7 benefits of using video walls in restaurants

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Video wall at a restaurant showing the food items, descriptions and price


Before starting with the benefits of implementing video walls for restaurants, bars, and similar places, here are two interesting statistics:

  • 59% of shoppers believe that brands must provide cutting-edge digital experiences to keep them engaged.

  • Also, 42% of shoppers have indicated that they would prefer to shop at a place with in-store video displays.

It means that to keep your business up and running, you must focus more on modernizing your bars & restaurants through digitization. Otherwise, most of today’s consumers— especially the millennials & GenZs— will fail to connect with your brand as your aesthetics and outlook towards the digital revolution won’t match theirs.

Read on and learn how video walls benefit your restaurant brand. Decide for yourself whether a video wall is the need of the hour for your restaurant or not!

Two best examples of video walls in restaurants

Before we jump into the benefits of using video walls in restaurants, sports bars and lounges, here are two brands that are already making the most out of the technology. Let’s learn from their creative strategies first.

Epcot Dining, the innovative Space 220 video wall by Walt Disney

Many restaurants have tried implementing video walls to create the impression of being somewhere else than a mere restaurant, like being amidst nature, or underwater, surrounded by aquatic animals.

But Walt Disney guys have taken their creativity level up a notch, offering an immersive experience to the Space 220 diners by putting them into space.

The restaurant’s interior walls are surrounded by giant video walls projecting videos of space, astronauts landing on other planets, and moving around the space to explore. The Space 220 restaurant also has a virtual elevator that gives the diners the vibe of getting into a space-station through visuals.

Watch the video to get a comprehensive idea about what digital signage can do for a restaurant if implemented in brilliant ways.

Edward Smoked Meat restaurant’s video wall

The restaurant has introduced large video wall menu boards where multiple screens are treated as a single canvas. They feature the menu creatively using motion graphics and smart visuals.

The restaurant company has reported growth in sales and profit within months of deploying the video wall. They also mentioned getting positive feedback from diners.

The customers have reported experiencing better service from the restaurant staff’s end due to the seamless ordering process leveraged from the video wall installation.

7 benefits restaurants can draw by using video walls

Now that we have seen some brilliant examples, let’s understand what value video walls can bring to your food service business. Here are the top seven benefits:

1. Vivid display for food & beverage menu

Digital menu with offers like Buy 2 get 1 and 45% discount is shown on a wide and large video wall

Do you have too many delicacies to offer the foodies at your restaurant? Then you should not limit the first look of your F&B items to a laminated menu book. Create tempting digital menu designs and present them on digital signage, and ensure it’s not a normal-size LED screen. Think big, show bigger with a multi-screen video wall.

Showing menus to your customers on a video wall menu board, one by one with bright visuals has far greater impact than ordinary chalkboard menus. It compels them to crave the items even more.

When the chicken salami, sausage chunks, and the ham in that double-decker sandwich fill the screen, when the mayonnaise drips down, any foodie will fall for it and buy the item to satisfy his hungry soul.

2. Extraordinary visual experience

There’s a myriad of content that you can play on your video walls apart from your digital menus. It should not always be about sales and marketing campaigns. It must also keep your customers entertained and engaged, especially if you manage a cafe or sports bar.

Are you planning to introduce an experimental item to the menu? Showcase its first look, unique ingredients, history of the item (if any), origin, and the special touch (the twist in the taste) you are planning to give it.

Run the social wall contents on your video wall and help your new customers connect with your brand through the positive comments and reactions you keep receiving on social channels. Play some viral YouTube videos and movie trailers to offer a package of infotainment. This clip shows the power of a video wall to offer an immersive dining experience:

3. Better communication about offers & discounts

A video wall made of 4 digital screens displays juice-combo offer at a restaurant

When an offer is announced on a regular digital signage screen, busy diners may miss it. But they have to notice it when you play it on the video walls of your restaurant with powerful graphics and entertaining videos in between. This way you can attract more guests. If you have glass walls, people outside the restaurant can also see the video wall and learn about your offers and discounts.

4. Improved aesthetics & better visual merchandising

Aesthetically rich places move diners. Tasty food is not tasty enough if it isn’t garnished well. Similarly, a restaurant won’t strike the right chord in a food-lover unless it is visually appealing and offers an elegant look & feel.

That’s why the visual merchandising of your place of business is essential. Follow your competitors, observe the strategies of the most popular restaurants and get a broad overview of how they are playing the visual merchandising game. You’ll find all of them putting the onus on video walls. Uplifting the décor is easy with video walls for your restaurant.

5. Enhanced interactivity with touchscreen wall

Imagine offering your guests an interactive video wall that they can use to communicate their ideas, opinions, and feedback on your restaurant services, the current menu and on the new items you’ve planned to introduce.

With a touch screen or QR-code-based interactive video wall, your diners can input their views. They can also use the interactive video wall to know more about the food item, ingredients, health benefits and similar things.

If yours is a multi-cuisine restaurant, let your customers learn better about each item of their choice through an interactive wall. Let them interact via your restaurant’s website or design a separate interface for the interactive video wall where they can click on different tabs and navigate themselves to the relevant information.

6. Unique brand presence & visibility

Maintaining brand consistency is necessary for a chain of restaurants or franchisees of your restaurant brands. With video walls for restaurants, you can easily create a unique identity and maintain your brand voice via smart content management software.

Putting up something brilliant and out-of-the-box on the video walls of your restaurant offshoots will invariably cater for unique brand visibility. It will reach people at large at once.

Customers will post about your restaurant’s video wall innovation over social media channels. They will talk about it among their acquaintances and make your restaurant more popular in just a few days.

7. Boosted growth & revenue

Did you know you can also sell the video wall space of your restaurants to other brands for advertisements and promotions?

Suppose your restaurant is almost daily populated with Gen Z diners. In that case, prominent brands will be interested in running ad campaigns on your video walls. They will fulfill their marketing goals, and you will earn some more revenue. It’s a gain for both parties involved.

You will witness a boosted revenue even if you don’t opt for selling ad space. The extraordinary interior and ambiance that your video walls will offer to the diners will ensure you keep having them visit your restaurant.

Additionally, digital menu board technology can be integrated with data analytics tools for better insights into which menu items are more popular, which promotions are more effective and which times of the day are the busiest

Hence, you will have better popularity, overwhelming guest arrival, and more sales. As a result, it will impact your ROI.

Which businesses can leverage the benefits of video walls apart from restaurant?

Though video walls are great digital innovation for any business, a few niches are best suited for this off-beat yet promising digital implementation. The following list will give you a fair idea. If you are into any of these businesses, deploy a video wall soon to boost your brand identity instantly.

  • Retail Stores

  • Showrooms

  • Hotels & resorts

  • Airports

  • Shopping malls

  • Hospitals

  • Theme parks

  • Corporate offices

  • Educational institutions

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