20 Best Examples of School Digital Signage in 2023

teacher explaining solar sytem to students using digital signage in school classroom


Advertising products aren’t the only use of digital signage. Digital signage for schools can strengthen internal communication, driving better teamwork, involvement, and coherence.

In this article, we bring you some top-of-the-chart content ideas for your school’s digital signage.

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Classroom Digital Signage Ideas

If you are planning to deploy a digital signage network in your school, your first preferred location will be school corridors and entrance gates.

Well, hold your horses.

More than any place in your school premise, your classrooms are in dire need of digitization.

1. Digital Bulletin Board

The era of whiteboards and cork boards is nearing an end. The future generation will be technophilic. There is no doubt that when a digital screen replaces static boards, there will be a better response from the school-goers.

Digital notice boards are a versatile and user-friendly way to share information with students, teachers, and staff. With the ability to easily update digital signage content, schools can show a bulk of information using a single screen.

By using eye-catching graphics and clear messaging, schools can ensure that their message is received and understood by everyone. With user-friendly software, it’s easy to create content that is tailored to the needs of the school and its community .

2. Classroom lessons

A high school teacher explains a video presentation that is being played on the classroom digital signage

Digital signage software for schools can help coordinate academic activities like classwork or assignments. Teachers can develop teaching materials via digital signage tools such as smartboards. Some schools also use digital signage to build teacher-made learning kits, including picture books and interactive whiteboards.

Modern schools prefer a holistic understanding of subject matters. Playing video lectures, 3D animations of complex concepts like protein structure can foster comprehensive learning in students.

3. Brain Teasers and Quizzes

Quizzes and brain teasers are fun ways to keep your students engaged. It could be anything, a group discussion, general knowledge trivia, mathematical brain teasers, or a casual game to challenge a friend or even a teacher before the beginning of lessons.

4. Exam Timetables and Student’s Roll Numbers

A wall-mounted digital screen in a school corridor shows weekly class schedules of the second-grade

It is one of the most practical use cases of classroom digital signage. During examinations, school administrations are busy, and students are confused. Screens can show test schedules, roll numbers, examination room numbers, invigilator names, and timers.

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5. Special Day Celebrations

A large digital signage display installed inside a classroom shows an attractive poster on National Youth Day Schools are an excellent place for children to celebrate significant days together and learn about the history of such celebrations— for example, teacher’s day, mother’s day, earth day, or world environment day. Your digital signage can show innovative ideas for greetings card designs and thoughtful DIY gifts.

6. Displaying Emergency Alerts

Classroom digital signage also has a significant impact on students’ security. Campus emergencies can jolt children and teachers, but digital displays hooked with school networks can ease this tension by alarming and outlining what the alert is really about and what to do. A simple push of a button can display these warnings.

In the event of any violent intrusion, the school’s head office can inform students and teachers to lock doors and take refuge in the premises. Similarly, during fire emergencies or student health emergencies, screens can effectively facilitate communication.

7. Word of the day

An elementary classroom digital signage shows ‘Word of the Day’. The Meaning of ‘Beast’ is shown with the image of a lion.

Showing a daily ‘Word of the Day’ on your classroom digital displays is a brilliant approach to improving children’s vocabulary. These words can serve as prompts for creative writing classes.

8. Book Recommendations

The 15th-century French philosopher Descartes said, “The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.”

Cultivating reading habits in children has always been a prime objective for school teachers. Recommending books to students daily or weekly can raise a whole generation of young readers. Book recommendations can be supplemented with an attractive book cover or a synopsis of the storyline.

9. Visual Learning for elementary students

A kindergarten teacher shows bright colored shapes on a classroom digital signage as the students look at the screen.

High-resolution digital displays are excellent tools to help in the learning development of pre-school children. Teachers can help toddlers identify colors, shapes, and objects by showing images and playing nursery rhymes.

10. School Calendars

School calendars can include holiday lists, sports events, field trips, and workshops. Most digital signage software allow scheduling content on screens. This technology feature comes in handy as educational institutes can schedule their monthly or yearly calendar in advance. It essentially reduces the laborious work for the school

11. Student Recognition Board

Two digital displays are installed in the classroom. One shows the school’s name & the other is a student recognition board

Did a student win a trophy or a medal? Highlight the work of your students using digital signs. Showing your students’ essays, artworks, photography snapshots, ‘helping my neighbor’ stories— all can serve their needs for validation to do positive work.

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Staff-room digital signage ideas

Staff rooms should also be equipped with screens to help with internal communication. Here a few ways to use digital signage in staff rooms.

12. Encourage Friendly Environment

A group of school teachers have a lively discussion in front of a staff room digital screen showing policy announcements

There’s no doubt that a healthy and happy workforce will help your institution succeed. Make it a habit to surprise teachers with wellness-related benefits from time to time, so they’ll keep an eye out for the updates displayed on staff-room digital signage. For instance, the promise of free pizza slices in the school cafeteria or local gym membership discount can create an air of positivity.

The cherry on the cake is that it contributes to boarding new teachers once the word gets out about the workplace culture of your school.

13. Explain Education Strategy

Is your school in the midst of a shift? It would be uncommon if it weren’t moving towards digital change and ongoing innovation. Education professionals are no stranger to the fact that change can be tricky and arduous to plan in an education setting.That’s why effective digital signage can be a powerful tool to facilitate communication and keep everyone informed.

Schools can use the staff-room digital signage to inform teachers about the curriculum change or updates in school policies.

14. Teachers training videos

A group of school teachers stare at a digital screen inside the staff room as they watch a TEDX lecture on mentorship

Achieving long-lasting results from training is a challenge. Still, when it comes to video training, the results are ten times better. Many schools have in-house video production facilities. Training teachers will be simple, painless, and fun when delivered on a high-resolution staff-room digital signage.

15. Keeping Missions at Front and in Center

t’s no lie that highlighting successes and accomplishments is a powerful tool to make the teaching staff positive and joyful about their progress and the progress of their schools. But to have a win, one must have a goal. Sharing, explaining, and frequently revisiting those goals is critical to their success. Motivation can make, and its absence can break any enterprise.

Schools can encourage their teaching staff to draw excellence and keep all on the same wavelength. Once you’ve progressed toward your objectives, you can display analytics to motivate your teaching staff to continue their outstanding work.

Other School Digital Signage Ideas

There are plenty of innovative ways in which schools can leverage the potential of a digital signage software outside of classrooms and teachers’ rooms. The following are some examples.

16. Library Digital Catalogs

A school library shows book recommendations on a hanging digital signage display

Library digital catalogs have simplified the process of browsing through the library collection and issuing the books. But, what if students could see a glimpse of the book collection on large screens? Libraries can sort books by genre and reader age and display them on the screens periodically. They can also enrich the experience by displaying digital signage content that stimulates students’ interests, for example showing new arrivals, author biographies, information about literary awards, book reviews by young readers & more.

17. RSS Feeds

Showing scholastic RSS feeds in school campus is a rising trend. RSS is essentially the automatic channeling of any online content such as blog, news, or images. For example, screens in your school’s science labs can show the NASA RSS feeds to keep the science geeks engaged.

18. School Cafeteria menu

A school cafeteria shows a digital menu with a bright image on a large signage display

School cafeteria menus can be digitized to show bright food images, food trivia, food recipes, and more. These screens can also promote health hygiene, table etiquette, or good food versus bad food information. Using a digital signage software, the cafeteria admins can day-part the menu and show ‘Today’s Specials’.

19. Scholarship Programs, Student Exchange Programs & more

Financial support is a matter that students, undergrads, and guardians are always looking forward to. Getting a good high school education and going to university might be pricey. These digital displays can promote scholarship applications, student exchange programs and bring in funding to your campus. Thoroughly define the prerequisites and timelines, so you don’t have to come across any “I wasn’t informed” feedback.

20. Showcase Institution’s Achievements & Contributions

The digital signage installed in a school corridor highlights the school’s achievements with colorful texts and graphics

Snippets of the school’s accomplishments also contribute to a good motivational tool. For years, the school newsletter has served as a vehicle for informing teaching staff of important anniversaries. But the question remains, ‘who actually reads them?’

With digital signage systems, your monthly staff newsletters may become a fascinating, must-read element of their shift instead of ‘quick delete.’

Wrapping It Up

All the school digital signage examples listed in this blog are straightforward; they are simple to execute with a digital signage software Using digital technologies ensures you build an unmatched reputation for your school. Pickcel’s digital signage solution for K-12 education is a trendsetter for new-age digital learning.

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