Pickcel recognized as a notable emerging player in the global digital signage market

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According to a recent study on the global digital signage market conducted by Ken Research, the market is highly fragmented, with 1,000 players in total. These players include international players, regional players, and many country-specific players.

During the projected period, several major players are anticipated to maintain their dominance in the market, including ADFLOW Networks, BrightSign LLC, Cisco Systems, Inc., Intel Corp., LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Pickcel.

A digital signage market infographic names key global players including Pickcel
Source : Ken research analysis

The percentage of global players is a meager 5%, which depicts the elevated challenges and competition in becoming a global player in the digital signage solution market. Brands that have demonstrated resilience and adaptability in the current uncertain environment have successfully catered to global business needs.

Global Digital Signage Market Overview

The digital or electronic display of audiovisual or multimedia content to disseminate information or play an advertisement is made possible by digital signage software platforms like Pickcel.

Bus stops, airports, fast food restaurants, movie theaters, museums, galleries, stadiums, playgrounds, and many more common places have installations on display.

The digital signage market includes software and services besides the physical building of the signage, which consists of the hardware and other essential infrastructural peripherals.

By 2030, the global digital signage market will be valued at USD 42.54 billion.

What are the puzzle pieces of the digital signage market?

A digital signage solution has many parts, but these can be categorized as per the following attributes: type, component, technology, application, location, content type, screen size, application, and market region.

Digital Signage at Pickcel

Pickcel is a digital signage display and content management system. Using this software, you can:

  • Design images, videos, and compositions and publish them directly onto your digital signage.

  • Schedule your content for automatic publishing at a later date and time.

  • Manage large networks of hundreds and thousands of screens located at different corners of the world.

  • Operate interactive systems like information kiosks, queue management systems, or retail Point of Sale displays.

  • Show important in-house data, dashboards, and leaderboards by integrating the Pickcel software with your organization’s internal tools.

Since the digital signage software platform is hosted in the robust AWS cloud infrastructure, it allows users the flexibility to remotely control their screens without any additional need for private IT setup.

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Top Global Clients Using the Pickcel Software

Mercedes-Benz (Germany)

The renowned automobile brand Mercedes-Benz uses Pickcel’s software to improve internal communication at their Berlin corporate offices. The software had to be deployed on the private data center of the client. The entire deployment, although on-premise, was done remotely.

Read the full case study here.

Etisalat (MENA region)

Etisalat, Middle East’s telco giant, partnered with Pickcel for its Business Edge bundle. The Business Edge program offers Etisalat’s SMB clients a full-package digital solution, including digital signage software. Based on the specific client needs, Pickcel’s technical team developed an exclusive admin portal allowing multiple stakeholders to seamlessly use the software to manage the screen networks.

Read the full case study here.

My Salon Suite (USA, Canada)

The popular salon suite franchise needed a solution to automate the display of their information directory and the launch of promotions on 300+ in-store digital displays. Pickcel used API integrations between its content management system and the client’s Salesforce CRM database to pull real-time information and display it on screen. Pickcel’s team of experts built two custom apps that use unique store IDs to identify which content is assigned to which screen and accordingly publish the content without any chance of error.

Read the full case study here.

Paralenz (Netherlands, global)

Paralenz is a firm favorite among photographers, divers, and adventurers. The brand manufactures underwater cameras and retails its products through 100+ distribution outlets. The brand had installed Android tablets that required displaying product features, pricing, discounts & offers, and social feeds. Pickcel’s software, being hosted on the cloud, was scalable enough to run these displays.

Read the full case study here.

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