Everything You Need to Know About Car Dealership Digital Signage & Kiosks in 2022

digital signage screen at a car dealership displaying car's features and pricing information


Digital signage is visually appealing, and when deployed in showrooms and shopping outlets, retail screens can strengthen the profit margins by 30%. By joining forces with digital signage, car dealerships can accentuate their business, increase service packages, and highlight the existing deals at their showrooms.

With a screen software, you have the potential to use motion, which is a substantial advantage over other types of static displays. It’s one of the prime reasons digital signs get more views than static ones.

In this blog, we will give you a thorough foundation of automobile dealership digital signage, covering the following:

11 Ways Automobile Dealers Can Use Digital Signage

Here are some interesting ways to leverage a screen network in car dealerships to boost sales and customer engagement.

1. Car dealership outdoor signs

Car dealership Liceria & Co displays the announcement of the arrival of a brand new automobile on a giant outdoor digital signage

Your car dealership marketing begins outside your showroom. Outdoor digital signs, when done right, can make your business stand out from the crowd.

Anyone would agree that some of the finest advertisement videos that we watch in our everyday life are car advertisement videos. Sleek, smooth, and shiny―those rolling wheels on a dusty road and a celebrity sporting leather-jacket behind the wheels can make anyone greedy. But these amazing videos do not fully serve their purpose until car dealerships play the advertisements on their window digital signage displays.

Public skepticism is another reason every auto dealer must leverage digital signage to their advantage. Here is an example: many women think they’re often charged more for vehicle maintenance or repairs than men. So, if you can promote yourself as a brand that doesn’t tolerate discrimination, you are likely to receive a great deal of appreciation…and customer loyalty.

2. Give them a warm welcome

A wall-mounted digital display behind a car dealership reception welcomes its clients and introduces their sales team

If you’re looking to provide potential buyers with a warm and inviting welcome, a digital welcome board is an excellent pick. To greet visitors, you can use a flat-screen TV to broadcast a lot of content, including custom welcome messages along with generic showroom information like contact numbers, formalities, or the latest automobile news and trends. Welcome screens aren’t merely a fascinating gadget; they’re modern communication tools that can be leveraged for different purposes!

3. Display your inventory

car dealership digital signage displaying the specifications of a violet BMW 230i: design, driving dynamics, interior and price

Buyers who walk into your showroom aren’t always sure which car to buy, so having a digital catalogue that displays every tit and tat can turn a potential buyer into a confirmed one. With a screen, you may utilize photos, movies, and scrolling tickers to showcase all available models of automobiles with detailed features.

Pickcel’s digital product catalogue solution is one of those extra perks that Pickcel software subscribers can enjoy. Auto dealers can use this app to flaunt their awesome car collection on large digital signage screens to upsell goods.

4. Deploy a car dealership kiosk

Car dealerships of all sizes can make intelligent use of touch-screen and touchless kiosks to create their own unique and tailored content. For many clients, self-service digital kiosks are preferable to inquiring around for assistance while exploring new goods and services. As well as providing your clients with an experience that is both futuristic and opulent, it also saves them time.

Such car dealership kiosks can—

  • Allow clients to put their names and contact information for notifications on deals.

  • Help car dealerships to collect service-related feedback.

  • Enable consumers to browse a variety of automotive parts and accessory options.

5. Display car maintenance schedule

An automobile dealership showroom displays a car maintenance schedule on a large digital signage screen

Technicians in car showrooms and car repair shops can alleviate client concerns by sharing information and suggestions. In addition, oil changes and tire rotations, your clients may not be aware that they also require air filter replacements, airflow sensor repairs, or spark plug replacements.

Buyers can learn about their car’s necessary repair and restoration schedules via the computerized service menus. For instance, an automobile dealership might display a car maintenance schedule for how frequently maintenance is needed for any vehicle model.

6. Client testimonials and reviews

A car dealership signage placed right next to a green BMW shows customer testimonial endorsing the showroom's service.

Apart from Google, review platforms like Edmunds, Yelp, and DealerRater enable potential customers to see what others say about your business. The success or failure of an automobile dealership is typically based on these assessments. Customers who leave reviews, whether positive or negative, can be rewarded with a complimentary car wash. Calling attention to such positive testimonials with your car dealership displays can be the best trust-building strategy.

7. Special deals and loyalty programs

Another interesting car dealership signage idea is creating “Why This?” videos that endorse any of your unique services and deals. For example, you can craft a minute-long clip to highlight the benefits of your dealership’s extended warranty program or highlight your ‘Zero Down Payment Purchase’ plans.

Auto dealer showrooms often extend loyalty programs and reward points to repeat customers to create a community of loyal customers. Highlighting these incentives on large screens can help secure a long-term relationship with customers who visit your store every six months for regular maintenance or refer your showroom to a friend.

8. Car dealership sales board

An automobile dealership digital signage displays real-time sales data & sales elevation graph inside their showroom

Sales statistics are essential to making more successful sales. For an auto dealer, digital signage serves as an excellent medium for apprising the company workforce of business trading figures to plan a strategy ahead of time. Showing a sales dashboard can help boost internal productivity. On the other hand, car dealerships can also proudly exhibit their sales data to the customers, implying solid brand popularity.

9. Video walls

A video wall inside an automobile dealership shows specifications of an SUV model as a red Honda Clarity remains on display

Car lovers begin their car-buying experience in the dealership reception area. Automobile dealers can utilize video walls to create an immersive experience and show infotainment like films on car brand histories or attractive photographs of car models.

10. Go social

An automobile dealer digital signage displays the Twitter post of BMW. The tweet shows a photo of a customer winning a black BMW

Brand recognition, recurring clients, new buyers, and client satisfaction— all can be achieved by leveraging the power of social media. There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t flaunt their shiny new sedan on social media. Auto dealers can incentivize tagging and mentioning of their brand name on platforms like Twitter & Instagram. You will encounter phenomenal results when you repurpose user-generated content for in-store marketing.

11. Celebrate your brand

Customers are more inclined to interact with businesses that they feel at ease and comfortable with. So, it’s no surprise that a large number of auto dealers turn to digital signage as a means of conveying the history of their dealership. This not only builds a brand image but also keeps waiting customers engaged.

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Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Car Dealerships

Some of the biggest retail brands are investing millions of dollars in the digital transformation of their stores and showrooms, of which a big component is the screen advertising network. There has to be some promising reward that makes digital signage such a lucrative choice for the modern brick-and-mortar B2C businesses including automobile dealership businesses.

Cost-effective & convenient Ditch the obsolete paper-based marketing strategies like pamphlets and pricey comment boards. With digital solutions, you actually end up saving money, all while expanding your advertising arsenal. With the help of cloud-based digital signage software, there is no need to set up an IT infrastructure. You can be anywhere in the world and control all your car dealership displays remotely from a single laptop.

Dynamic and appealing
The elements in a conventional poster will not move, which is a massive drawback if you are a retail business owner. Digital screens can make anything jump out and appeal to the masses. And that helps to tune the consumer psychology in favor of the businesses.

System integrations possible
Digital signage is a playground for developers to design custom integrations. When software is involved, many opportunities open up that enable you to connect various internal systems to produce a chain of information flow. Digital signage software can be integrated with internal apps to allow better communications and improve operational efficiency that can never be possible with a static signboard.

How Automobile Dealers Can Set Up Digital Signage

Now that we’ve established how such dynamic digital screens can elevate your sales and your workforce engagement, it’s time to take notice of how you can set up digital signage at your car dealership showrooms.

Choosing the right technology
When it comes to deploying digital signs, you’ll need displays that can survive a lot more airtime than your typical TV set. The most recognized and widely preferred is the LCD commercial-grade screen. The panel is built out of heat-dissipating plates and cooling mechanisms in the heart to eliminate the possibility of overheating. Commercial LCDs, it turns out, are famed for extremely low energy usage, making them ideal for prolonged use. Picking the proper digital signage hardware is therefore essential.

Software makes all the difference
Software is a critical component of every digital signage system. Earlier, installing such applications needed the expertise of a trained technician and IT infrastructure. Modern digital signage software are remarkably flexible owing to the cloud servers. Before finalizing the purchase, you need to pay heed to factors like software security, scalability, and the functional features of the content management system for your digital signage. Ask your software providers if data transfer is done via secure SSL or HTTPS.

Investigate whether your software can manage large networks of a hundred screens or more (you may not require this if you have a single or a few outlets, but in the future, it can ensure a smooth scale-up should your business plans venture out of the local confines.) Also, note whether your display software is compatible with a variety of hardware operating systems for greater flexibility.

Creating meaningful content
Businesses can get bogged down in the deployment process and overlook carefully curating the material they wish to display. In the end, your ability to create engaging content for your screen will be your greatest asset. Whether with image slideshows or with interesting live content, car dealers have to utilize the screen space well.

In A Nutshell

By anticipating your clients’ interests and responding to their inquiries in advance, you can drastically improve the purchasing experience for your customers. Thanks to its flexibility, digital signage is a vital tool since it encourages customers to devote more time to your business. With zero effort, it also allows you to modify the information on a single screen or all screens at once. Like any other retail business, car dealerships get a high ROI from digital signage technology.

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