Digital Signage for Liquor Stores: Benefits and Strategies

A liquor store aisle sign showing their offerings.


Digital technology is spreading its awe in every nook and cranny. Every business sector is reaping its benefits. Digital signage for displaying high-definition appealing content has revolutionized how audiences are captured. No matter the business, success depends on how well the target customers are engaged.

Before the inception of digital signage, maximum communication was through print media, brochures, and pamphlets. There was no guarantee whether these were reaching the target audience. Moreover, the contents used to be unvarying and less attractive.

Digital signage solves that problem by providing appealing and customized content for online purchases and in-store experiences in a liquor store. According to Digital Signage Today news, digital signage captures 400% more views than static displays.

How to utilize the benefits of digital signage and uplift your liquor store

The immense benefits of digital signage for a business are undeniable. Liquor stores have adapted to the technology as well. Let us discuss the various reasons why digital liquor store signs are beneficial and how these can raise the liquor sales among the target customers.

1. Visually appealing

There is no second opinion that digital content is far more engaging than the older print version of advertisements. High-definition displays, motion graphics, and attractive use of colors are bound to catch customers’ attention.

Imagine passing by a liquor store in a shopping mall, and a giant digital board appears in front of you, displaying different liquor labels. There is a higher chance of you making a purchase even if it wasn’t planned beforehand.

2. Real-time updation

A liquor store aisle sign updates in real-time.

Digital signs can be customized according to customer preferences and trends. A liquor store owner can easily update their content in real time. Unlike static print promotions, digital signage is flexible.

A store owner can quickly change between contents to attract relevant customers. For example, a new product can be highlighted, or during holidays, the signage can be changed to more attractive and festive displays providing offers and discounts. This will enhance sales by bringing in relevant customers.

3. Cost-effective

With traditional print signage, any desired change in content must repeatedly be printed, which leads to added cost, waste, human resources, and time. But digital signage can reduce this cost and minimize wastage, time, and effort, as tailor-made changes in the display are just a matter of a few clicks.

The initial cost for digital signage is higher. Still, the cost is balanced in the long run as there is no need for constant printing in case of newer additions or redesigning to suit customer preferences.

Also, digital signage can simultaneously showcase multiple contents by dividing the screen into parts, which can do away with separate printing costs with each promotion.

4. Customer feedback

Digital signage is a great way to collect customer feedback. Interactive digital signage helps in connecting with the customers better. For example, a digital sign can display an interactive touchscreen interface with an attractive feedback survey which would appeal more to the customers than the traditional pen-and-paper surveys.

Stores can have their online surveys on social media platforms. If the surveys are engaging and to the point, then customers enjoy providing feedback. The feedback enables data collection like product preferences, busiest time slots, popular digital content, favorite liquor brands, etc.

These data can be analyzed further, and improvements can be made in marketing strategies like designing the store layout and placing popular brands and products in such a manner to attract maximum customers.

5. Easy screen management

A liquor store aisle sign updates in real-time in different locations.

Managing different screens at different store branches, even in remote areas, is no big issue with digital signage. Software like Pickcel can make that happen in a few clicks. It saves time and effort, and any content, any time and anyplace, can be updated.

Centralized platforms manage multiple screens by streamlining contents and reducing the manual effort that would have been otherwise needed. It also helps track all the screens to check whether they are all running smoothly by identifying technical issues.

6. A source of revenue

As discussed earlier, liquor store owners can collect data from customers and, based on that, indulge in target marketing, which can help in customer retention and repeated purchase. Displaying products as per customer preference can result in increased revenue.

Also, by renting out advertising space on their digital signage, the liquor stores can earn good income from local suppliers, brands, and other related products. For example, food brands or restaurants can team up for food pairing options that customers can choose through the touchscreen interface provided by digital signage. These strategies will surely increase liquor store sales by attracting the right kind of buyers.

Interesting Ideas for Liquor Store Digital Signage

If creative content is displayed on digital signage that are strategically placed in a liquor store, then it’s evident to grab the attention of target customers. Here are a few exciting liquor sign ideas to elevate your digital content game:

1. Digital menu boards

Liquor store aisle signs can be a game changer. It would be so enticing for customers to enter a liquor store and find a beautiful, colorful, and informative digital menu board showcasing different products and brands available.

It saves time to hunt for your preferred liquor and is a wonderful strategy to increase sales. When you are served with an array of options, you tend to pick up more products than you had planned. Digital menu boards help update the content per store inventory, customer demands, and seasonal offers.

These can also guide customers to choose the perfect wine for themselves. An actual wine tasting may not be cost-effective but digital liquor store signs can be designed with appealing touch points which can enlighten customers about all the types of wines that the store offers. These can provide information regarding the origin, age, ingredients, taste and preferred food pairings with the wine. All of this can enhance the wine purchasing experience of the target customers.

2. Food pairing ideas

With eye-catching animations and graphics, digital signage can show various food pairings with different products that would be informative and engaging for the customers.

For example, different kinds of cheese to go with various wines might interest people. Enticing videography showing cocktail recipes can prompt customers to buy more. These displays can be vibrant, fun, and appealing, tempting customers to try some out immediately.

3. Promote products and events

A liquor store sign showing current running promotions.

Digital signage can be used to highlight new arrivals, premium brands, and even combo offers or limited-time offers. Seasonal themes can be incorporated, and products in sync with the season can be showcased. For example, chilled and refreshing pale ale beer for the summer can be recommended.

Even in-store events can be organized and informed through digital signage. An evening with a mixologist or a brewer can interest customers and encourage impromptu purchases.

4. Fun facts

Liquor store digital signage can have screens displaying ‘do you know?’ kind of content. Fun facts are always engaging. What’s the harm in getting enlightened while waiting at the checkout counter? The contents could include simple and interesting facts about products available in the store. For example, the origin of different types of alcohol, the history of beer, favorite drinks of celebrities, famous quotes related to alcohol, and the list could go on.

Even touchscreen interfaces could be used to engage customers in brief quizzes and weekly winners might get a free beer. These incentives always work and increase sales in return.

5. Social media feeds

A liquor store signage showing social media updates.

Social media is everywhere, and it can be used to connect well with customers. If positive social media feeds and reviews about the store are displayed strategically through social walls, it builds a trusting relationship with the customers. To make things interesting and widespread, stores can generate hashtags and encourage customers to share their opinions which can be displayed digitally in the store. For example, #SpiritOfTheSeason or #HappyHourHotFavorites and customers can participate in the trend.

Concluding thoughts

Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that digital signage can do wonders by increasing revenues, building strong customer relations, cutting costs, and enhancing customers’ overall experience visiting liquor stores. Therefore, raise your spirits and revolutionize your liquor stores with the advantages of digital signage!

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