Real time digital signage content: What is it & 5 best examples

A panel discussion being live-streamed on a digital signage screen


What would you like to read— newspaper that brings you today’s or yesterday’s news or one that informs on something that happened a week ago?

Fresh content, right?

That’s exactly what you should strive to deliver on your commercial screens as well. Nobody likes stale, monotonous “Monologues” from a digital tool.

That’s where live content comes in.

What is meant by real-time digital signage content?

Real-time or live content on digital signage means that the viewers can see, hear and experience something as it happens, without any delay between the time of occurrence and the time of transmission.

Examples of live media include showing the current weather or the time on a digital display or streaming live events like sports matches on giant billboards inside the stadium.

Real-time content works by continuously updating the screen content in the background. Often, multiple sources generate and update this content, creating a dynamic, constantly evolving stream of information.

Interactive content is also an example of live content. For instance, we frequently see digital information booths at museums, art galleries, airports, and libraries. These interactions are all live experiences facilitated by digital signage.

5 best examples of live digital signage content

With the demand for broadcast streaming on the uptick, real-time signage is indispensable for brands looking to connect with their audience. Here are seven examples of live content that businesses can show on digital screens to increase audience engagement and help the viewers.

1. Live audio-visual streaming

A digital signage screen live streaming a music show event

Streaming live videos on digital signage requires components such as:

  • A streaming platform: The streaming platform is the source of your content. If you live-stream a virtual Zoom call on your meeting room digital signage, then Zoom is the streaming platform.

  • A digital signage content management system: The CMS helps you publish the content to your screens. Most digital signage software will have one or more apps and streaming platform integrations. For example, Pickcel’s live-streaming app lets you quickly publish real-time streams using just the source URL.

  • A strong internet connection: Pre-baked images and videos, once downloaded locally, can continue the uninterrupted playback. But for a steady live transmission, each frame must be downloaded continuously and rapidly. That is only possible if the internet connectivity is robust.

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2. Live social media walls

An LED screen shows real-time social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Many platforms like Pickcel’s social wall app (free with the Pickcel CMS), Taggbox, and allow you to create social media walls. Social walls are digital signage screens displaying live feeds from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. These are great tools that connect your online presence to your offline audience.

Off late, many retail stores and shopping malls are deploying live social media walls for on-premise retailtainment.

Off late, many retail stores and shopping malls are deploying live social media walls for on-premise retailtainment.

3. Live dashboards

A digital signage screen showing the performance dashboard

One of the biggest perks of using digital signage software is that it can be integrated with an organization’s internal tools, such as CRMs, ERPs, HRMS, and other KPI tracking & business intelligence platforms.

That means real-time business information like the number of leads, sales closed, project progress, customer insights, etc., can be brought directly to the screens.

Live dashboards are fantastic as they help boost the workforce’s productivity and make information sharing easier.

If real-time dashboards are part of your digital signage strategy, you must ensure your software vendor has adequate capabilities for delivering API integrations.

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4. Live traffic update signage

A digital signage screen shows San Francisco's traffic in real time using Google Maps

Digital signage screens showing live traffic updates or conveyance arrival or departure are an everyday sight at bus stops, airports, and subways. A familiar example is a flight information display (FID) at any airport. Showing such real time traffic updates is essential in certain industries.

But even in sectors such as the corporate or hospitality sector, showing live traffic on the lobby screens, near the exit gates, or in the parking lots can serve an excellent experience for the visitors and employees.

Instead of showing irrelevant and unwelcome promotional stuff, showing live google traffic maps of the area and the vicinities will actually help people plan their departures.

5. Live weather & clock

An LED screen shows Chicago's current weather & forecast using Pickcel's live weather app

The need to check the weather and time…well, that’s like an everyday thing.

Nowadays, these two widgets are available on every tech gadget― televisions, mobile phones, PCs, and whatnot! So, why should your digital signage be any exception?

Live weather and a ticking clock are the most basic examples of infotainment. And the best part is that you can have these widgets on the peripherals of your screen even when running other primary content like presentations, promotions, or audio-visual entertainment.

In fact, it might surprise you that of all the apps in the Pickcel app store, the simple live weather and the world clock app are the most popular among our users.

Parting Words

In today’s fast-paced world, real-time content is crucial for businesses to communicate relevant, timely, and engaging information to their audiences. Besides, live content enables organizations to align their digital communications to the latest trends and events.

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