8 Ways to Unlock the Potential of Digital Signage for Funeral Homes and Memorial Services

Funeral home using digital signage for memorial services.


Funeral industry professionals understand the importance of creating a heartfelt experience for grieving families. Through aesthetics, meaningful tributes, and personalized messages, they try to make a human connection.

Digital signage with advanced technology simplifies funeral formalities and lifts the burden off families mourning their loved ones. This blog post will cover how digital signage is helpful for memorial services.

What is digital signage for funeral homes?

Digital signage facilitates communications in funeral homes via multiple media and devices. It helps you display multimedia content (e.g., tributes) on video walls, static displays, monitors, tablets, and interactive kiosks.

These displays help improve the experience of the hosts and visitors. You can schedule automated content that runs on a loop without repeated human intervention.

Funeral home digital signage is the most accessible medium to highlight the best memories of the departed, along with tributes and messages contributed by their friends and family members.

What are the benefits of digital signage for funeral homes?

Listed below are a few benefits of digital signage in funeral homes.

Crafting memories

Funeral homes are all about reliving memories of the deceased. Your focus should always be on delivering a personalized experience that resonates with your loved ones.

When guests enter a funeral home, digital signage displaying carousels of their memories with the departed leaves a lasting impression. Face-detection technology connected to your digital systems helps identify individuals, and your screens start rolling out images and videos.

 Digital signage in a funeral home displaying carousels of memories of the departed.

A personalized touch goes a long way. Digital signage helps combine empathy with innovation and improve the environment of funeral homes.

Digital displays for tributes

The crowds in funeral homes are diverse. Most of them are tech-timid, too. An easy-to-use digital display comes in handy when these people try to organize personalized tributes and memories of the departed.

Opt for a digital signage service that provides ready-to-use templates and a variety of themes for funeral services. You can even allow your clients to create customized themes of their own.

Tribute videos and digital portrait displays are a brilliant way to celebrate the stories of the deceased and create a warm ambiance for the invitees.

New-age digital displays add a sophisticated and modernized touch to funeral homes. They let you personalize without limits and win your audience over.

Live streaming

Guests often cannot make it to the funerals but want to participate in the event. Modern funeral home digital signage makes it possible through live streaming capabilities.

Your guests can now view all the updates of the ceremony from remote locations. Enhance the experience with dedicated obituary pages where people can leave loving notes and express condolence.

Introduce simple and flexible options for your audience to view these events with high-quality live-streaming services. Check out Pickcel’s live-streaming app for real-time events.

Room signs & wayfinders

 Digital signage in funeral homes used for environmental benefits and cost savings.

Funeral homes have visitors from different age groups. It is, therefore, imperative to install maps, navigation tools, and wayfinding solutions for them to navigate through the facilities without seeking help at every point.

Every funeral home needs outside digital signage with clear directions, room numbers, and service descriptions. Portable digital displays are preferable as they can be shifted to any location within the premises and serve as a modern, versatile addition to funeral services.

Custom room signs and wayfinders foster effective communication with the guests without human intervention.

Plug-and-play options

The need for unprecedented personalization may arise any minute, be it funerals or associated services. Incorporating plug-and-play features helps your clients make easy adjustments according to changing conditions.

Pre-designed templates with ample scope for changes in content let your clients manage digital signage operations with ease, even from remote locations.

Real-time updates

Indoor and outdoor digital signage can be connected to announcement systems at memorial services to direct guests to specific locations.

Let’s say your coffee and lunch services are about to begin in the lounge area. You can announce these updates via digital screens and attached audio units.

Other real-time updates, such as service delays or announcements, can be communicated promptly via digital signage systems. This reduces the stress and effort and makes the experience hassle-free for the guests and hosts.

Visitor management

Funeral homes with many invitees often get busy, and managing the guests becomes stressful. Digital signage with automated visitor management systems helps you centrally manage the following:

  • Event registrations

  • Personalized greetings and invites

  • Automatic admission control

Cost reduction

Digital signage eliminates the need for printed materials and saves time and money. Without compromising on a personalized experience, digital signage elevates the look and feel of memorial services

Not only is this a sustainable choice, but it also minimizes the cost of print, design, delivery, and disposal.

What are the different types of funeral home digital signage?

The digital signage used for funeral homes directly impacts the atmosphere. It should neither be too ordinary nor too flashy. Your signage should blend with the general decor of the place and have an element of compassion.

Select wisely from a wide variety of digital signage available on the market. Here are a couple:

Freestanding digital displays

Freestanding displays with customized frames help create a unique experience for grieving families. Alongside the name and picture of the deceased, you can display a lot of dynamic content, such as:

 Freestanding funeral home display used for dynamic content.

You can also incorporate background music and overlay with videos and slides that tell a story about the person’s life.

Combined with a user-friendly sign management system, you can control the display with ease and communicate effectively.

Wall-mount displays

These are usually placed in the lobbies or other common areas. Designed right, these can cover up the signage wiring, power cords, and mounting and improve the aesthetics of the display.

You can let your client customize the displays and make them suitable for directories and guides to chapels.

Over-the-door displays

These are used when there is limited or no space for wall mountings at an eye level. These can also be customized for wide-angle viewing so your content is visible from all directions.

Digital signage for futuristic funerals & cemeteries in Japan

The death care industry in Japan has undergone rapid changes in the last half-century. With rising death tolls in 2022, companies are looking to innovate and cater to the changing needs of the industry.

Alpha Club Musashino, an event services company, has been building a digital graveyard. This can be accessed by the families of the departed at any point. This helps people staying far away from the deceased pay their tributes anytime.

A unique feature of these cemeteries is the use of QR codes. The names of individuals, along with QR codes, are engraved on plaques. When you scan an ID card, an automated system produces the deceased’s ashes. The ashes are stored for three decades and eventually transferred to collective memorials.

Imagine the power of digital signage in these new-age burial systems. Families can access videos playing the precious moments of their loved ones anytime and from any location.

Create a heartfelt & unique experience with Pickcel Digital Signage

The sole aim of funeral industry professionals is to nurture human connections. Funeral homes are the only places where your technology should not stand out but blend in.

Digital signage lets you create this “connection” and fill the grim environment of funeral homes with warmth and compassion.

At Pickcel, we always put the “human” experience first. Our digital signage software resonate with the audience’s pulse, be it in any industry we serve.

Ready to create an authentic digital experience for your clients? Schedule a demo with our experts today.

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