Beyond conventional use of elevator signs: How to use digital elevator displays?

A digital elevator display showing sales offers from a brand



As the elevator door opens for you to step inside, the first thing you notice is a digital signboard (more like an iPad mounted on the wall) inside the cabin stating, “Flat 20% on a range of selected LVMH products only at Modern Society! Come see us!” You quickly head down the floors and get to the store, bang across the street and see it is true after all! Near month-end, and you should spend it on yourself is all it takes you to dig in and end up buying a couple of dresses and shoes

Well, did you notice you just ended up with that tote full of self-love thanks to a digital elevator ad? You did, bestie!😉

What is elevator digital signage, and how does it work?

Much like any other digital signage, elevator digital signage brings media from a computer onto a small TV screen or tablet inside an elevator cabin. These electronic displays show different content to the elevator riders, such as news updates and advertisements.

Using an all-in-one Content Management System (CMS), the admins can design, organize, and publish any media (images, videos, live content) on elevator screens. A digital media player receives the inputs from the software and renders the content playback.

Image showing stages via which digital signage technology is utilized to display content on a screen

Nowadays, many digital signage software platforms like Pickcel offer cloud solutions that provide incredible flexibility through remote display management. These software also come loaded with pre-built templates and app stores to make content creation an easy ride for the users.

5 types of content that can be shown on elevator digital signage

Digital signage can be put to several uses inside an elevator, such as displaying promos and offers from local businesses, showing directories, and building guidelines.

1. Infotainment

An elevator signage screen with a three-zone layout showing the weather, a news ticker, and summer sales offer from a brand

One of the most significant features of digital signage is that it’s equipped with quick updates. For example, Pickcel’s apps source real-time information from news websites, the stock market, and AQI data centers to help you keep track of the momentary updates without looking into your laptop or mobile screens!

2. Office operating hours

Large coworking spaces or business centers may have as many as hundreds of offices and desk workers, each with its own operating hours. For instance, a large multi-specialty hospital will host a triple dozen doctors at any given time. Showing the doctors’ availability list on the elevator digital signage will be helpful for the visitors moving in and out of the premises.

3. Rotational ads to promote local businesses

Digital signage has several perks, one of which is being able to show up more than one graphic or animation simultaneously.

Digital elevator screens can advertise local businesses like eateries and retail stores; new launches, festive offers, and first-visitor benefits are instant attention grabbers. Besides, each of these ads has a broader reach than a static vinyl-poster advertisement and does not require reprinting for each edition, saving printing costs.

4. Digital directories

A digital signage display outside an elevator showing what each floor of the building offers

Digital directories can include store numbers, manager information, department extension numbers, and helpline numbers; they can even have a layout map of the building premise. These directories can be shown alongside other information like the elevator capacity and social distancing guidelines.

5. Emergency displays

Besides advertisements and wayfinding information, a guideline on emergencies like a fire or a blizzard can be mapped out on the elevator signage screen, alongside a clear outline of the emergency exits. It may also include specific instructions on what to do during an emergency and whom to reach out to in case an unforeseen event arises. This helps the audience rest assured of the building’s safety protocols and protection measures.

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Advantages of using elevator digital signage

Elevator advertising is ideally effective, particularly in terms of consumer awareness, because occupants of elevators are a captive audience with minimal distractions. Furthermore, the higher the elevator foot traffic, the easier it will be to secure the advertising spaces.

  • Elevator ads can be highly creative centerpieces stirring up an instant buzz over what is on display.

  • The prime draw here is the cost-effectiveness of digital elevator displays, thanks to the screen-durability.

  • Real-time and remote editing options offered by the digital signage software help update the information on elevator screens.

  • Elevator ads can help micro-target potential audiences and display ads according to a region, neighborhood, or building.

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