displays can be used to pump some positive energy into the workplace.

Final words

It is quite clear how digital signage can benefit warehouses in several ways. The software to control your warehouse’s digital signage needs to be user-friendly, scalable, and capable of integration.

Digital signage is a high ROI technology that can save up to 47% of revenue losses incurred due to warehouse operational mismanagement.

Pickcel’s digital signage software is power-packed with advanced features that can make your warehouse function better. The software can also be integrated with any third-party systems and customized to suit your specific needs. Talk to our sales team for a demo, or try out the Pickcel software with our 14-day free trial.

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