Making CSR Efforts Visible: The Role of Digital Signage

A digital signage screen shows images representing food charity program by a corporation


Digital signage is becoming an increasingly popular tool for company corporate communications, whether with customers or employees.

While organizations use large, sleek displays to showcase brand name and show welcome messages in the lobby TVs, many forget to highlight their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

This article discusses how digital signage can maximize CSR efforts while maximizing results and bringing forth meaningful audience engagement.

How top companies use digital signage to promote their CSR initiatives

Here is a list of corporations that took their social responsibility a step ahead with technology!

1. Microsoft, India

digital signage showing office
Image : Microsoft

Microsoft has leveraged digital signage solutions to promote its sustainability initiatives in its offices. The tech juggernaut has implemented digital displays to share information about its energy-saving practices, recycling programs, and other sustainability initiatives.

Microsoft has employed multiple ways to power its Hyderabad offices through sustainable energy conversion. For example, the company installed four air-to-water generators producing 2,000 liters of drinking water daily. The initiative has three clear targets to hit by 2030 - “carbon negativity,” “water-positivity,” and “zero resource wastage.”

At the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), Bengaluru, the adoption of Azure Digital Twins allowed the organization to bring real-time data on the campus’s water, electricity, and fuel consumption. This IoT-derived information was presented on a comprehensive dashboard on life-size digital signage.

2. Adidas, Dubai

Adidas running content on digital signage screen
Image :Arabadonline

Adidas has taken a proactive approach to CSR on signage by launching an initiative called “Run for the Oceans.” The aim is to raise awareness about ocean plastic pollution and encourage action to save water bodies worldwide.

As part of this campaign, the brand introduced immersive digital signage in public places, such as 3D billboards and office TVs, to encourage more people to join the movement. The image below shows a 3D digital billboard in Downtown Dubai displaying key messages in English & Arabic and imagery related to the campaign.

This helped to create a powerful visual impact and attract the attention of passerby, inducing them to learn more and become active participants.

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Benefits of using digital signage for CSR

Any social campaign requires mass participation and therefore necessitates a visual medium for promotion, awareness, and, ultimately, success.

The following are some ways digital screens can support any organization’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Awareness & soft branding

Digital signage is the ideal platform for maximizing CSR impact. With stunning visuals, interactive displays, and 3D videos, the signage solution can capture the attention of customers and employees alike, conveying messages they may have otherwise missed.

For example, a company committed to sustainability might use digital signage to display earth conservation initiatives such as the importance of plastic waste reduction and energy-saving initiatives. The digital screen can showcase:

  • Statistics on how much waste has been reduced

  • Future plans and upcoming events

  • Appreciation & recognition of these initiatives

  • Quantifying data on the impact made

As the world continues to expect more responsible actions from corporations for various causes, there is no doubt that showcasing your CSR achievements will work in your favor as far as brand favoritism goes.

Visual storytelling for emotional connect

Your internal and external stakeholders may not always personally associate themselves with the cause you support.

Digital signage for responsible marketing helps create emotional connections and reinforce the importance of CSR efforts. For example, a company that supports a social cause, such as banning product testing on animals, can use digital signage to tell stories of how their CSR initiatives are making a positive difference in the world. This can include short films or reel-like videos highlighting the impact of their efforts on individuals or communities and how even one small step at a time can make a difference.

The visual storytelling can generate more genuine support from your employees and regular visitors. Powerful storytelling can change people’s mindset and encourage them to take steps in favor of your cause.

Nurturing support

Many CSR initiatives largely rely on the active participation of volunteers.

Digital signage can promote employee engagement in CSR initiatives by showcasing volunteer opportunities that align with the company’s CSR goals. For instance, a company might use digital signage to promote a beach cleanup event or a charity walk for a cause that aligns with its values.

Displaying CSR programs and highlighting the efforts of your donors and volunteers promote a positive culture of appreciation. This, in turn, amplifies the company’s voice and expands the community that supports it.

Organizations can also bring social media chatter around their company’s CSR programs through a digital social wall, attracting millennials and Gen Zs.

Reaching the beneficiaries

Many CSR programs like scholarships and free workshops & trainings involve specific beneficiaries like underprivileged school children, marginalized women, or members of the LGBTQ community. The opportunities that your organization extends should reach these target beneficiaries so they can avail of it.

Traditional methods like door-to-door outreach or television ads might make an impact. With digital signage, especially outdoor signage displays, you can further amplify the messaging.

Digital Social Responsibility

Signage technology sure is the future of all CSR initiatives. With its ability to engage, educate, and inspire, digital signage can facilitate companies to build credibility, boost employee morale, and enhance their reputation as responsible corporate enterprises committed to global social well-being. By leveraging innovative approaches and measuring how practical their tech-infused social ideas are, companies put themselves on the road to becoming a brand rather than remaining a business!

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