How Can Legal Cannabis Dispensaries Use Digital Signage?

legal weed store equipped with digital signage showing message we sell legal weed only


The licensed cannabis industry in the United States has exploded. It shows no signs of slowing down, with 18 states fully legalizing it for recreational and medical use and another 37 states legalizing it solely for medical purposes.

The cannabis industry is flourishing due to these changes in the state laws. Now that dispensaries are allowed to operate legally, they see a significant spike in demand, with much of it coming from new cannabis consumers.

But with the long-standing stigmas linked to it, it’s essential to discover strategies to gradually increase acceptance beyond what it already has. This is where digital signage comes into play. While the customers wait in line, legal marijuana dispensary displays can keep them updated on the latest strains, details, pills, edibles, oils, recipes, and other aspects of each product while also providing in-store entertainment material.

By the end of 2021, retail sales of medical and recreational marijuana will have surpassed $20 billion. According to Marijuana Business Daily, some analysts believe the industry will reach $30 billion by 2023.

Due to the sheer number of benefits that a digital solution provides, cannabis stores are shifting towards electronic signboards. Like any other retail store, legally-operating marijuana dispensaries need to advertise their products & deals. On top of that, there remains the challenge of public awareness. In this regard, digital screens are known to bring more fruitful outcomes than static signboards or printed flyers.

Here are a few use cases of legal weed dispensary displays:

Digital Cannabis menu boards

A cannabis menu board created with Pickcel's digital menu board solution showing list of different cannabis strains

Serving as a digital menu board is a prominent application for digital signage. Since the store owners can quickly modify the cannabis collection and pricing with just a few clicks, digital signage is generally preferred over print menu boards. You can also add eye-catching motion visuals and video material to digital cannabis menus to capture the customers’ attention.

Create the needed awareness

Legal or illegal, one has to agree that marijuana, weeds, or any medicament is not the regular grocery store product that anyone can pick on their way back home and try for dinner. There is a significant element of educative choice on the part of the buyer that is required for legal weed purchase. And with that, there is an equal responsibility of the sellers to educate the buyers properly.

The dispensary displays at your legal marijuana stores should have a role to play in this regard. You can show detailed descriptions about the various strains and their effects, which most customers, especially new marijuana consumers, are unaware of. You can also recommend dosage to avoid drug-related accidents.

Entertain waiting customer

Every B2C business has at least one in-store TV screen that plays entertainment or infotainment content for customers who wait for their orders to process. This is simply to make the in-store shopping experience wonderful, so that customers return to your stores. You can show a myriad of content on your dispensary displays such as Youtube videos, live news, your website page, Twitter feeds and what not.

There is also a third way legal weed stores can use customer feedback: showing the positive reviews as testimonials on the dispensary displays.

Establish your dispensary’s brand image

To develop more credibility among potential customers, display information on how your store conforms to all of the rules. You can emphasize how your store operates within the confines of state and federal legislation and how your marijuana store assists customers in making informed decisions. Cannabis dispensaries can also show behind-the-scenes footage of how cannabis goods are transported from the farm to the shelves.

Display offers and promotions to increase sales

Cannabis dispensaries can leverage both the in-store and outdoor digital displays to promote new blends or upgraded strains or perhaps a holiday-special offer. If you are using digital signage software, you can easily schedule such kind of promotional media on the dispensary signs. Many software applications like Pickcel offer integrated design tools like Canva, allowing users to create their DIY advertorial content without spending a single extra penny.

Display FAQs

Legal weed dispensaries can use digital signage to address cannabis-related FAQs as part of an educational content playlist. Many customers have concerns about the legal aspects of cannabis use for recreational purposes. Other customers have concerns about the health risks and the advantages of cannabis- all of which can be answered with FAQs. You can also deploy interactive kiosks so that customers can browse through the FAQs.

Collect feedback

Even when you are running a legal marijuana store, there are a lot of risks in terms of legal complaints. For example, what if one of your customers tries a new strain from your store and comes across some health difficulty? Therefore, legal cannabis stores need to constantly gather customer feedback and review on their products. On the one hand, it helps them understand the reactions of the products, and if any new product is found to be harmful, it can be reported. On the other hand, the cannabis dispensaries can assess which products are more in demand and design their marketing strategy around that product.

Final Word

For any modern dispensary, it is essential to dedicate one, two, or even three monitors to display product lists, strains, concentrates, and edible delicacies. Legal cannabis stores are in much need of branding at this turning point of their industry.

And while other marijuana dispensaries are yet to use digital displays in their marketing game plan, you can seize the opportunity to digitize your store premises. This will give your brand a slightly more professional image than some other stores operating with no signboards or traditional flyers.

Pickcel’s affordable digital signage software provides legal cannabis dispensaries with all the resources they need to deliver marketing messages intelligently and create awareness campaigns. You can manage your dispensary displays from anywhere, at any time, thanks to our simple cloud-based platform. Our solutions put you in complete control of your digital messaging, whether you manage one retail dispensary or hundreds in various locations.

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