8 Must-have Digital Signage Apps for Corporate Digital Signage

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Digital signage has made the workplace experience smoother for most businesses worldwide.

Want to put out a message to the whole team but want to send out fewer emails? Reach out to more audiences in real time with the flexibility to update content on any screen and at anytime, no matter where you are. Self-service kiosks that cut back on costs? Digital wayfinders that open on your phone with a QR scan?

Name it, and there is no solution electronic signage has yet to get covered (insights and analytics too)!

Read through as we curate a list of digital signage apps from the Pickcel Apps Store that you must have in your corporate workplace.

All the digital signage apps mentioned in this list are free apps, available within all Pickcel subscription packages.

Now, let’s dive in!

1. People Space App

Introducing teammates or event guests, celebrating birthdays, or highlighting employee achievements- Pickcel’s in-house production, the People Space app, is a one-stop shop.

Easy to configure, this digital signage app lets you add profile headshots, names, short bio/description, and a board title.

Your Human Resource team can also save time by editing our People Space app templates: photo-gallery slideshow, a single profile, multi-portraits, and more!

2. Bulletin Board App

Corporates can’t afford missed memos. That’s why every office needs a digital notice board that communicates announcements via a clutter-free display.

Customized. Stylized. Branded.

These are pretty much the three words that sum up the Pickcel digital bulletin board app:

  • Customize your notices according to one tile or group them to form a series of digital flyers - choose colors and layouts (portrait or landscape). Get a preview before publishing.

  • Stylize your notice boards by adding images to each notice.

  • Brand your notices with the company logo for high exclusivity.

Affordable yet powerful digital signage platform? That's Pickcel!

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3. QR Code App

QR codes are a rage these days and for all the right reasons! QR codes can redirect your digital signage viewers to any landing page.

You can use QR codes on your corporate displays to take your audience to your company website, digital product catalogs, case studies, feedback forms, eCommerce sites, payment gateways, and event booking sites.

So, does it take some high-end tech to generate a QR code for your digital signage solution? Nuh-uh!

All you need is to configure the Pickcel QR code app and feed the landing page URL, a brief title & description. That’s all it takes. The app generates a unique QR code for every new configuration.

4. RSS Feeds App

“Information is the most valuable commodity in the world today…” These are the words of wisdom from James Murdoch, the CEO of 21st Century Fox.

Every business, big or small, and its human resources need to have a wealth of industry knowledge to succeed in the cut-throat business ecosystem.

But how many of us do really read the latest industry updates? Many of us are not even aware of the latest developments within the organization!

With the Pickcel RSS Feeds app, it is now easier than ever to keep everyone abreast with the recent trends, opinions, and resources.

Get real time and dynamic content from any desired website (news, blogs, company websites) and show it on your digital signage for maximum range of vision.

5. Countdown App

Is something big coming up? A product launch? A conference? The annual fundraiser? Or simply the exciting end-of-year holidays?

Try our Countdown App!

With easy scheduling for any event or announcement alongside the message you choose should be up during and at the end of the countdown, this app is a must-have in corporate circles!

6. Stocks App

Real-time market data served right onto your TV screen - nope, not via some television channel, but directly from the stock exchange with the Pickcel Stocks App!

The app’s best feature is that you can show only the relevant data by applying custom filters like top gainers, losers, mutual funds, or active stocks.

Sort further if a Stock is at an all-time green (high) or red (low) and compare it with the past-year performance using our ‘52-week high/low’ filter.

7. Stream App

Pickcel’s live streaming app allows you to go live on digital signage screens without breaking your head on complex integration difficulties!

Let me give you a quick use-case example: say you have started a live stream on YouTube and want to get it out to a larger audience.

Head to your Pickcel account → select ‘apps’ and under corporate, hit the Live Streaming App → create a name and plug in your URL. That is all!

From streaming hybrid town halls to quick AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with customers, pull the crowd together through digital signage.

8. Quotes App

Admit it or not, we all need that push at times! Whether the lack of Monday motivation or some mid-week blues hitting hard, the Pickcel Quotes app imparts a healthy dose of inspiration to your teams and is a great-to-have for any modern workplace.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about curating the quotes; our app does everything. It brings some amazing motivational content on screen. All you need to focus is on the visual aesthetics to suit your brand style.

Parting words

Digital signage is an effective and efficient way for corporates to communicate with their employees and customers. The eight best digital signage apps mentioned in this listicle offer a range of features and benefits that cater to the specific needs of different types of businesses.

From real-time updates and customizable templates to integrations with popular platforms, these apps provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for corporates looking to upgrade their communication strategies.

The Pickcel apps store is a powerhouse of 60+ apps relevant to all major industries like corporates, retail, restaurants, healthcare, education & more. Check out the Pickcel app store or create a free account with Pickcel to test-drive these apps on your digital signage.

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