Ace the pace: Why digital signage is the next big thing for events

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In the dynamic world of event management, digital signage is indeed a transformative power. With features that allow instant and scheduled content updates, real-time screen monitoring, end-to-end security features, analytics that measure interactivity, and more, the technology is everything events need at the moment!

In this blog, we explore how signage technology can help create innovative strategies, uncover insider tips, and unlock the secrets to events that leave an impact. So, let’s dive in!

Event digital signage: 16 best use cases

Digital signage offers event organizers innovative ways to enhance event branding and communication. It can incorporate interactive contents, like real-time social media feeds or live polling to encourage attendee participation. Furthermore, digital signage can be used to showcase event highlights, testimonials, or user-generated content, amplifying the event’s impact and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The next few sections highlight several ways in which signage technology brings out the best event experience.

9 ways to promote events with digital signage

5 ways to promote events with digital signage
Here are the 9 best ways digital signage solutions for events can engage and captivate attendees!
  1. Event countdown :

Build anticipation and generate excitement for your event by showcasing a dynamic countdown timer on digital signage. Pickcel’s countdown app allows scheduling when the countdown concludes, alongside custom messages to display in a layout of your choice.

What’s more? You can add a background color of your choice and see a preview on your PC before the countdown goes live! Create the buzz by letting attendees witness the remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the event, fueling their excitement!

  1. Event highlights

Utilize digital signage displays at events to unveil the extraordinary highlights, capturing attention and stirring anticipation among attendees.

Create a short teaser of what the attendees can look forward to such as the upcoming sessions, keynote speakers, musical performances, and more! Display this on event digital signage screens to create excitement among your audience

  1. Schedule and agenda

Keep attendees informed and engaged by displaying the day’s schedule and agenda on giant LED digital signage screens at your event. Use colorful images and videos to create an eye-catching template helping attendees plan their day effectively!

Schedules can also be on interactive kiosks near the entrance or lobby area. This will allow your audience to navigate what’s in store and make the most of each session!

  1. Event registrations

Effortlessly streamline event registration using QR codes on multiple digital signage at the location! Attendees can scan the code, enter their email ids, and instantly receive a unique registration number on their mobile devices! No filling out lengthy forms or sharing personal information with anyone!

This also helps streamline the process, maximize participation, and ease on-the-spot registration.

  1. Digital agenda personalization

Personalize attendees’ experience using interactive digital signage kiosks at events. Your audience can use these to craft a tailored agenda by selecting preferred sessions, workshops, and activities and have their schedule emailed to them! This can help them have a customized schedule, ensuring the sessions they attend align with their interests and goals!

  1. Gamification

Elevate the fun factor with gamification through interactive kiosks and 3D displays. Engage attendees with event-themed games or quizzes, offering exciting prices, offers on newly launched products, and more. This will keep them engaged throughout the event and ensure a truly immersive experience!

  1. Social walls

Create dynamic social walls on digital signage displays, aggregating event-related posts, photos, and videos from attendees. With Pickcel’s social media walls, display your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts all at once using multi-zone layouts in portrait or landscape mode depending on whether it is a giant LED display or an interactive tablet!

Encourage event attendees to contribute user-generated content, such as photos, videos, and testimonials through a dedicated hashtag. For example, ask users to upload pictures of a specific session using the hashtag on a screen near them and repost the best clicks! This will help create effective engagement by showcasing real-time user content.

  1. Augmented reality (AR)

Enhance the event experience by integrating augmented reality into your event’s digital signage. Offer immersive encounters, such as AR headsets to experience virtual tours and make interactive elements come to life. This will keep your attendees engaged and explore the event like never before.

  1. Real-time Q&As

Empower attendee voices through real-time surveys and Q&As on digital signage. Engage participants by conducting live surveys and capturing valuable feedback on event topics, sessions, and the overall experience.

To ensure seamless submission of questions via digital signage, place interactive kiosks near each row of audiences so that they can submit questions that can be displayed instantly on the large LED screen on stage during interactions with speakers and panel discussions.

7 ways to enhance the event experience with digital signage

Experience can break or make a show and here is the septet that would help get to the latter!

  1. Interactive maps and wayfinding

The implementation of interactive digital signage maps are an invaluable tool for attendees to ease navigation. These dynamic maps allow individuals to locate exhibitors, find specific areas of interest, and efficiently navigate the event space.

These maps can also be equipped with features like filters, search functionalities, and event schedules, enabling attendees to customize their navigation experience based on their specific interests and needs.
A wayfinding map at an event

  1. Dynamic language translation

By incorporating real-time language translation functionality, organizers provide a powerful tool that enables individuals to select their preferred language and receive one-on-one translations of event information.

A brilliant use case example is that of an international trade fair that attracts participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Event digital signage displays can be equipped with multiple language translation features to cater for every attendee. Attendees can easily access these displays, select their preferred language from the available options, and instantly receive translated versions of event announcements, schedules, and other important information.

  1. Sponsorship promotion:

Event digital signage serves as a powerful medium to showcase sponsor logos, advertisements, and promotional messages, providing sponsors with an opportunity to gain exposure and enhance their visibility among attendees.

A technology conference, for instance, can use digital signage displays in high-traffic areas such as registration desks, hallways, or networking lounges. These can feature rotating sponsor logos, ensuring attendees are consistently exposed to sponsor branding throughout their event experience. The increased exposure helps sponsors establish brand recognition, build credibility, and generate interest among potential customers or clients.

  1. Live streaming and video walls

The utilization of live streaming and video walls revolutionizes content delivery and engages attendees on a larger scale. Video walls or multiple digital signage displays strategically placed throughout the venue can aid organizers in broadcasting live sessions, thus, amplifying the visual impact and creating an engaging atmosphere.

Additionally, video walls can showcase live leaderboards during competitions, challenges, or gamified activities during the event. For instance, in a gaming convention, digital signage screens can display real-time scores, rankings, or achievements of participants engaged in competitive gaming. This generates anticipation and encourages attendees to stay engaged throughout the event.

  1. Interactive networking walls

Interactive networking walls revolutionize how attendees connect and foster relationships. Digital signage screens can be placed in designated areas in a business conference, equipped with intuitive interfaces.

Attendees can interact with these displays by leaving their virtual business cards or personalized messages by creating a page that showcases their professional background and contact information. Leveraging interactive networking walls can aid attendees in effortlessly exchanging information with other participants, even if they have yet to have face-to-face conversations.

  1. Product information and purchasing

Event digital signage becomes a powerful tool for showcasing products or services and facilitating seamless purchasing experiences. Digital product catalogs provide a visually appealing and comprehensive display that engages customers.

For example, in a trade fair, each booth can be equipped with digital signage displays, showcasing varied products or services. Alongside each displayed item, a QR code can be on the screen to scan and engage further. Attendees can use their smartphones to access the codes easily and get instant, comprehensive information about the displayed items.

QR codes on digital signage screens offer attendees a seamless and interactive experience. Rather than relying solely on brochures or verbal explanations, attendees can explore product details at their own pace and convenience. A digital social networking wall at an event

  1. Scavenger hunt

Interactive challenges or scavenger hunts in event transforms attendee engagement into an exciting and immersive experience. Digital signage screens strategically positioned throughout the event venue can serve as the platform to display clues or tasks that attendees need to solve or complete. These can direct participants to visit sponsor booths, interact with specific products, or complete challenges to move forward in the game.

Best practices and tips for implementing event digital signage

Here are the four tips to keep in mind while incorporating digital signage for events:

  • Position event digital signage displays in high-traffic areas such as main hallways, lobby area, near elevators, etc. for maximum visibility and impact.

  • Ensure clear and concise messaging with an ideal font size of at least 36 pts to communicate event information effectively. This makes it legible and easily visible from a distance.

  • Include eye-catching images, videos, GIFs, and interactive elements to capture attendees’ attention. Ensure your signage screens are accessible by incorporating haptic touch displays and placing them at a height that can be reached even while in a wheelchair.

  • Make sure regular content refreshes and updation are carried out to keep attendees informed and interested.

Signage technology is indeed a game-changer for events. With digital screens for events instead of traditional paper and pen or static vinyl sign boards, companies can leave a lasting impression on clients and customers alike! So, what are you waiting for? Come on! Let’s inspire the next!

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