Why do bars & pubs need to use digital signage?

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A series of digital signage screens showing offers, and sports at a pub


Digital signage is a highly effective and transformative tool that can revolutionize how businesses communicate with customers.And with advanced digital signage software platforms, it is now easier than ever to leverage the business potential of dynamic visual communication. Screens can showcase high-quality images, videos, live & interactive content with accurate relevance.

This blog explores the advantages of using digital signage in pubs and bars while providing expert guidance on designing and implementing a successful digital signage strategy.

Benefits of pub and bar digital signage

Using digital signage in bars and pubs can have several advantages, such as improved customer interactions, reduced operational costs, real-time updates on the availability of appetizers, seasonal blends, etc.

Consistent branding

Digital signage helps bars and pubs maintain uniform branding across all screens, indoor, outdoor, or multiple outlets. Using a homogeneous brand template (for example, the same color schemes, motifs, fonts, and graphics), bars and pubs can scale their communications and increase the brand recall rate.

Real-time communication

A digital menu board at a bar showing what is on offer

Modern digital signage software solutions are equipped with apps and features that enable bars & pubs to communicate with their audience in real-time. These live screen content can range from typical utility widgets like digital clocks AQI and weather data to more engaging events like live streams of sports matches (particularly useful for sports bars) and social walls.

Besides sourcing live content, these screen content management systems permit admins to refresh their screens with relevant and punctual communication. Let’s say a sports bar wants to give 50% discounts on drinks impulsively after their favorite football team wins the match. The admin can promote this discount on all its digital signage displays within a few minutes.

Dynamic digital menu boards

Customers enjoying a live sports match on pub signage screen

Bar digital signage can replace printed materials such as menus, flyers, and posters, significantly reducing printing and distribution costs. This, in turn, does away with the need for staff to manually update these, which can save time and help with real-time updates in case of emergencies or hype hours at the house!

Digital menu board solutions are largely used these days to showcase high-quality images & videos of food and drink items. These solutions also help with self-ordering or touchless & queue-less ordering through QR codes. The result is an increase in sales and improved customer loyalty. However, considering the costs of each of these solutions based on the size and scale of operations is an essential.

4 best practices to use bar digital signage to boost revenue

Digital signage can be a massive revenue generator at bars and pubs if utilized effectively. Here are five quick and easy-to-incorporate tips to help increase the numbers!

  1. Utilize upselling and suggestive selling techniques via digital signage. For instance, a bar could design its electronic menu boards using appealing images of premium drinks and recommend food pairings to encourage customers to make additional purchases.

  2. Incorporate gamification and entertainment features to encourage customers to stay longer and spend more. A great example would be QR-based mobile interactivity to order food, host trivia games, or offer rewards for completing challenges or promotions.

  3. Encourage social media sharing and user-generated content to increase visibility and attract new customers. An example would be a pub displaying their social wall showcasing customer photos and posts, encouraging others to visit and share their experiences via a specific hashtag, posing with available props, etc.

  4. Utilize digital signage to personalize the customer experience and promote loyalty. For instance, bar digital signage could display personalized welcome messages for frequent customers or promote loyalty programs and rewards. Additionally, it can showcase upcoming events or performances, incentivizing customers to return for future visits.

With increasing emphasis on who turns out to capture the potential audiences’ attention first, keeping with bar digital signage trends is a must! Here’s the talk of the town!

1.Use of animated eye-catching graphics, videos, and 3D images that create a larger-than-life viewing experience for visitors.

2.Interactive kiosks that allow browsing, self-ordering, wayfinding guides, self-payment, check-outs, etc., save a lot of time.

3.Video walls that showcase the bar’s specialties, day’s specials, how blends are prepared, and more.

4.Strategic indoor placement of the digital signage screen in a way it is visible and legible to the majority from anywhere inside the pub so that they do not miss out on important updates and alerts.

Parting words

Digital signage is set to change how bars and pubs operate, and keeping up with the trend is a must to stay afloat and all the rage! With integrations that bring in content from social media channels and more, allowing for real-time updates and remote management, more players in the hospitality industry are set to embrace the technology. So, if you are still thinking about an update, it’s time to get some homework and thoughts in action! Your idea is on the rocks only when it’s on the screen!

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