Best Ways to Use Gas Station Digital Signage for Advertising & Public Information

gas pump-top digital signage showing discounts on fuel prices


Gas station signage has an intriguing story to tell. According to legends, the first one appeared in Toronto in 1980, predating many of us. E-billboards emerged earlier than we might think! Nowadays, with digital displays present at over 30,000 pumps across the USA, the realm of digital signage ads is experiencing a significant boom!

In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the fascinating evolution of gas station digital advertising and explore how it has revolutionized how brands engage with consumers on the go.

What is digital gas station signage?

Digital gas pump sign uses electronic displays to deliver a message to its audience. The message can be anything― an awareness camp about “Save the trees. Save the planet” or an energy drink that promises to be 100% natural and vegan.

Over the years, numerous gas stations have embraced digital signs, all thanks to the ease of drawing attention to any product or service. The primary benefit for gas stations?

  • Additional revenue through screen space renting

  • Efficient distribution of information to the public at large

7 uses of digital signage at gas stations

1. Highlighting discounts and ongoing offers

Increase sales by highlighting discounts and ongoing gas price offers, combined with effective calls-to-action to attract viewers to their stores and websites. For instance, use high-definition images and videos showcasing discounts on fuel and convenience store items. This can captivate passing motorists and compel them to stop and make a purchase.

2. Utilizing digital menu boards

Gas stations with in-house dining options can double their digital advertising displays as digital menu boards.For instance, AI-driven content that adapts to environmental conditions, such as promoting cold beverages on hot days, significantly enhances the overall experience.

3. Programmatic digital signage

If you want to take fuel station advertising a notch above, a programmatic digital signage can show highly targeted content based on environmental sensors, cameras & AI. For example, sensing an outdoor temperature of 98.6°F and identifying a traveler with sunglasses, the screen can start promoting the Slurpee from the nearest 7-eleven store.

4. Real-time updates and information

Gas station signage can be used to display real-time traffic updates or a locality map with crucial landmarks. Additionally, these signs can provide information about weather forecasts and local news, keeping customers informed while they refuel.

      A digital signage at a gas station shows the live traffic map of New York city

5. Safety and emergency advisories

Digital price signs can show advisories and rules such as No Smoking or to be handled by authorized personnel only. During emergencies like fire mishaps, the screens can display alert messages that can prevent more vehicles from coming near the site. Automated scheduling of content ensures that important advisories, safety messages, and compliance information are displayed at appropriate times without manual intervention.

6.Promoting events and local attractions

The gas pump advertising displays are great tools for promoting events, concerts, and local art exhibitions by displaying. Travelers and wayfarers can get all the details, such as show timings and ticketing information. Nowadays, digital signage-to-phone transfer is extra convenient as a simple QR code scan can help viewers access any information.

7. Competitive advantage with advanced technologies

Gain a competitive edge by adopting advanced digital signage technologies. For instance, deploying augmented reality (AR) displays can create interactive and immersive advertisements. Additionally, incorporating loyalty programs and gamified elements into the signage can incentivize repeat visits and foster customer loyalty. Offering interactive features such as touchscreens allows customers to browse store promotions, find local attractions, or even participate in surveys, creating a more personalized experience.

How do gas pump advertising displays benefit your business?

The most significant advantage of gas station advertising screens is the broad and diverse outreach, which an active social media channel might lag in! According to a study by Nielsen , the brand recall rate from gas station advertising averaged over 40%, meaning that 40% of visitors could recall at least one advert they came across while filling up their vehicles.

But wait, there’s more!

Gas station signage proves to be remarkably cost-effective compared to other digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising mediums. This unexpected advantage stems from the fact that most visitors notice the ads while patiently waiting in queues to fill up their tanks. Unintentionally effective, these ads capture attention and deliver maximum impact without breaking the bank.

Why is gas station digital advertising DOOH’s favorite child

Gas station signage advertising screens allows businesses to reach a captive audience at a time they can engage with a message the most. This makes it one of the most sought-after methods of DOOH advertising, especially in the United States.

Advertising at a local, privately-run gas station involves a marketing brief describing your product or service, including how many and what types of ads you want on the electronic boards. A digital advertising software can make content publishing ten times easier. Platforms like Pickcel bring a host of free content apps to drive news headlines, live weather feeds, Twitter feeds, stock market trends, and more that can be shown in tandem with advertisements.

Gas station signage is an innovation that puts the art in the smart billboard advertising market!

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