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With the Christmas bells ringing, it’s time for some leisure and catching up with friends & family. The holiday season is all about joy, peace, and optimism, all of which we could use a little more while stepping into the new year.

But, what is one of the most enjoyable part of the Christmas season?

The Christmas meal, of course!

The holiday season is also a time when many food businesses manage services with a reduced number of staff. Yet, as a restaurant business, your job is to make Christmas dining memorable for your customers. Your restaurant decorations, the customer service and the little eccentricities of your brand contribute to the overall customer experience.

A digital menu board can be a significant plus-point of your restaurant as it enables you to put up any deal or promotion in an instant; you can also allow your customers contactless ordering & check-outs.

Why should restaurants use a Christmas menu template to design their menus?

Christmas is a busy time for any restaurant business. After the culinary portion of the Christmas turkey and the apple pie is over, the organizational part begins. Designing your menu, promoting your festive offers, and decorating your diner in red, white & gold takes a lofty time commitment.

Creating traditional print menus not only takes time but also limits your freedom as a restaurateur to express the grandeur and set the season’s vibes. Reprints are required if you want to add new items to your Christmas buffet menu or remove a dish from the menu. According to a survey, 88% of restaurants explored switching to digital menus after Covid-19, and 61% want to continue providing digital menus to customers.

While you can always spend tons on hiring a graphic designer for your special festive menu, a convenient alternative is using a Christmas menu template for design ideas. Templates are pre-styled, ready-made design frameworks; you can simply edit a template and fit it in any screen layout.

With Christmas food menu templates, you don’t have to bother about size, resolution, or aspect ratios; even a layperson can design their own digital menu. Using templates to create designs reduces a month’s work to a few hours.

Some examples of Christmas menu templates

The Pickcel digital menu board application offers a beautiful collection of free digital menu templates for everyday use and special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other Holidays. It would be a bummer if your digital signage display couldn’t offer your customers that Christmas-y and wholesome atmosphere when they feast on their meal.

So, here are a few Christmas holiday menu templates that will give you design ideas.

Christmas Dinner Menu Template

How’s the weather? It must be snowing outside? So, bring out the warmth with your Christmas dinner menu design. Add a dynamic video of a sizzling hot au gratin or a delightful juicy turkey to make your customers hungry.

christmas themed dinner menu template of Montana fine dining restuarant showing food options like Roast beef, Juciy Turkey, Roast ram, etc. Use This Template

Elegant Christmas Menu Template

Your customers are the ones who want to sit back and eat some exquisite meals like beef burgers and smoked salmon until it gets hard to walk again. If you are a minimalist, you will look for some elegant Christmas menu designs to complement the calm holiday atmosphere of your diner.

christmas themed menu template of Nebula 88 Restaurant showing food options like Beef burger, Fried rice, Green salad, etc.

Christmas Party Menu Template

It wouldn’t be a Christmas celebration without delectable treats. An animated Christmas tree waffle or a strawberry trifle on your digital menu board could be just the solution to tempt your customers to order more appetizing delicacies.

christmas themed party menu template of Cafe snowflakes showing food options like Hot chocolate, candy cane, cupcake, etc. Use This Template

Christmas Buffet Menu Template

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a hearty meal to get your day started. Add a brunch menu with honey dripping over toasted almonds or a Maui Onions animation with festive sprinkles and calm Christmas music in the background, as well as a gorgeous lit-up Christmas tree to enhance your digital menu board.

christmas themed buffet menu template of Nebula 88 Restaurant showing food options like Mesclun Spring Mix, Maui Onions, Red & yellow, etc.

Christmas Drinks Menu Template

Although the ancient phrase does not go “Ho, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum,” alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages should be included in your Christmas menu. A smooth Cranberry Margarita or a dynamic animation of ice cubes falling into some vintage bourbon can give your customers the homely feel they long for during the holidays.

christmas themed drinks menu template showing drinks options like Buck's Fizz, Bellini, Spice 75, etc.

Christmas Lunch Menu Template

Grace your digital menu board with some heart-warming seafood dishes or a beef steak. Add a dynamic animation of Rudolph swaying around with a smile for that sweet spot at lunchtime.

christmas themed Lunch menu template showing food options like Squid Fritti, Shellfish, Beef steak, etc. Use This Template

How to design a Christmas menu using the Pickcel digital menu board app?

Pickcel’s digital menu app is all about relieving you of that unnecessary burden. You can easily attract customers, upsell your services, and create a memorable dining experience with the help of digital signage software for your restaurant. Moreover, you can operate your restaurant’s digital menu board from anywhere around the globe.

Here’s how easy it is to create a digital Christmas menu with Pickcel’s digital menu board app:

  1. Log in to the Pickcel Dashboard and access the menu app from the Pickcel app store.

  2. Upload your food images to the media section.

  3. Pick a Christmas menu template from the template gallery.

  4. By selecting the settings option, you can customize your menu; colors, font, currency, graphics- can all be customized.

  5. Now, start adding your item names and descriptions to bring your digital menu to life. You can add high-quality food images and videos to add visual appeal.

  6. After saving the Christmas menu design, if you want, you can also embed a QR code on your menu so that visitors can scan it and view it on their phones. You can include social media links to make them accessible to a broader audience, or you can leave them out.

  7. Finalize your digital menu design and publish it to your restaurant’s TV screens. That’s all it takes to make your Christmas marketing plan successful.

Wrapping it up

The advantages of digital menu boards considerably surpass the board’s aesthetics. This Christmas, using digital menu boards will improve your visitors’ experience, increase your revenue and improve your staff efficiency.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for digital signage solutions. Pickcel’s digital signage software is designed to be adaptable and quickly modifiable to meet your restaurant menu’s changing needs. Digital menu boards can be shown in any size or shape of a restaurant, bar, or café.

Pickcel customers also get free digital signage guidance, lifetime software updates, and round-the-clock support.

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