8 Best Coworking Software to Use in 2023

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Coworking spaces are modern alternatives to traditional office spaces. coworking softwares can be used to streamline and automate the various responsibilities associated with a shared workspace . Within a coworking space, employees of different organizations can share a workplace. There is the utilization of shared resources, including equipment, utilities, receptionists, cleaning staff, and, in some situations, snacks and package pickup services.

Operating in the coworking space rental industry has its problems, as anyone who has been doing it for a while will know. Handling a coworking space isn’t a joke; it includes a myriad of responsibilities such as:

  1. Handling payments

  2. Attracting renters

  3. Scheduling and booking of rooms

  4. Branding

Businesses that rent coworking office spaces need a number of arsenals to operate and manage a shared workplace. Most of these tools are often provided as a complete package. But you may not find all the features within the same software.

We’ve whittled down the most critical features and services needed in a coworking space in this blog. Plus, you will find some of our top picks of brands that provide some or all of these tools.

Four types of coworking space software that you may need

1. Coworking Space Booking Software

digital signage screen displaying availability of desks, soft seating, booths and meeting rooms on 2nd second floor of a coworking space

Coworking space booking software allows users to book flex spaces, rooms and desks easily and efficiently. With a desk booking feature, renters can select a specific desk or workspace, allowing them to have a consistent workspace every time they visit. Meeting room booking is also a common feature, allowing users to reserve meeting rooms for a set period. This can help ensure that important meetings are held in a professional and dedicated environment.

Some space booking systems support remote booking options via users’ mobile phones. From the coworking space operator’s perspective, it helps them to efficiently manage bookings and handle transactions.

2. Visitor Management Application

A visitor management tool is a must-have if you wish to keep tabs on who enters your workplace.visitor management tool can also integrate with access control systems to provide a more streamlined and secure user experience. This technology substitutes the traditional visitor log with a much more accessible medium. Various degrees of automation can be done with visitor management software, such as visitor self-check-in and automatic alert notification to the concerned teams.

3. Digital Signage Software

coworking space entrance digital signage screen displaying message - coworking space available

Nowadays, one visiting any corporate office must come across high-definition screens or TV monitors mounted on the wall at the reception or various corners. These screens are managed by digital signage software. Digital signage software enables you to publish whatever content you want on whichever screen.

Let’s say you own a chain of restaurants in the US, Australia, and Japan. You can be sitting at a coffee shop in Belgium, and with just a few hits on your laptop keypad, you can publish three different video ads on the restaurant screens located in the three regions.

Digital signage software allows users to control which content to play on what screen, when and how long the content should be displayed. These are just the basic features. Additionally, digital signage software gives more sophisticated features like content scheduling, screen activity tracking, app stores & more.

The importance of screens becomes paramount in a coworking space. From outdoor advertising of your available space to announcing events, digital signage proves to be an asset. Therefore, it is a must-have software for any coworking space that wants to catch the attention of potential renters.

4. CRM for Coworking Space

meeting room digital signage screen displaying customer data from CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. With the diverse and dynamic clientele that coworking space operators have, managing the customer relationship on a spreadsheet is next to impossible. So, office hoteling will require CRM software to keep track of prospects, closed deals, unique customers, and more.

Additionally, a CRM aid in planning, accuracy, timekeeping, and impressing customers throughout the entire process of sending the first email to your client to handing over the access keys.

Our Top Picks for Coworking Space Software

1) Pickcel - Digital Signage Software

Pickcel is one of the most powerful digital signage software. It has a straightforward user-interface that makes it easier for any layperson to operate. It offers content scheduling so that media can be published automatically on a fixed date and time. The brand also allows users to syndicate real-time content from app store like live news, RSS feeds. Apart from that, Pickcel offers solutions like digital menu board solution. A coworking space cafeteria can be upgraded to a fantastic modern-age office hangout space with digital menu boards.

Additionally, Pickcel also offers visitor management, queue management and kiosk solutions. The best part is that these solutions come with the software package. Pickcel offers a free 14-day trial

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2) Nexudus - Office Hoteling Software

With Nexudus, you can couple your pre-existing payment and billing services that you depend on regularly, your email marketing tool, client monitoring, account management, community building, and so much more.

The platform is free for up to five active users, which is ideal for freshly created workspaces, considering the expense of utilizing the platform grows with the volume of individuals you enlist. Nexudus also helps you with scheduling and booking spaces.

Nexudus’s vanity is its cutting-edge CRM feature (MRM = member relationships management). Nexudus CRM helps users track and keep a count of their active leads, clients, and contacts.

3) Archie - Office Hoteling Software

Archie is a robust coworking space software solution with many useful features. Let’s start with its user-friendly UI, which can be mastered in a matter of minutes and operated with ease. Archie’s extensive feature set has something for everyone. The software comes with seamless billing and payment tools, agreement e-signatures, space booking, scheduling via dynamic floor plan, customer support, lead generation, and more.

4) IOffice - Office Hoteling Software

Many of those who are already familiar with the coworking concept believe that iOffice is hands down one of the best office hoteling software in the market. iOffice helps staff in personalizing a workspace online while they are battling with work-from-home challenges and physical work.

If your thoughts are still in the air, here’s why iOffice is the best alternative:

  1. iOffice lets you pre-book a workspace enabling easy setup so you can continue your work upon arrival.

  2. With iOffice, you have the right tools to organize and utilize your work effectively. Every day, iOffice software aids in the optimal utilization of workspaces and workflow.

The application also couples with MS Exchange, and MS Outlook to store all your reservations secure and maintained in one place.

Further, iOffice is also said to be crucial to promoting Outlook tracking. This major factor makes scheduling smoother and quicker and makes reservations more convenient.

5) Office RnD - Office Hoteling Software

Since the system’s inception in 2015, Office RnD’s primary goals have been to provide better experiences for its customers, encourage coworking and flexible workplaces, and provide healthy development over time through simplifying tasks.

RnD’s most crucial aspect is its robust CRM. In addition, the software is packed with fully automated payments systems supporting all kinds of existing payment services or apps, secure and friendly 24/5 user support, space booking and management, data analytics, and more.

6) Habu - Office Hoteling Software

Habu is a coworking space software used by coworking workplaces, medical centers, colleges, and more. The organization takes great satisfaction in the clarity of its functions and the responsiveness of its staff. A powerful booking feature and a variety of connections for bookkeeping, invoicing, communication, eCommerce, and more make the platform appealing to a wide range of companies.

Habu’s three main areas of primary focus are membership managing, space planning, and billing automation.

7) Satellite Deskworks - Office Hoteling Software

Satellite Deskworks was designed by coworking space operators for coworking spaces as a proprietary, white-labeled coworking management solution. Satellite Deskworks clients have access to an API that may be used to further customize their software demands at no extra development cost.

Deskworks charges coworking spaces on a monthly as well as a per-client basis when a baseline pricing of 15 members has been reached. In the case of the Executive Suite, customers are charged based on the number of offices they actually reserve.

The platform also comes with fully automated invoicing and payments, booking and scheduling, automated tracking, 24/7 customer service, and more.

8) COBOT - Office Hoteling Software

COBOT offers invoices, automated payments, software integrations, scheduling. The app is also cellphone-ready and supports numerous languages.

Not to mention, Cobot also offers free and personalized user assistance with extensive knowledge and expertise in creating happy and productive environments.

In addition to other features, the software provides coworking space booking tools, desk scheduling, plus wifi and network management capabilities, both of which are lacking in many of its competitors in this sector.

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