40 Incredible Digital Signboard Ideas You Need to Know About

lot of digital signage screens on a curve wall displaying diffrent types of contents


The e-world is on a roll. Be it giant screens that dominate public spaces or interactive kiosks that offer one-to-one service, businesses have left no stone unturned to get the best out of technology. One among these, however, has indeed made a name for itself. Say hello to digital signboards - something that we definitely find hard to ignore! Is there anything it cannot do? Mostly, no.

From showcasing adverts in retail stores spanning across storeys to being the perfect wayfinding guide to visitors looking to navigate a clinic, there is barely a place where you would not find a signage screen for use. Want some stellar ideas on what kind of content to showcase? Well then, reader, you have made it to the right place.

What is a digital signboard?

A digital signboard is an electronic display that showcases information, entertainment info and adverts, alongside other messages using technologies like LED, LCD, or projection. These signboards are commonly used in public spaces, retail environments, and corporate settings for effective communication and marketing purposes.

The next few sections give detailed use cases and ideas on how these can be utilized for work and beyond. Read on!

Corporate and Employee Communication Ideas

Digital signage network is an integral part of corporate marketing strategy. But the use cases of screens extend beyond that. Here are some examples.

1. Company Sales and Stats Dashboard

sales head analysing the sales and marketing dashboard displayed on the digital signage tv screen in a meeting room

A survey report by EY shows that data-driven businesses are more likely to succeed in general because they can quickly identify problem areas. However, this business-critical data is often segregated and unavailable to the grassroots level workers who bring about the actual impact.

Displaying statistics on your digital signage screen will align your employees’ and top-management ambitions. Employees are better equipped to comprehend client behavior and discover how close they are to achieving the figures.

2. Branding & Band Storytelling

new product launch of Licesia and Co. showing their presentation in a large digital signage screen at an exhibition hall

People say a picture speaks a thousand words. So why not leverage it to convey your message? Showcase your new and forthcoming innovations, product launches, employee achievements, or event promotions.

Videos are fantastic examples of dynamic content. Your office digital signage screens can play engaging videos like start-up journey, motivational TED talks of company executives, or CEO interviews to establish your brand & organization leaders as industry groundbreakers..

Other interesting corporate media examples include show-reels, demo videos, or videos of customers caught on camera gushing about how great your services are.

3. Employee Recognition & Team Photos

office digital signage screen introducing a new employee with Pickcel's meet the team app

A little pat on the back never hurts. According to a report by Gallup , frequent employee recognition, preferably once per week, results in better work output. And yet, only a meager 11% of corporate management understands the importance of employee recognition. Corporate offices can leverage installed displays to show an employee of the week or star employee of the month.

Further, adding employee images and professional details becomes remarkably easy with our People Space app. Introducing the new joiners becomes fun.

Team profiles also serve to represent the office culture. Displaying behind-the-curtain images or videos of office fun and frolic can be a fantastic first impression to clients and visitors.

4. Your Website and Information About Your Company

By integrating your website URL in the signage layout, you can display a lot of information about your organization on the screen. Your corporate guests waiting in the lobby or conference rooms can learn more about the company mission or recent tech updates while you prepare for a presentation.

The whole point of having a digital signage solution for your workspace is ensuring the content is your biggest brand ambassador.

5. Time, Calendar, Appointments, and Schedules

Employees are engaged in a discussion inside a corporate conference room that shows the weekly schedule on a sleek digital signage screen

In corporate settings, efficiently managing schedules is crucial. A digital clock and calendar in the workplace streamline the coordination of numerous meetings and appointments, reducing miscommunications and potential business losses.

Optimal for displaying timetables and appointments, digital door signs, meeting room signs, and chamber displays offer strategic solutions. Traditional methods of altering schedules are inefficient. In contrast, digital signage software enables quick, organized updates by receptionists, enhancing workplace efficiency and communication.

6. Industry Trends

A thriving organization keeps up with the field’s most recent trends, developments, and alterations. As an efficient corporate strategy, many firms regularly attempt to feed their employees with niche-specific trending news such as competitor collaborations, bankruptcy news, trade events, market shares, white papers, industry analytics, & reports from reliable organizations like McKinsey, World Economic Forum, or PewResearch.

7. Before and after pictures of your projects

Two civil engineers discuss a project inside an office. In the background, a digital display shows the before & after images of a high rise building

This digital signage content is another excellent way to showcase the quality of your work and establish customer trust and loyalty. Whether you work in real estate, interior decoration, cosmetic surgery, hair styling, or personal grooming, you can highlight your projects’ before & after images to demonstrate your success. People want to see progress pictures before collaborating with you or availing of your services.

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8. Holiday Lists

A digital signage screen installed inside a staff room shows a list of upcoming holidays

Everyone, regardless of their line of employment, is entitled to a break. According to research, employees are more productive when anticipating a vacation. So, to make your staff happier, why not display a list of forthcoming holidays on your digital signage screen? Add some thrills with ticking countdowns to the Christmas holiday or make a routine ‘Friday is Here’ announcement to make your workplace a little upbeat.

9. CSR contributions

Large wall-mount display in an office corridor highlights the CSR efforts undertaken by a corporate brand

Corporate digital signage effectively promotes a company’s social responsibility initiatives. Displaying CSR principles through images and text messages in high-traffic areas like lounges and entrances reinforces the company values.

Content can include volunteer opportunities, community involvement, real-time data on sustainability efforts, and donation highlights. This strategy informs and assures employees of their meaningful contribution to the company’s positive impact.

10. Training videos

marketing team inside a meeting room watching a training video playing on digital signage TV screen

Every micro detail in a training session is impossible to grasp or note down. Therefore, showing pre-recorded training videos on your company screens can come in handy for your staff. This practice makes it easy to coordinate and arrange training sessions as team activities rather than individual tasks completed at one’s desk. Corporate digital signage screens can highlight reminders and key takeaways so that the trainees can apply what they’ve learned at work.

11. News & RSS feeds

A corporate office waiting space shows live weather data & daily news updates on a digital signage screen

Everything happening in the world affects business. That is why at least one screen in your corporate office needs to be tuned into the live news feeds all the time. Adding the top global news apps to your digital signage playlists, such as CNN News, BBC is a must-have. News feeds also serve as infotainment for your corporate clients waiting in the reception bay or meeting rooms.

RSS feeds is another fantastic example of digital signage content. RSS feeds are live updates from news channels, blogs and practically any website. Corporates can follow RSS feeds of industry-specific news channels or their competitors to stay updated on the latest trends.

12. Office jokes

An office digital signage screen shows hilarious office jokes with laughing emoticons. The title reads: Joke of the Day

You have a digital signage sitting idle in your office reception or showing a default logo of your brand or some boring screensaver. Why not use it utilize it to tickle some funny bones?

Showing office jokes, entertaining GIFs, office memes on your your lobby signage can help break the monotony of a standard 9-5 workday. Humor can be the most helpful instrument when you’re trying to promote business culture or get a team through a difficult situation. Jokes are also great icebreakers & conversation-starters.

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Digital Signage Content Ideas for Retail Stores

Retail stores can make the best use of electronic signs for both in-store and DOOH displays. Bright screens attract customer attention and content scheduling allows store owners to plan their marketing activities ahead of time.

13. Discount Coupons

A modern retail shop window display highlights a 75% discount deal with a QR code. Below the code, it says 'Scan to avail offer'

Retail stores can gamify deals on products with a discount coupon solution. With such a solution, one can set the discount parameters (like discount percentage, discount duration, scan duration) and enable the QR code feature; a unique code is then auto-generated. Customers can receive their e-coupons by scanning this with their mobile phones.

14. User-Generated Content and Testimonials

A retail outlet selling bags displays customer testimonials from Instagram on their in-store digital signage screen

Food-service and hospitality businesses can use digital signage to boost the brand value with user-generated content such as customer testimonials, reviews, social media posts & tweets about your restaurant or hotel. It’s a subtle way to build trust among the audience, provide social proof, and reinforce your brand’s credibility.

15. Digital product catalogs

Large digital standee shows the HD image of a Chameleon Pro camera model with its price. A sales lady shows this digital product catalog to a customer

Another incredible example of media for in-store digital signs is a digital product catalog. It is a clever way to upsell and cross-sell your merchandise; retailers can add attractive images on life-size screens to create an immersive experience.

Digital catalogues are super easy to make and update. A store can show a collage of the same product in different colors or create a mix-and-match suggestion with complementary products to cross-sell.

16. Contests, upcoming events, and loyalty programs

Contests are a terrific way to attract the attention of your audience. The more you promote your contests, the higher the likelihood of participation. Interactive digital displays that allow the passerby to ‘Spin the Wheel’ and get free gifts is a super cool idea to make your newly launched items sell quickly. Retailers can also use store digital signboards to give spotlight to the contest winners.

Many car dealerships use digital signage to display a myriad of content like loyalty programs, special membership packages, car maintenance schedules, and more.

17. Promotions and campaigns

a digital signage screen placed outside a retail store showing promotional content

No amount of promotion is enough when it comes to retail. Whether it’s showing off the sleekest gizmos or the spring apparel collection, retail brands can make the best use of digital signage.

Use life-size bright screens to show advertisements and convert casual onlookers into store customers. Retailers can also use window displays to play personalized advertisements based on demography, weather, seasons, holidays & celebrations.

Restaurant & Hospitality Digital Signage Content Ideas

Restaurants, QSRs, bars & hotels are constantly looking for innovative ways to upgrade their businesses and add little eccentricities to their brand image. Their digital transformation strategies directly impact their business sales. Here are a few examples how the hospitality sector can use digital display boards.

18. Welcome Signs

Digital welcome board displays are a modern and professional approach to greeting guests or customers as they enter your hotel, resort, restaurant, or banquet hall. No high-end commercial screen is required. You can turn any modern Smart TV into a digital signage screen and repurpose it to show custom welcome messages and preliminary information such as the hotel manager’s name, the company values, hotel amenities, and service extension numbers.

19. Digital menus

A series of digital menu boards inside a quick serve restaurant shows a variety of burgers and deals on selected items

People are crazy about food! And that is one good reason to digitize your menu. A digital menu board that shows your food list with high-resolution images, rich animations, and dynamic videos will naturally attract more eyeballs. Adding nutritional facts, ingredient lists, recipe information, or hygiene certificates are successful ways of making restaurant menus more eye-catching.

20. Amenities

A hotel lobby screen shows off the hotel amenities on a wall-mounted digital signage

Hotels & resorts can showcase amenities such as swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, spa, gym and other facilities that make their services special. Many hotels have unique selling points like zero-plastic tolerance, or theme-based experiences. For such hospitality businesses, promoting their USP with the help of digital signage gives them a unique identity.

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Digital Signage Content Ideas for the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is using digital technology to modernize the way people travel. From GPS-based maps to metaverse tours, travel & tourism landscape is changing rapidly.

21. Maps & virtual tours

bus stop equipped with digital signage screen showing map with bus route information

We always run into difficulties and confusion while navigating a new city or searching for a friend’s home address. And yet, we don’t carry a physical map in our pockets. That makes sense since maps are now digitized and readily available on our phones.

To make things even better, the transportation industry and the city administrations can place roadside kiosks that allow the public to check virtual maps with real-time traffic monitoring. Providing a more participatory experience, these maps can also show an on-demand 360-degree virtual tour of any area.

22. Live vehicle information

An on-board display inside a public bus shows the live vehicle route, upcoming bus station with ETA

When it comes to catching a flight, bus, or train, people are in a rush. The last thing they want is to run from corner to corner to search for the latest updates on flight schedules, gate numbers, lane numbers, and expected arrival time. Customers prefer to get information comprehensively, so displaying such travel information on large commercial monitors using a Passenger Information System makes more sense.

Besides displays installed at terminals, the live vehicle information can also be shown on on-board displays in cabs, buses & metros.

23. General infotainment Airports, bus stops, or railway stations are inarguably the worst places to wait, yet one still has to. That is why it is so vital that any transportation hub shows infotainment content like weather, AQI data, regional news updates, or entertaining YouTube videos on digital screens.

24. Travel guides

A tourist books flight tickets of SWISS Airlines using an interactive airport digital signage kiosk

According to the World Bank, the year 2019 alone saw 2.28 billion international tourist movements globally. Transportation hubs, particularly international airports, can deploy digital tour guides or information kiosks.

Tourists can use these kiosks to browse a plethora of travel-related information such as popular destinations, inter-state travel advisories, local travel agent details, emergency helpline numbers, the best restaurants in town, or the top local food recommendations. These kiosks can also allow booking of flights, hotels & cab services.

Digital Signage Content Ideas for the Education Sector

Kindergarten, high schools, universities & research labs are all quickly upgrading their campuses to join the digital era. And the electronic signage for the education sector is resulting in massive productive outcomes.

25. Student recognition board

A school classroom uses a large digital signage screen as a student recognition board, highlighting student achievement

Integrating student-generated content into the screen, such as paintings, craft work, science models, or best-graded projects, is another excellent use case for school digital signage.

Promoting children’s academic or non-academic achievements with their peers and teachers boosts their confidence and motivates them to keep working hard.

26. Digital Notice Boards

For in-campus communication, digital display technology is rapidly replacing paper notice boards. It is quick and efficient and doesn’t require too much manual management. School and college administrations can update any information instantly with a bulletin board application. One can put up multiple messages on a single screen, such as event calendars, scholarship opportunities, faculty meetings, holiday lists, and class timetables.

27. Visual Learning

An elementary classroom digital signage shows bright & colorful images of fruits. A teacher uses the image content on screen to teach the students

A classroom digital signage can help students learn faster and retain information for a longer duration. Particularly among elementary grade students, bright imageries, when played on high-resolution screens, can contribute significantly to the student’s cognitive development.

Presenting shapes, colors, or playing nursery rhymes on classroom TVs can effectively foster visual learning among school children.

The most significant advantage of integrating digital displays in your teaching process is the perk of audio-visuals. When ears are involved, a child will comprehend lectures far better.

28. Emergency Alerts

Digital signage on campus is the most efficient way to communicate safety messages to students and staff. A safety-first digital signage program should be a priority for all schools and institutions, especially since many screen software can be combined with emergency alerting systems.

The life-saving Quickplay feature of the Pickcel software lets users instantly play emergency messages across any number of screens!

Examples of Healthcare Digital Signage

There is a whole list of benefits that hospitals & clinics can reap with digital signage screens. Here are a few examples. From enhancing patient experience to improving internal communication and branding, the healthcare industry is a playground for innovative use of screens.

29. Doctors list

Healthcare digital signage installed inside a patient waiting room shows the list of available doctors with their names and profiles

A hospital or clinic’s foundation is its doctors and nurses. Complete doctor and surgeon profiles, including headshots, contact numbers, qualifications, specialty, experience, and achievements, are much easier to present on hospital screens. Another technique to build patients’ confidence in healthcare providers is to show their video interviews on a screen.

30. Appointment queue management

Patients sit in a hospital waiting room staring at a digital screen that displays the live queue tickets using a queue management software

Waiting to see a doctor can be stressful, frustrating, and monotonous, especially if you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait. This has ramifications for hospital employees and clinicians, who are likely to bear the brunt of this dissatisfaction.

A digital patient queue management solution can help patients feel less anxious while waiting by keeping them informed and entertained. In addition, the hospital obtains valuable data to use in operational and staff management. Patients can check-in via a digital kiosk and, using a QR code, track their queue ticket status on their smartphones.

Cool Digital Signage Content Ideas for Gyms

When we go to a gym, we look at the amenities and the ambiance. For many, fitness centers are a way to relieve stress. So, for gyms, digital signage showing high quality audio-visual content is a must-have amenity.

31. Health diet charts & suggestions

A gym digital signage screen displays a 5-day power diet chart

Instead of preaching to members on the importance of health, appealing videos on the advantages and transformation outcomes encourage them to keep going. Fitness centers can show their members crucial training suggestions & instructions and educate them by showing healthy food charts and a list of foods to avoid.

32. Success stories

Sharing success stories, members’ transformation journeys, and their testimonials increases credibility and trust among new joiners. Transformation pictures of clients is one cool content idea to display on your gym’s digital signage.

33. Gym equipment basics

People work out at a fitness center. A large screen in the background shows the specifications of a set of red dumbbells

We often use so many various gym equipment, but many of us are not fully aware of the fundamentals of those tools. Fitness centers can use digital signage to share equipment details such as the equipment name & weight, use, and dos & don’ts of handling it.

34. Motivational content

A gym digital signage shows motivational content as a member practices heavy weight lifting

Motivation is an effective instrument for influencing trainees to achieve their goals. There are plenty of motivational quotes that can resonate among fitness enthusiasts.

Examples of Digital Signage Content for Worship Venues

Worship venues like churches are new to embracing technology. Therefore, to such organizations, these content ideas can be of great value.

35. Hymns and prayers

a chruch equipped with digital signage screen displaying prayers

Increase audience engagement in your service by displaying prayers and hymns where people can see them readily. It can also make older church members feel more at ease by providing a bright, easy-to-read display for people who have vision problems. At the same time, digital signage reduces the need for paper fliers and handouts, lowering printing costs and reducing the environmental burden.

36. Fund collection

The age of bitcoins and digital wallets has arrived in our world. People nowadays rarely utilize paper money for even the most basic transactions. Churches, too, can take part in this cashless economy. Churches can allow visitors to make online donations and pay for products with their digital wallets by placing a simple QR code on their digital screens. Churches can also acknowledge generous donors by showing their portraits or thanking them on a digital signage screen.

37. Donor Spotlight

An HD church digital display broadcasts a thank you message to a donor. The message is decorated with the image of a hand folded into prayer

Another interesting digital signage content idea for church is to highlight contributions. Using big screens to thank donors implies that your church truly values their participation and this will encourage others to donate to your cause.

38. Event calendars

There is usually a lot going on in places of worship. You will almost certainly host gatherings, groups, and classes. Similarly, you will very certainly require volunteers for numerous activities. Rather than relying on a plain paper calendar, display a vibrant calendar that informs the entire congregation of what’s going on. You can share the same information on the internet so that everyone has access to a consistent and comprehensive calendar.

DOOH Content Examples

Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) content is one of the most important among all digital signage content as DOOH media has to appeal to a wide range of audience across demographics and culture. Here are the top two ideas for your DOOH screens.

39. Event promotions

A DOOH screen installed inside a shopping mall promotes a concert event with the image of a celebrity and a call to action

Digital out-of-home advertising is the best way to promote events. Whether it is a grand book launch or the inauguration of a brand new showroom in a shopping mall, the event’s promotion on DOOH will indeed have the desired impact. What if the next BTS concert is in your town? Wouldn’t you like to be informed?

40. Macro-scale entertainment

Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a live event you’re organizing. It’s a great way to create excitement. Concerts can use digital signage to improve the overall audience experience by increasing the visibility of the live event around the venue. Sporting events and shows can be broadcast in real-time alongside advertisements for food and beverage specials to increase sales.

Over to You

There is no quantifiable limit to the variety of content that one can show on digital signage. Each organization will have its own unique content catering to its unique objectives. But the bottom line is clear: your digital screens should never crave for content when you have so many ideas & inspirations to look up to. Blank screens and boring screens equal a plateau in your sales & productivity graphs. We leave you at that.

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