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When employees are forced to work without engagement, their productivity tends to decrease. Surprisingly, around 80% of employees globally struggle to stay engaged at work. It’s crucial for employees’ minds to be clear and free from stress so they can recharge and work effectively.

To tackle this issue, consider installing a creative billboard and organizing various activities. A lively billboard can help maintain a pleasant and light atmosphere in the workplace. We have gathered some cool ideas that you can use to create a creative billboard for your corporate space.

1. Employee achievements board

Employees feel valued when they are appraised for their hard work or achievements. They become motivated to do that task more efficiently. This culture may lead to healthy competition among the employees to get recognition and appreciation.

An employee recognition program can make 93% of employees feel valued and motivated. The office can install a digital bulletin board to display employees’ achievements.

They can change the high achiever every week to keep it fresh and engaging. To make it more interesting and engaging for employees, the office can display prizes that will be awarded to the high achiever of the upcoming week.

2. Joke of the day

Stress busters are always appreciated in an environment like the office. In a modern workspace environment, a joke on the board that will be visible to everybody throughout the day will light them up.

When employees laugh together, they feel connected, initiate friendships, and dissolve misunderstandings. All of these factors have a truly positive impact on their work and contribute to keeping the office culture harmonious.

Having a “Joke of the day ’’ is a smart way to keep the daylight and maintain a creative and exciting tradition for sharing upcoming jokes.

3. Puzzle board

The puzzle board is one of the best office bulletin board ideas, as it is a smart option to provide short breaks to employees after stressful working hours or meetings. Happier and stress-free employees are more likely to be productive. If the office invests in activities and stress-relieving elements, it will motivate employees to stay in the work environment longer.

Various puzzles can be incorporated, including riddles, crossword puzzles, jumbled words and sentences, etc. All of these can be displayed on a dynamic screen that will keep shuffling these games for employees to solve.

4. Motivational quotes board

Digital signage board showing motivational qoutes

Every workplace must have digital signage for displaying quotes, inspirational excerpts from books, or lines from famous movies. These quotes will be a great source of motivation and inspiration and can start the day on a lovely note.

Inspirational quotations from successful entrepreneurs and world leaders can be displayed on the board. We can be scheduled to show a different quotation every day, or they can be set according to specific events. Employees or teammates can set their favorite quotes or be inspired by quotes set by others.

5. News and upcoming events board

This board idea will help inform the office members about an event. The event can be related to the office, or even if an employee is getting married, the invitation for both can be displayed. Any new announcements related to office work, the promotion of a particular candidate in the office, or an office party can also be attached.

This news and event-related board will help keep things inclusive, ensuring that everyone from your office is informed without anyone being missed.

Digital news and upcoming events board

6. Kindness challenge

Doing acts of kindness can spread happiness and foster a creative yet healthy office culture. Small tasks and dares can be displayed on the screen, where employees are asked to “celebrate someone’s birthday party,” “buy a coworker a burger,” “praise a daily monotonous act,” or “sing for someone.”

For these kindness challenges, the office can offer prizes to the individual who completes the most challenges. For this, a digital display can be used to display daily kindness challenges and prizes for the upcoming challenges and the winners.

7. Company policies and procedures board

Every office has rules and guidelines that cover everything employees should obey while in the office. These policies and procedures are important to maintain discipline and decorum in the office. They include basic rules, safety protocols, regulatory compliance, etc. Billboard can display all the information at once so that anyone can refer to it. Even newcomers can refer to these guidelines to understand the complete rules and regulations of the company.

Summing up

To enhance the office space, businesses can consider creating a bulletin board that reflects their services or products. Managing this board can be done by either hiring a content creator or assigning the task to office members. It’s essential to ensure that the bulletin board effectively conveys the intended message by keeping it clear and easy to understand.

In addition to the main bulletin board, offices can explore other interactive ideas like a Q&A board or a caption contest board. These creative additions not only engage employees but also serve as effective tools for presenting information and data. Embracing such innovative ideas contributes significantly to maintaining a unique and engaging office environment.

When considering the practicality of managing a traditional bulletin board, digital signage emerges as a viable alternative. You can explore Pickcel, which offers dynamic digital office bulletin board solutions specifically tailored for your office space. Reach out to our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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