Live Holiday Event Streaming: 6 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Streaming Live Holiday Events

Live holiday event streaming with digital signage.


The sight, sound, and smell of the festive season are already barraging the senses of your customers. So much so that they might miss out on your promotional initiatives.

Unless you make your live holiday events stand out.

With so many festive events and programs planned across the big cities, brands are going to compete for customer attention throughout the holiday season.

Want to attract the right crowd to your live events? Double down on digital signage for live event streaming and get your customers obsessed.

6 Ways to use digital signage for live streaming holiday events

There is something for every customer to enjoy this season. Using digital signage for streaming live holiday events can be a great way to engage your audience and spread festive cheer.

Here are a few useful tips to stay ahead of the game.

1. Engaging templates

Christmas holiday templates for live event streaming on digital signage.

Always have thousands of go-to templates for holiday seasons. When running a live stream of your events via digital signage, having a series of engaging designs reduces your effort and delivers a seamless experience. You can tweak and plug in these templates as and when required.

Your visuals should capture the festive feel and complement the holiday theme. Use a lot of festive colors, graphics, and catchy fonts to keep your viewers glued to the screens.

Make sure to incorporate your brand colors and elements to maintain a cohesive look and feel.

2. Event promotion

Digital signage is the best medium to promote your live events. Highlight the date and timings and any relevant detail on your displays.

To get your customers excited and build anticipation, use countdowns across all communication channels.

Encourage audience interaction by integrating social media feeds, chat functionality, and event hashtags into your digital signage. This will create a sense of community and enhance engagement.

3. Event streaming platform

Large-scale holiday events can mean a lot of rushing around to manage on-ground audiences as well as those logging in from remote locations.

Plugging an advanced event streaming platform with your digital signage can take the stress out of things. By streaming key events on live feeds around the venue, your visitors can enjoy the event without running around from one spot to another.

Event streaming using these platforms can help you post real-time updates (e.g., change of schedule) at the push of a button.
Some of the popular cathedrals have integrated event streaming platforms with their digital signage systems and reduced printing costs by 76%, as per research.

4. Interactive features

Digital signage can serve as a great medium for engagement and interaction. Introducing interactive features such as polls, voting systems, and surveys can help you collect feedback from the audience and make data-inspired decisions to improve future events.

Event sponsors and partners can use digital displays for promoting their brands. Using QR codes and interactive ads, your festival sponsors can directly interact with the audience and spread brand awareness.

This helps them:

  • Reach the target audience and generate leads

  • Contribute to the event revenue stream

You can further augment these interactive experiences through gamified content while live streaming your events. This enables your attending and remote audience to engage better and enhance the ROI for your event partners.

5. Social media integration

Going social with your live events not only drives engagement but opens up opportunities for dynamic branding. You can easily stream your events on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.

Live social media holiday event streaming with digital signage

Switching from static to video content using brand identities can keep your audience engaged during waiting periods between live events.

Additionally, you can maximize your advertising space by using multiple social platforms.

6. Post-event content

Companies have found a way to keep the “buzz” alive even after the events are over. And you should jump on the trend too. Display post-event content such as event snapshots, thank you messages, pictures, and videos on your digital screens once the event ends. This helps retain the festive feel in the minds of your audience.

With well-captured analytics, figure out the peak times your consumers are online on social platforms and post the event snippets for promotion.

How brands are re-imagining event streaming with digital signage

A recent study by Arbitron shows that videos and live feeds displayed in public grab the attention of 70% of the viewers. Brands realize the power of digital displays to get their message through the chaos. A lot of brands broadcast their offerings through live feeds and turn holiday buyers into year-round customers.


Brands keen on innovation are tapping into “Metaverse”, a 3D-enabled digital space owned by Meta. It creates an augmented reality world for customers. A great example of a brand switching to Metaverse and becoming a cultural phenomenon overnight is Fortnite. Epic Games, a Fortnite developer, raised a whopping $2 billion to grow their metaverse initiatives. This will allow brands to create an immersive experience for live streamers and online gamers while also advertising their offerings.

QR codes

Companies using QR codes through digital signage is not new. Vodafone took this trend to the next level. In collaboration with WebAR agency Aircards, Vodafone launched a web-based AR direct mail campaign.

On scanning a simple QR code using a mobile device, users were able to unlock special holiday offers by Vodafone that presented a unique image-tracked augmented reality experience. The AR feature made the postcard appear like a gift wrap that the users could tear open to unveil a fun experience.

Vodafone further enhanced this experience with:

  • Limited-time deals accessed through apps

  • Call-to-action buttons for both Android and iOS users to download the app

  • They used the WebAR analytics dashboard to monitor the campaign performance, yet again highlighting the importance of capturing analytics to cater to online or live streaming consumers.

Augmented reality for a unique Christmas experience

Verizon Media’s Santa’s Grotto took the world by storm. The company launched this unique virtual experience for users, especially kids, to transport them to the North Pole and land them right in the middle of Santa’s workshop.

Users could also take a virtual selfie with Santa and post on their social handles. What better way to elevate a simple live streaming experience by plugging in a fun festive activity?

Tap into the holiday bubble with Pickcel’s streaming app

The global live streaming market is projected to attain a value of USD 1219.19 million by 2030. It’s no secret that the leading global players are tuning into event streaming opportunities to convert holiday shoppers into year-around loyal consumers.

Right now is your opportunity to leverage streaming apps for digital signage and let your buyers know about lightning deals and promote rewards programs.

Pickcel’s streaming apps help you reach out to a wider audience base by streaming your events on live feeds through digital signage. Take your pick from thousands of event design templates and make your holiday offers stand out.

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