13 Reasons Why Digital Signage Can Bring Out the Best in Retail Marketing

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The ‘r’ in retail stands for revolution, and rightly so! How much do you recount retail advertising to have changed in the last 5 years? Are our favorite stores just about visual merchandising or more towards how they see the future of showcase? The latter!

With the digital wave sweeping through most nooks of consumerism, innovative shopping experiences are all we look forward to. And here are the ideas that we think would never be out of style. Read on.

What is retail marketing?

Retail marketing refers to the activities retailers undertake to promote awareness and sales of products and services. It covers product placement, pricing, store layout, and advertising, all tailored to create a compelling shopping experience.

For example, a clothing store launching a new line might use in-store advertising tactics like e-displaying the collection at the storefront, social media promotions, offering opening day discounts, or hosting a fashion show to attract and engage customers.

13 innovative uses of digital signage in retail marketing

Now that we have dived into retail’s tech aspect, let’s look at how signage redefines marketing in stores.

1. Interactive storytelling

Interactive kiosks can be used to craft tales to tell. These displays can create an emotional connection with customers by presenting the history or unique aspects of products. An e-storyboard could visually narrate the journey of a coffee bean from farm to cup, highlighting ethical sourcing and quality processes.

2. Customer-created galleries

Featuring user-generated content like photos, reviews, or stories on digital screens can build a sense of trust and community. This approach turns customers into brand advocates and provides authentic social proof. A digital display showing customers wearing or using products in real life can influence potential customers’ buying decisions more effectively than traditional advertising.

3. Interactive product kiosks

Interactive signage can offer detailed information, allowing customers to explore products at their own pace. Say a customer considering a high-end camera can access exact specifications, compare models, and read reviews through a touch interface.

4. Gamified shopping

Trivia related to products or brand stories can significantly enhance the retailtainment experience. A digital scavenger hunt that guides customers through different store sections, offering discounts or rewards upon completion, makes shopping fun, and increases the likelihood of purchases.

5. Personalized offers

Integrating beacons with digital signage can help detect when a customer is near a specific product and send personalized messages or offers to their smartphone. For instance, a customer lingering near a new line of athletic shoes could receive a notification about a special promotion or product features, enhancing the likelihood of a purchase.

6. Multilingual support

In areas with diverse populations, digital signs can display product information, offers, and assistance in multiple languages. This enhances customer service alongside embracing inclusivity, ensuring all customers feel welcome.

7. Localized community boards

Digital signage can serve as a community bulletin board, displaying news and events or highlighting local artists. This approach helps the store connect with the local community, creating a sense of belonging and loyalty. It can also display upcoming local charity events or feature artwork from local artists, fostering community engagement.

8. In-store expertise

Digital signage can be used in-store to live broadcast expert sessions, workshops, or Q&A segments. It can also show pre-recorded beauty or lifestyle expert sessions discussing product usage, offering tips, or conducting product reviews.

9. Effective queue management

Implementing digital signage for crowd control can significantly improve the customer experience in busy retail environments. Customers can be given virtual queue numbers and see their status updated on screens in real-time. This reduces perceived wait times and allows customers to continue browsing while they wait, potentially leading to more sales.

10. Feedback stations

Set up interactive screens where customers can quickly leave feedback, participate in surveys, or rate their shopping experience. This provides the store with valuable customer insights for improvement and makes customers feel heard and valued, enhancing their overall experience and connection with the brand.

11. Safety updates

Especially relevant in the current times, digital signage can be used to display health and safety guidelines engagingly. Screens can show safety protocols, store capacity limits, or even real-time updates on sanitized areas.

12. Event countdowns

Electronic displays can help create excitement for upcoming events or promotions. For instance, a digital countdown to a limited-time sale or an exclusive product launch can build anticipation and draw customers and passersby, increasing footfall and ROI potential.

13. Sustainability trackers

Signage screens can help track sustainability metrics such as energy savings, waste reduction, and recycling stats. This transparent display of a company’s environmental impact can significantly enhance the brand image, especially among environmentally conscious consumers.

For example, a digital signboard showing the amount of plastic recycled by a store in a month can subtly encourage customers to align with the brand’s values.

Retail revisualized

Personalized, aesthetic, and more connected - perhaps, every individual’s big 3 buying ideas. Well, indeed, the world has reimagined how they perceive experiences, and pacing up with these changing times has brought forth most peddling innovations witnessed over the years. But with digital signage paving its way into the space, there is take two on the trends that are to follow

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